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Plex VPN – A Noobs’ Guide to Setup OpenVPN & Channels

Summary for Plex VPN

Plex media server stands as a leading video platform that caters entertainment needs of viewers around the world. If you’re passionate to watch videos, access favorite channels and stream movies from remote devices safely, then PlexVPN is your all-in-one solution.

To view media content safely on Plex, you need a Plex VPN. We have reviewed top 5 Plex VPN providers for unlimited Entertainment.

For Plex remote access VPN, brief steps are provided for using Plex with OpenVPN. After reading this guide, you will learn how to use Plex VPN and access on-demand entertainment with zero restrictions.

Top 5 Plex VPN for Unlimited Entertainment

Various video-streaming services like BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, ESPN, NBC, BeIN Sports, USTV Now are geo-blocked outside of their region. This is due to the content sharing & licensing agreement with partners.

To unblock such leading-edge broadcasting channels on Plex, users need a Plex VPN. You can choose from one of the recommended Plex VPN services below:

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

PureVPN – Assists in Plex Online Activities

PurevpnPureVPN is more than just a VPN and is a perfect match for Plex users. Its more than likeable feature is its ability to assist users regarding online activities. It gives you internet freedom to browse the internet, download Plex VPN for Plex channels, break the geo-restriction barrier, and so much more.


NordVPN – Crosses Geographical Restrictions Using Plex


The reason why NordVPN makes in to this list is because it’s the most advanced VPN and through NordVPN Plex compatibility, one can cross any geographical restrictions. We have now seen that Netflix and other service providers could detect VPN presence.

Therefore, preventing them to access online activity. However, NordVPN Plex could get you anywhere on the internet and lets your stream any videos on Plex.

PrivateVPN – Extremely Fast Streaming with Plex

PrivateVPN is an extremely fast VPN which makes a right source for Plex. Plex software is a place to watch movies, TV, and live IPTV. It helps you in fast browsing and spares you with buffering irritation.


ExpressVPN – Stream Videos on Plex from Anywhere

ExpressVPN Plex is an easy-to-use VPN which allows you stream videos from anywhere, exactly what is required with Plex. It hides your online activity because you wouldn’t want your identity to be revealed once you stream free movies.


Ivacy – A Combination of Speed and Safety

If you ever need a VPN that hides your identity and offers a blazing speed, then this is it. You get complete anonymity when you stream movies that are assumed illegal in most countries. However, with Ivacy you are in good hands.


IPVanish – Another Option to Watch Videos on Plex


IPVanish is another way to stream your favorite content through 850+ servers worldwide. The service offers fast connection speed that allows the users to avoid the issue of buffering hassle-free. Thus, if you want to use Plex anonymously on your devices, IPVanish is a good choice.


Plex VPN for Mac

Plex VPN allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and much more on your Mac devices. Furthermore, you can obtain different benefits like anonymity and protection of your crucial data after using a Plex VPN on Mac.

How to Watch Plex Channels with a VPN that supports Port Forwarding

If you want to watch Plex channels on your Mac device, you have to use a Plex VPN. However, you must make sure that your VPN should support port forwarding to enjoy seamless streaming. Here is how you can use your myPlex or PlexPass with a VPN.

Step #1: You should forward the port on the VPN

Go to VPN’s website and add a port forward by clicking the add button. The VPN will assign a random port that will be forwarded to the same local port. Now copy the generated random port number. When you see VPN_Port option, replace VPN_Port with your random port.

Step #2: Set up port redirection in Pf

Mavericks 10.9 (EDIT: And Yosemite 10.10) uses “pf” which is “The OpenBSD Packet Filter” for this type of thing (older Mac OS might have used ipfw or iptables)

Use the Terminal app to access the command line.

If you see unknown port VPN_Port, it means you forgot to replace the VPN_Port in the file with your own randomly generated VPN port.

Step # 3: Set up Plex server

Go to Plex media server web interface>Settings>Server>Connect.

Step # 4:  Check it works with your mobile or any other device

You should turn off the Wi-Fi then log in. It should be connected automatically now. If it does not happen, refresh, Sync and wait for few moments. You will see it will be working, turn on your Wi-Fi again.

Bypass Geo-Blocks on Plex Through VPN

In an experiment, we tried to access CBS on Plex from outside USA. However, we were immediately prompted with following error message:


After connecting to US server of a VPN:


As soon as we connected to the US server of Plex VPN, we achieved an instant access to CBS. Also, we streamed CBS 60 Minutes with no interruptions or buffering.

We suggest viewers choose a VPN that offers a multitude of servers to avoid network congestions. That said, Plex VPN services mentioned above offer hundreds of servers spread across main regions of the world. They will ensure a cutting-edge streaming experience to subscribers while they use Plex through VPN.

Why Do You Need Plex on VPN?

Nothing is more pleasing than watching favorite channels on a fantastic video-platform. However, with freemium services like Plex come some limitations. To evade such limitations safely, users find Plex VPN as a suitable and cost-effective solution.

Benefits of using Plex on VPN

Benefits that you achieve by using VPN and Plex together:

  1. One-touch access to top-rated channels (ESPN, CBS, Fox GO, HBO Now & more)
  2. Bypass geo-restrictions imposed on exclusive TV shows (House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black and much more)
  3. Evade state sponsored censorships
  4. Get rid of ISP bandwidth throttling and achieve high-speed media streaming
  5. Reliable protection against cyber threats when accessing untested and beta plugin

In addition to this, Plex VPN serves as a gate-way to world of on-demand entertainment with zero boundaries and restrictions. For years, streaming fans had to compromise on favorite shows, due to the imposed geo-blocks.

But with the perfect unison of Plex and VPN, netizens have an opportunity to experience the leading-edge entertainment services without limitations.

How to Use Plex With VPN

In this video tutorial, we have discussed how to setup Plex VPN on your Plex software. Watch Movies, Live IPTV Channels, and Live Sports safely with Plex VPN.


Plex VPN setup is a simple four-step process that doesn’t require any manual configuration. To begin using Plex with VPN, choose from one of the mentioned Plex VPN services, download, and install its app on your device. Upon successful installation, follow these steps (we will be using PureVPN for our demonstration):





When connected successfully, you will be able to enjoy hours of non-stop entertainment on Plex without worrying about geo-restrictions. In addition to this, high-speed streaming, reliable connection and restriction-free access are the added advantage of using Plex VPN.

How The Combination of PlexVPN Turns Out?

New Plex users are not accustomed to how Plex software works. Initial encounter with Plex could easily turn to disappointment when they learn only a handful of Plex channels are able to stream anything. This is due to geographical restrictions that prevent users from streaming the channel which isn’t available in their country region.

Once you started using a VPN you will see Plex flourishing with unlimited video content. While using Plex unofficial channels, a VPN will keep your connection secure, hence keeping your IP completely hidden. With unofficial channels, you can stream the latest movies, TV shows, and other media content without subscription.

VPN Bypass for Plex Media Server

A VPN is useful under numerous situations, but can also have its drawbacks. One of the problems associated with a VPN over Plex is its difficulty of fetching content while streaming. It tries to route the data through the VPN IP address instead of your actual IP address. However, you can easily bypass this issue.

Thanks to XFlak, one of the users on Plex forum, you can remotely access content even surpassing a VPN connection. He created a script and uploaded on Plex forums, so that you can bypass VPN to access Plex Media Server. Just download the batch file and follow these steps (the following steps for Windows 7 or higher):

Launch Run menu on Windows (press Windows key + R)

  1. Type ‘Taskschd.msc’ in the run command
  2. Click on ‘Create Task’
  3. Give a name to the task and click ‘Ok’
  4. Now go to ‘Triggers’ tab and click ‘New’
  5. Under the ‘Begin the task’ dropdown menu, select ‘At startup’
  6. Also, select the checkbox of ‘Repeat task every 1 hour’ and select the duration to ‘Indefinitely’
  7. Now go to ‘Action’ tab and click ‘New’
  8. Browse to where you downloaded the batch file, select the file, and hit ‘Ok’
  9. Once you see the file under the ‘Actions’ tab, click ‘Ok’
  10. Access Plex Media Server behind a VPN!

Plex Remote Access VPN

To remotely access VPN with Plex, you have two options. The process illustrated in the section ‘Plex VPN Bypass for Plex Media Server’ should also allow you to remotely access Plex. Just make sure that on your router, the port is forwarded to ‘32400’, same internal port as Plex Server.

On the other hand, you can also remotely access Plex using OpenVPN GUI. To do this, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download OpenVPN software
  2. Install OpenVPN GUI on your system
  3. Next, download the OpenVPN config file from your VPN provider’s website
  4. Load the OpenVPN config files to OpenVPN software and setup your VPN
  5. Now configure your router for port forwarding to your Windows machine
  6. Also, assign another port for Plex through the server settings
  7. Once this is done, you should see a green checkmark under Plex Remote Access VPN settings.

How to Use Plex with OpenVPN

Plex can be connected to a VPN once Remote Access is allowed. The below guide has been presented using PureVPN. You can use any VPN provider as long as you are using OpenVPN.

This process does not go through Port-forwarding so make sure your Plex does connect when VPN is not running.

Step 1: On your Windows, search for Command Prompt > Run the following command ipconfig | find “Default Gateway” and hit Enter > Note the IP Address as this is your Gateway.


For OSX users run the following command netstat -nr | grep ‘^default’ > Note your IP Address as this is your Gateway

Step 2: Now this step will be same for all users. Run the following command nslookup and note all the IP addresses that appears on your screen.


Step 3: Now add all the numbers in a format described below:

route [Plex addresses] [Your Gateway] Just like the following for my IP:







Step 4: Now you need to add these addresses to the OpenVPN Configuration file. Then you need to restart your connection and try connecting Plex to remote access. Consider changing the manual port to 32400 and click on Apply.

Step 5: Plex would require Port Forwarding before it can allow VPN to bypass. Since you’re assigned with random ports, it can complex situation. You may require a normal router or a Firewall for the VPN to bypass.

How to Add Channels on Plex

For adding channels in to your Plex, there is a need for installing Plex Plugins for a particular channel. (List of  Best Plex Channels) For instance, if you want to add MTV channel you require an MTV Plex Plugin. Follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Github Plex Plug-ins




Step 2: Find and Click on MTV Plex Pugin



Step 3: Click on ‘Clone or Download’ option > Then click on Download Zip


Step 4: Save the file > Right click on the file and select Extract Here


Step 5: A new folder will appear > Change the name of the folder i.e. MTV-Music-Videos.bundle-master to MTV-Music-Videos.bundle thereby removing ‘-master’.


Step 6: Now copy the same folder


Step 7: Now open Plex Plug-ins Folder and paste the MTV Plex Plugin (extracted folder)


Step 8: Open Plex Media Server > Go to Channels option > Here you will see your MTV Channel appear on the screen


How does it Impact the Network Traffic?

Once you connect Plex remote access VPN, the network traffic will work normal. You will be able to see the servers like they always do. However, the remote traffic will be routed through a VPN IP address and not your personal IP address. This makes your connection private.

Any request made to your IP will function normally unless you try to access Plex from outside your LAN. By accessing outside your LAN, the Plex will route from your personal IP rather than through the VPN.

Final Words

Plex is the mainstream video platform for an elite streaming experience. Smooth navigation, massive range of channels and superior playback make Plex a prime option for non-stop entertainment.

But sadly, millions of users are left unable to access various channels on Plex due to the imposed geo-restrictions. Plex VPN offers reliable data privacy, accessibility and top-notch streaming experience to viewers by instantly evading the geo-restrictions.

In this guide, we have unveiled how to use Plex through VPN, why should you use Plex with VPN and the benefits of using Plex and VPN. With that said, you’re all set to explore internet like never before. Make sure to drop us a comment about your experience or ask away any query that you might have with Plex VPN!

Best Kodi Alternatives 2017

Best Kodi Alternatives Quick Summary

Are you a true Kodi/XBMC fan? If rich media library, appealing interface, and blockbuster hit shows are that, you are looking for.  Here are the best Kodi alternatives, which will take your on-demand entertainment experience to whole next level.

We have unveiled the leading-edge Kodi alternatives for different platforms (i.e. Raspberry Pi, Playstation 3, Chromebook, Firestick, Apple TV, Android, and iPhone). Through best Kodi alternatives, you can access to top-of-the-line media and channels (BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, Fox Go, ESPN, Nine Network and much more).

AttentionGeo-restrictions apply on streaming of traditional channels on Kodi alternatives. To unblock various channels in your region, a Kodi VPN will allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world instantly.

Kodi Alternatives Raspberry Pi


Kodi alternatives

When it comes to Raspberry Pi, Plex stands as a fan-favorite Kodi alternative. Plex takes users into the world of on-demand entertainment with an extensive range of movies, TV shows, music, news, sports and much more.

In addition to this, Plex explores your local media files and fetches metadata from internet. With a fantastic feature set, Plex is a suitable Kodi alternative for Raspberry Pi that efficiently organizes media and offers unlimited streaming with a single click.

(Download Latest Version of Plex for Raspberry Pi)

Platform Availability:

These platforms include Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android, Windows Phone (Mobile), Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation (Others).


You can avail both free and paid version; the paid version will cost you $ 4.99/month with added features.


Kodi alternatives

Developed by the creators of KODI and Debian, OSMC is ranked at the top among the list of best Kodi alternatives for Raspberry Pi. When installed on system, OSMC offers instant streaming of media stored on local storage.

In addition to this, OSMC maintains a very active community, while providing a massive media library to users. With no exception, OSMC is a cutting-edge media center that provides an elite entertainment experience to streaming lovers.

(Download Latest Version of OSMC for Raspberry Pi) 

Platform Availability:

OSMC supports limited platforms like Apple TV (1st Generation), Raspberry Pi and Vero.


You do not need to pay for the service; you can use OSMC without any subscription.   

Kodi Alternatives for Android

Universal Media Server

Kodi alternatives

As the name indicates, Universal Media Server is a multimedia center that serves videos, images, and audio on DLNA supported device. The streaming platform is free to download and comes with features that are not offered even by paid services.

The software is widely popular due to transcoding capability of audio, video, and image with its default configuration. Interestingly, Universal Media Server is an open source app and offers to stream across various platforms including Android OS.

Platform Availability:

The same goes for Universal Media Server since it supports platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


You can avail the service without the subscription.

Kodi Alternatives for PS3

JRiver Media Center

Kodi alternatives

JRiver Media Center is a hit multimedia platform for PS3 (Playstation 3). Being widely acclaimed by PS3 users, JRiver Media Center allows users to explore on-demand streaming like never before.

With a “Jukebox” like interface, JRiver Media Center offers a similar experience like iTunes. Interestingly, JRiver Media Center has a far-reaching community with over 25,000 JRiver users.

In addition to this, the official support for JRiver Media Center was released on Playstation 3 in build 14.0.106.

(Download Latest Version of JRiver Media Center for PS3)

Platform Availability:

The service supports limited platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.


The master license is compatible with all the above-mentioned platforms and available at the cost of $69.98. Likewise, Windows only package is $49.98 for the users. The Mac OS X only package and Linux only package are also available at the same price i.e. $49.98.

Kodi Alternatives for Fire Stick


Kodi alternatives

Mezzmo stands among mainstream Kodi alternatives for Amazon Fire Stick. Being based on DLNA, Mezzmo supports various videos formats, while ensuring top-notch streaming experience at all times. With a massive media library, Mezzmo offers one-touch access to favorite TV shows, movies, cartoons and 3D videos.

In addition, the media center allows users to stream unlimited media on Fire Stick in superior quality. With an impressive set of benefits, Mezzmo delivers a cutting-edge streaming experience to users.

(Download Latest Version of Mezzmo for Fire Stick)

Platform Availability:

Mezzmo is compatible with platform like Windows. The service also supports different TVs and media players like Amazon Fire TVs, Bush TVs, Hisense TVs, Buffalo Link Theatre, Dune HD Smart B1, and Mede8er Media Player.


You can use the service without any subscription. You can enjoy the premium version of Mezzmo by paying $29.95.

Kodi Alternatives for Chromebook


Kodi alternatives

Emby is a fantastic media platform with some distinct features. With an option for media organization, Emby serves as a one-stop solution for trouble-free online streaming experience. Having that said, Emby automatically converts an uploaded media into multiple formats to ensure cross-platform support.

(Download Latest Version of Emby on their System for Chromebook)

Platform Availability:

You can use Emby on various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop), Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox and others.

Price: You can avail both free and paid version; the paid version will cost you $ 4.99/month with added features.

Kodi Alternatives For iPhone



TVersity is a popular on-demand streaming service that mirrors media from PC to television and smartphones. In addition, TVersity is widely preferred by streaming lovers due to its sleek interface, smooth navigation and search system.

Having that said TVersity stands as a prime option to stream media on iPhone with ease.

(Download brilliant in-house of TVersity for iPhone)

Platform Availability:

The service supports a list of platforms like iOS, Android devices, Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation 4 (PS4), Roku, Chromecast and others.

Price: You can avail the service of single PC license at the cost of $24.99. Similarly, you can get unlimited PC licenses in one household package by paying $39.99.


Kodi Alternatives for Apple TV


Kodi alternatives

Serviio is a free of cost media streaming service that serves Apple TV users with an unparalleled video streaming experience. When installed on Apple TV, Serviio allows users to explore hours of media regardless of format type.

The media platform is popular among masses due to its capability of casting media on a range of devices. Interestingly, Serviio maintains an active community where members from various countries discuss technical issues and solutions.

Below is a screenshot of how a user successfully installed Serviio on Apple TV.

Kodi alternatives

Platform Availability:

Serviio is compatible with major platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux. Likewise, you can use the service on devices like Samsung TVs, PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation 4 (PS4). You can use Serviio on Roku, DirecTV DVR and Pure Flow devices.


You can avail both free and paid version of the service, you have to pay $25 to use the paid version.

Final Words

The best Kodi alternatives have been unveiled, and fans are ready to get the best out of their devices. However, with the geo-restrictions placed upon various channels, users will face barrier while streaming BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Nine Network, Fox GO, HBO Now and much more.

Considering the situation, a VPN is an economical and safest solution to bypass the imposed geo-restriction instantly from any corner of the world. If you want to add any other alternative to Kodi than those mentioned above, then feel free to drop your suggestion in the comment box below.

How to Watch English Premier League on Kodi

If you don’t want to miss a single moment from football, you can watch soccer matches on Kodi. There are different channels that broadcast different matches from football all around the world. With Kodi, you can access these channels and watch your favorite club compete for football supremacy.

Attention! You Should Read Our Kodi VPN Guide Before Installing Add-ons!

With the rise of Kodi and its add-ons, your privacy is in grave danger. Read our detailed Kodi VPN guide to make yourself anonymous. In addition, find out how to unblock Kodi add-ons, keep out copyright trolls, and prevent ISPs from throttling your internet connection

How to Bypass Geo-Blocks to Watch Football on Kodi

But before start streaming matches, there’s one problem. Numerous channels that show football are region blocked. You won’t be able to live stream matches on these channels unless you are located in the desired location. Here is what happened when we tried to stream football on a Kodi channel that was geo-restricted:

How to Watch English Premier League on Kodi

So how do you unblock these channels and watch football on Kodi?

The best tool to unblock different broadcasting channels to watch football on Kodi is through a VPN service. The server spread offered by a VPN allows you to lift these geo-restrictions and watch Kodi. Here are some of the best Kodi VPN services you can choose from:

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

8 Best Add-ons to Watch Football on Kodi

There are various add-ons that you can use to watch football on Kodi. However, not all of them are the best as some only show matches of selected clubs while others are plagued with ads. To help you out, here are the 8 best add-ons for Kodi football live stream and the channels that you can use:

CastawayLive Sport >
Live TV >
SportsDevilLive Sport > Firstrowsports
Sports TV >
VidTimeVT SE > Live Events
NJM SoccerUK Sports
ZemTVSports > PTC Sports
Sports > Mona
PhoenixPhoenix Sports > VC Sports > Live Channels
EvolvePhoenix TV > Sports
Evolve Sports > beIN Sports
cCloudSports > Sky Sports
Sports > BT Sport

Within these add-ons are various channels such as,, BT Sport, beIN Sports, and Sky Sports that you can use to watch football online. If you are stuck behind geo-restrictions then don’t worry, with the help of a VPN you can unblock any channel and enjoy Premier League football on Kodi.

How to Install Add-ons to Kodi

Now that you know how to watch football on Kodi, here’s how to install the best add-ons:


Football has all the makings for one of the best seasons in history. What makes us say that? Some of the top managers have hit the ground running in football this season. With Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp, and Antonio Conte all competing in the same league, you can expect a lot of drama along with breath taking football.

You can watch football on Kodi by using the above mentioned add-ons and channels. These add-ons will help you catch all the action from the world of football and you won’t miss a single moment. And, if geo-restrictions stop you from enjoying live soccer matches, just select a VPN from above and unblock the channels from anywhere.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi (aka XBMC) v17 & v16

Are you ready to witness the blockbuster movies on Kodi (aka XBMC) with an exceptional playback quality? If yes, then Kodi Exodus is an all-in-one addon that offers unmatchable media offerings, including some best of the time Movies, TV Shows, Channels, Episodes and everything that will give you Goosebumps!

With Kodi Exodus installed, you’re just a click away from the world of on-demand entertainment. To ease the complicated setup process, this guide will help you to Install Exodus Kodi in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for ways to watch GoT, check out our guide on how to watch Game of Thrones on Kodi.


Attention! You Should Read Our Kodi VPN Guide Before Installing Add-ons!

With the rise of Kodi and its add-ons, your privacy is in grave danger. Read our detailed Kodi VPN guide to make yourself anonymous. In addition, find out how to unblock Kodi add-ons, keep out copyright trolls, and prevent ISPs from throttling your internet connection


But Hold on!

Before you begin installing Kodi Exodus addon, do remember that Exodus Kodi fetches media from sites like MoviesHD, PubFilm, Xmovies, PutLocker, PrimeWire, OpenLoad & Vidzi. Meaning, you may face DMCA and copyright violation notices for infringing legal media. But fortunately, now you can evade DMCA and copyright trolls easily by using a Kodi VPN. It will make you 101% protected & anonymous, so you enjoy premium media on Exodus Kodi without fearing about fines and copyright notices.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi

Now that you have a KodiVPN installed on your system, you’re all set to enjoy the best on-demand entertainment experience securely from anywhere in the world. We have created a step-by-step illustrated guide to setup Exodus on Kodi.

Install Exodus on Kodi 17 Krypton:

To install Exodus on Kodi v17 Krypton, just follow these steps:
















Install Exodus on Kodi 16 Jarvis

Here’s how to install Exodus addon on Kodi v16:

Upon successful installation, you will be able to watch countless movies and shows belonging to various genres (action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, drama, family, fantasy, history, horror, and music). In addition to this, there are best Kodi addons, which offer sports, live shows, gaming matches and much more.

How to Solve Issues While Installing Exodus on Kodi

There are various issues when installing and running Exodus on Kodi. We have mentioned few issues pertaining to Exodus in the section below. If you face any issues other than feel free to mention it in the comment section.

How to Solve Kodi Not Working Issue

Many users have reported an issue where they weren’t able to use Kodi. In the most frequently faced issue, fans were able to watch videos only from 1970 and previous years. To solve this issue, users need to update their date and timings after installing Exodus on Kodi, as default date is set to 1970.

In addition to this, users also complained about being able to watch limited number of shows and movies. To resolve it, users need to update their Kodi to the latest available version.

Exodus Kodi Disappeared (No Config Wizard)

This issue is prevalent mainly in older versions of Kodi (v16 or below). I would suggest that you upgrade to the newer version so that this issue is resolved. However, if you wish to continue using the older version, then go Programs > Program Add-ons > Config. Wizard. Now select the operating system that you are using (Android if you are on Amazon Firestick).  Once the Config Wizard is done, you will see the list of add-ons that need to be updated.

Kodi Exodus no Stream Available

One of the reasons why you wouldn’t find any streams for Exodus is because the content database are out of date. Usually a new movie or show gets listed on Exodus because the artwork is available, but that doesn’t mean the streams are present. To overcome this issue, you can clear your cache. Go to Settings > Tools > Clear Providers > Clear Cache and that’s it, the problem should be resolved.

Exodus Failed to Install a Dependency

On numerous occasions you will encounter the problem where Exodus fails to install dependencies. This issue occurs when dependencies are missing from Kodi. You can reinstall the dependencies by loading the sources.

Another way to overcome this problem is by deleting a file from Profile Directory. Just follow these steps:

*Note: This method may not work for everyone, so you might want reinstall the dependency again.

How Do I Update Exodus on Kodi

Update Exodus on Kodi is very simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps and Exodus will be up to date in no time:

Usually Kodi auto updates different add-ons. However, using the above steps will keep your add-on updated all the time.

Install Exodus on Kodi Amazon Firestick

To install Exodus on Kodi Amazon Firestick, you can follow the steps illustrated earlier in this guide. Whether you are using Kodi version 16 or 17, the steps will remain the same. You can use various sources to install Exodus add-on.

That said, one of the issues troubling users is not to install the add-on, but to install Kodi on Firestick. Our guide on how to install Kodi on Firestick guides you through all the steps of configuring the streaming service without the use of a computer. By using ES File Explorer, you can install Kodi directly onto your Amazon Firestick.

Final Words

The mainstream Kodi addon has been unleashed, and fans are eager to watch best of the time movies through Exodus on Kodi. The above guide will aid you to install Exodus Kodi hassle free without requiring any additional procedures.

Also, if DMCA and copyright trolls are the hurdles on your way to watch Kodi Exodus, then KodiVPN will provide top-grade protection and anonymity to fans against ISP monitoring, DMCA and copyright trolls, while ensuring hours of non-stop on-demand entertainment.

How to Watch Game of Thrones Online in Germany

The long wait between the seasons of Game of Thrones seems ages away, but now it is here to stay. HBO’s blockbuster show returns for the 7th season and premieres on 16th of July this Sunday.

Yes, we’re desperately awaiting for the Night King to break the wall, Daenerys Targaryen to conquer Westeros, and Jon Snow to learn about his true parentage and probably stick his Longclaw to destroy the Night King.

The Great War is coming and all that is with it, but you must first learn how to watch Game of Thrones online in Germany to witness these amazing moments. How can you do that? By reading on!

Where to Watch Games of Thrones Online In Germany?

There are many alternatives to Sky that you can use to watch Game of Thrones online legally in Germany. Some of these include HBO NOW, Hotstar, and NOW TV. However, these channels are geo-restricted and you will need a VPN access them from Germany. To help you out, we listed some VPN providers you can use to unblock these streaming services:

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

Get HBO NOW & Watch Game of Thrones Staffel 6

To watch Game of Thrones Staffel 6 online from Germany, you can subscribe to HBO NOW. HBO NOW is a standalone streaming service of HBO and holds an illustrious library of all the shows produced by the network, including GoT.



Sadly, HBO NOW is only available in United States and to access the service, you should use a VPN service. HBO NOW costs USD $14.99 per month and you get the first month for free. Combine that with a VPN (which costs as low as USD $4.16), you end up paying around €16.78 per month and save a considerable amount on expensive local cable deals. Here is how you can subscribe to HBO NOW:

NOTE: If you are using your credit card for payment, you will need a valid US billing address and ZIP code. Since that is not possible for everyone, you can follow these 14 steps to watch Game of Thrones Online. On the other hand, you can use PayPal as mode of payment and subscribe to HBO NOW from Germany.

Watch Game of Thrones Online on Hotstar

The second option for watching GoT Season 6 online is through Hotstar. This is perhaps the cheapest method for streaming the entire season online in Germany. However, Hotstar is only accessible from India. In order to watch GoT on Hotstar, you will need an Indian IP address. This can be easily achieved using a VPN. Just connect to a server located in India, sign-up for the service, and stream GoT online.


Game of Thrones is available on Hotstar’s premium service and it costs ₹199.00 Indian Rupees. When you add a VPN to this, the total deal costs you €6.27 (€2.62 for Hotstar & €3.65 for a VPN). This is considerably cheaper compared to other pricey TV packages.

Stream Game of Thrones Online on NOW TV

The third way to watch Game of Thrones Staffel 6 online in Germany is on NOW TV. The UK based streaming service allows you to watch all the episodes online but you won’t be able to access the service in Germany unless you have a VPN.




A VPN will enable you to bypass geo-restrictions and access NOW TV from anywhere. The VPN providers that we have listed above offer numerous servers located in UK. By connecting to this server, your original location gets masked and it appears as if you are located in UK; hence allowing you to access NOW TV.

Download Game of Thrones Torrents

In addition to the above mentioned options to watch GoT season 6 online, there is another way to watch the show – download torrents. As far as the legality of this option goes, using any form of P2P file sharing services or downloading torrents is illegal in Germany.

Therefore, you can try this option at your own discretion as Game of Thrones is the most pirated show on earth and HBO has been hunting down GoT pirates for some time. However, you can minimize the chances of getting caught while downloading torrents using a VPN. A VPN hides your original IP address and encrypts your internet traffic, not allowing anyone to eavesdrop on your activities.


Game of Thrones has massive following from around the world and as a result fans pour in from various regions to explore on how to watch Game of Thrones online.However, due to the broadcasting rights of the show, only certain networks or cable providers show Game of Thrones. This is not a viable method for everyone as these TV packages are expensive to subscribe too.

To help you out, we have mentioned some alternate streaming channels that can be used to watch Game of Thrones online in Germany legally. In addition to these channels, be sure to subscribe to a VPN as well; a VPN will help you bypass geo-restrictions, unblock HBO NOW, Hotstar and NOW TV in Germany, and allow you to enjoy Game of Thrones Staffel 6 online.

How to Watch Game of Thrones Online in Australia

The ‘Winter’ that was promised by Ned Stark since season 1 has just arrived. You can hear all the wails of Game of Throne fans as we enter in to our final days before GoT premieres for its 7th season on Sunday, 16th July.

In this season we might see Daenerys Targaryen with Tyrion Lannister on her side plotting to take back the Iron Throne. Queen Cersei keeps herself busy finding allies who would fight her war, while Jon Snow convincing anyone who would listen that the Great War is coming.

How to watch Game of Thrones online in Australia should be the only major task ahead of you this weekend. Stick together, because we’re just going to reveal everything you need to know about Game of Thrones online.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 Online

There could be many ways to watch Game of Thrones online in Australia, but we have listed 3 ways that are cost effective, with HD video quality, and easier to subscribe.




Foxtel holds the exclusive broadcasting rights to televise Game of Thrones season 7. However, it sure be a bit expensive at AUD15/month, but it is worth subscribing to the package as it airs the show at exact time as in US. With its 14-day trial offer, you can always ask back for your money.


If you feel Foxtel a bit expensive, Now TV in UK offers a much better package with a 14-day trial period at only £6.99 or AUD11.68/month. So technically, you can view two episodes of Game of Thrones for free.

But the only hurdle in your way will be the imposed geo-restrictions on the viewership of NOW TV. You will get a following error if you live outside UK.




Fortunately you can bypass the geo-restrictions by using a VPN that will let you change your IP from Australia to UK. Another benefit of having a VPN service is your absolute privacy of your internet activity from the government and ISPs.

Following VPN providers offer wide range of servers in UK. Moreover, they provide specifically optimized servers for fast and lag-free streaming of GoT season 7 in Australia.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$2.92Per Month
73% Off
One Year Free
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
Coupon Code '2YDeal2017'
$1.97Per Month
40% Off
Limited Time Discount
Ivacy VPN
$2.04Per Month
83% OFF
Special Discount
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer

Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 on HBO Now



Another option for you to watch Game of Thrones season 6 online in Australia is HBO NOW. It offers monthly subscription package at only AUD $19.32 with simultaneous online streaming on 2 devices. But geo-restrictions on the online streaming of HBO NOW won’t let you watch GoT season 7 in Australia.

However, you can circumvent the imposed geo-restrictions using a VPN and enjoy GoT season 7 in Australia hassle free. On a side note, do remember to use PayPal as the payment method instead of your credit card for subscribing to HBO NOW while being connected to a VPN.

Wrapping Up

It will be interesting to see how the drama unfolds in the North, South, and beyond the wall. You can always expect great things from the super-hit HBO show and you may never know we may see an ice-breathing dragon. It will be hard for Jon Snow to convince many houses of Westeros to fight against their common enemy before it destroys everyone. In the end, it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne. Read above to understand how you can watch Game of Thrones online in Australia, and enjoy the amazing winter.

CyberSilent VPN Review 2017 – Privacy vs. Affordability

What is CyberSilent VPN?

The Polish based provider CyberSilent offers absolute privacy solution to netizens around the world. Being a fresher in industry, CyberSilent has gained a reputable position among other VPN services available in market.

In our CyberSilent VPN review, we will asses each service offerings and privacy aspects of provider including its tunneling protocols, logging policy, customer support channels and package plans. Thus, after reading our editorial CyberSilent review, you will unveil if the Wroclaw based provider is a worthy privacy watch guard.

Pros of CyberSilent VPN

Cons of CyberSilent VPN


CyberSilent Servers Spread – Which Sites Can you Access with CyberSilent?

CyberSilent offers a broad range of servers dotted across all prime regions of the world. When highlighting the server locations, CyberSilent has 180+ servers located in 47 countries including the US, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, UK and more destinations. Over and above, subscribers can freely unblock BBC iPlayer, CNBC, ABC, Fox Go, HBO Now and more services from anywhere.

On top of all, CyberSilent does not leave torrenters’ privacy at stake and thus offers P2P supported servers in Romania, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, and South Africa. In addition, for CyberSilent review, we have passed their service through various speed tests to observe actual bandwidth and stability of service. After concluding test phase, we discovered surprising results:


Ookla speed test without connecting to CyberSilent:

Speed Test Before connecting CyberSilent

Ookla speed test after connecting to CyberSilent’s US server:

Iternet Speeed after connecting CyberSilent

Upon competition of speed tests, we found ping raised a bit along with a sudden spike in  download speed. Also, we streamed different videos on BBC iPlayer and Hulu and found CyberSilent working perfect. Not to mention, provider offers a dedicated server status page that gives an insight to every server of along with its address, supported protocols, and other details.


How Much Does CyberSilent Costs – Pricing Plans

As a matter of fact, you get what you pay for. However, this is not the case for CyberSilent, as provider offers exceptional features at unbelievably discounted rates. Upon in-depth analysis of provider in CyberSilent review, we have discovered that CyberSilent maintains no discrimination among service offerings in any of its plans. On top, the distinct elements among each plan are the price and duration.

Following are three package plans offered by CyberSilent right now:

CyberSilent Pricing plan

While monthly and semi-annual plans are charged at 9.90/month and 7.92/month respectively, the annual plan saves you a considerable sum totaling $51.12 per year.


Accepted Payment Modes – How easy it is to subscribe to CyberSilent

Simplified subscription is what CyberSilent believes. To ease complex subscription phase, CyberSilent accepts payments from a broad range of channels including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Giropay, PayPal and many more.

On top of all, CyberSilent has faith on complete privacy and thus accepts anonymous payments through Bitcoin. Below is a screenshot of all the payment modes that were accepted by provider at the time of writing this CyberSilent review.

Payment methods which Speed CyberSilent support

CyberSilent Protocols and Encryption

Tunneling protocols are the sole aspects of a VPN, which ensure privacy, data protection and online security. While examining the VPN in CyberSilent VPN review, I discovered that it offers three tunneling protocols and maintains a balance between privacy and speed. At this time, provider offers following protocols:

Remarkably, CyberSilent is one of the providers who support torrenting and P2P file sharing. That said, subscribers can select OpenVPN protocol when torrenting, and PPTP for streaming and unblocking purposes.


Customer Support Channels of CyberSilent

Customer support channels are the first line of assistance netizens seek at times of technical issues. CyberSilent takes an edge over other providers by offering following four support channels:


Ticketing System of Provider

A well-defined ticketing support system is what distinguishes CyberSilent from other providers. Netizens can seek detailed assistance by shooting off queries through ticketing support system. However, only drawback in their ticketing system we discovered in this CyberSilent review is an absence of photo attachment. But, we assume that provider will overcome this lack in future.


Ticketing System of CyberSilent


24/7 Live Tech Chat Support

The live chat support provides an instant guidance to subscribers. You can find live chat window in the lower left corner of provider’s site. However, if you find their service unavailable, they will get back to you. To test their responsiveness in CyberSilent VPN review, we dropped off a query on their live chat, and received an immediate answer from one of the support agents.

Live Tech Chat Support

FAQ Section

The FAQs section focuses on every little aspect of CyberSilent service. Upon in-depth analysis of FAQs sections in CyberSilent review, we came up with basic queries regarding package validity, free trial, protocols, supported devices and much more. Here is a screen shot of their FAQs section:


FAQ Section of CyberSilent


Knowledge Base Section – Guides and Tutorials

Knowledge base area provides detailed guides and tutorials about VPN installation on a range of platforms. If you’re among users who find manual configuration better over client apps then tutorials’ section is the best place to get everything. You can find guide and tutorials section at the top-left corner of homepage.


Knowledge Base Section


CyberSilent Compatibility on Different Platforms

While covering this CyberSilent VPN review, we were pleased to find their service available on a variety of platforms. Interestingly, subscribers can install VPN on Windows, Mac OSX, routers and Linux Ubuntu. But, unfortunately we were not able to find VPN client app for Android and iOS devices. Not to mention, provider has claimed to release Android and iOS client soon.


CyberSilent Compatibility on Different Platforms

Is CyberSilent Safe to Use? Logging and Privacy Policy

As a privacy-centric service, CyberSilent takes every step to protect netizens’ privacy. After reviewing provider’s privacy policy in CyberSilent review, we have came up with truth that provider does not retains any of users’ information or share any kind of data with state-sponsored agencies or third parties.

However, provider stores following information at the time of registration for service delivery purposes:


Free Trial Version

When counting the added offerings, we cannot miss highlighting CyberSilent free trial version. The limited free trial comes with one-hour validity, through which subscribers can avail premium benefits and features similar to paid subscribers. Having said that, we suggest subscribers to option free trial, experience their service and decide if CyberSilent is worthwhile for unblocking, high-speed streaming, and top-tier online protection.


Final Words

We here by wrap this editorial CyberSilent review and consider their service worth trying. When counting the exceptional features, we have incredible server locations, strong tunneling protocols, exceptional support for torrenting and P2P activities, and a wide range of support channels.

However, we can’t overlook provider’s slightly expensive plans, but after evaluating their service, we honor them a brilliant 3.5/5 star in our CyberSilent VPN review.

How to Watch Anime on Kodi – A Simple Guide


Anime fans behold! Now you can watch your favorite anime shows and movies on one-stop entertainment center Kodi. The award-wining media center has been long-praised by entertainment enthusiasts due to range of its media offerings. But, today in this guide, we will show you how to watch anime on Kodi in simple steps.

After reading this guide, you will achieve an instant access to tons of popular shows including Full metal Alchemist, Death Note, Sakura Quest, Boruto – Naruto Next Generations, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Detective Conan and much more. Just read along and stream the best anime on Kodi.


Step-by-Step Process to Watch Anime on Kodi

To watch Anime on Kodi, you need to follow a simple six-step addon installation process. The addon setup will not take any longer than few minutes, after which you will be able to stream unlimited anime series and movies on Kodi/XBMC media center.

For our installation guide, we have chosen AnimeGo as a Kodi Anime addon. Not to mention, you can find more exciting addons in our exclusive guide Kodi Addons for Anime, which can be installed using same setup:

  1. First you need to download dk-xbmc-repaddon repository on your system
  2. Launch Kodi and from the left panel, click on Add-ons and tap on the small box icon on top left cornerAnime on Kodi step1
  3. Next, click on Install from zip file and navigate to the location where you had downloaded repository and then click on the repository file to install itAnime on Kodi 2how to watch anime on kodi 3
  4. Then, go back to previous screen, tap on Install from repositorywatch anime on kodi 4
  5. Select the installed repositoryanime kodi 5


  1. Click on Video add-ons > AnimeGo and install itanime kodi setup 6 guide to watch anime on kodi 7
  2. Upon successful installation, go to Home Screen > Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Anime Go.kodi for anime 8


  1. The AnimeGo addon is now successfully installed and you’re set to watch favorite Anime shows and movies on Kodi media center

kodi anime 9


Note: AnimeGo uses mirror links of movies and shows, which can get you into trouble of copyright infringement. We suggest users to equip themselves with a Kodi VPN. It offers top-grade protection and anonymity, and then access AnimeGo without fearing copyright trolls.



With this, we end our tutorial about how to watch Anime on Kodi in simple steps. Not to mention, you can follow the above setup tutorial for other Anime addons as well. But, don’t forget to get protected with VPN first, as many of the Anime addons use P2P mirror links, which welcomes copyright sharks.

We used AnimeGo for our demonstration, but there are several other Kodi addons you can use for streaming anime. If you feel any issues with above installation guide, then feel free to comment below.

17 Best NYAA Alternatives to Download Anime

The mainstream anime torrent hub has been shot down in the line of copyright infringement. But, don’t lose hope! As today, in this guide, we will unveil the Best NYAA alternatives that will serve you the best anime shows including Sakura Quest, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Fukumenkei Noise, Dragon ball, Naruto, and much more.


best NYAA Alternatives

It has been few hours since Anime fans around the world have started facing annoying message when accessing popular anime torrent site Furthermore, the blockage is not limited to, and thus all their subdomains including and are blocked at the moment.

Now, if you try to access, you will be shown the following message:

the requested URL could not be retrieved

To free torrent users and anime lovers from mere distress, we have listed below top NYAA alternatives, which offer top-of-the-line anime. Not to mention, these NYAA alternatives will not let you miss lovable anime videos until NYAA is backup again.

Best NYAA Alternatives

  • 6. Doki
  •  Manga Fansub
  • 10. Minglong
  •  Meta RSS site / open tracker for some anime fansub groups
  • 11.
  • 12. OneJAV
  •  JAV
  • 13. Pantsu Nyaa
  • Nyaa mirror
  • 14. Shana Project
  •  Anime
  • 15. Sukebei Pantsu
  • Nyaa mirror
  • 16. Tokyo Toshokan
  • General
  • 17. TV-Nihon
  • General

Watch Free Anime on Kodi

In addition to different torrent websites, you can use Kodi to watch free Anime online. Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is a media-streaming hub that offers a wide variety of content, including anime. There are numerous Kodi add-ons, which contain thousands of Japanese animated series and movies. You can refer to our simple guide on how to watch anime on Kodi to get you up and running.

If geo-blocks come in your way of streaming, then use a Kodi VPN. It will help you evade all kinds of restrictions in an instant through its illustrious server spread. A VPN masks your identity and changes your virtual location, allowing you to access any Kodi add-on from anywhere.

In-Depth Look at NYAA Alternatives

Here is a closer look at some of these alternatives:

Horrible Subs

Horrible without any doubt is the best NYAA alternative. Interestingly, Horrible Subs is one of the sites who has confirmed blockage of NYAA on their homepage. While Horrible Subs offer similar media as, the site has comparatively more appealing interface than any other anime sharing site. The first impression of Horrible Subs captures users with exclusive downloads of Sagrada Reset, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka, Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, and more popular anime series.

Horrible Subs is an alternate of NYAA

Anime Sharing

As the name indicates, “Anime Sharing” is a media-sharing site that stands second to With an informative homepage and sleek interface, Anime Sharing looks similar to PirateBay. The search engine allows you to explore torrents of desired anime series instantly. On top, Anime Sharing maintains an Alexa rating of 3445 and receives millions of visitors on a daily basis.

Anime Sharing is an alternate of NYY

The popular anime search engine “” offers one-touch access to unlimited anime torrents counting Naruto, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Youjo Senki – Saga of Tanya the Evil, and thousands of more. Not to mention, the site has a considerable reputation among anime lovers and has been operating since 2012. In addition, you can find all the popular anime videos in HD quality on is another alternate of NYY

 Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the largest torrent hubs around the world. The site has been thriving torrent lovers for last few years. Although Pirate Bay has faced various shutdowns in the past, but still the site has regained its existence and audience. That said, Pirate Bay offers hundreds of torrents for popular animated series and games too.

Pirate Bay is another alternate of NYY


ExtraTorrent stands next to largest torrent sites and offers torrents of popular animated series, movies, shows, and more media. One of the added advantages of ExtraTorrent is their well-designed search engine that offers hassle-free exploration. Not to mention, ExtraTorrent has a fine range of anime movies collection which is incessantly growing.

 ExtraTorrent is NYY alternate

When will NYAA Be Back?

Anime lovers from all around the world are bombarding social media and forums with posts about when will the leading anime torrent website to be up again? The answer is disturbing as the current Whois status of is marked with “serverHold”, which means the domain has been suspended for severe copyright violations. Therefore, we can’t predict the exact duration of the blockage. But, NYAA alternatives are the best way to keep watching favorite anime series.


Without a doubt, NYAA was a leading-edge site that was popular for anime series. However, the mainstream anime sharing site is no longer available and there is nothing anybody can do to access it.

However, the top NYAA alternatives mentioned in this guide offers complete episodes from the latest anime series, so that you don’t get a chance to miss NYAA again. On a side note, if you are worried about downloading torrents and want to remain anonymous over the internet, be sure to use a torrent VPN.

If you find this guide helpful or want to suggest more NYAA alternatives, then feel free to comment below.


Free Trial VPN No Credit Card

Are you looking for a free trial VPN provider with top-notch privacy offerings? If yes, then in this guide you will discover the best VPN services that offer one-touch privacy and instant unblocking solution, with the offer of free trial vpn no credit card trial no credit card

What to Expect from a Free Trial VPN no credit card?

Although, there are countless premium VPN services available in the market. But, if unblocking is what you’re looking for then a free VPN trial will give you an unbeatable online experience with zero geo-restrictions. In addition to this, a VPN free trial will provide an adequate online protection, so you experience superior online freedom from anywhere in the world.

For users ease, we conducted individual testing and came up with following VPN services that don’t require financial information (credit card information) for a free trial. Get one of these free VPN trials & explore internet with anonymity & digital protection:

Factors To Consider while Choosing a Free Trial VPN Without Credit Card

A growing number of cyber attacks and hacking incidents have made VPN a mandatory tool for cutting-edge cyber security.

With various spy agencies, ISPs, hackers and identity thieves actively searching ways to snoop on users’ online activities, netizens are left with no other option except to use a “VPN” and protect themselves. However, before you pull out your wallet and purchase a premium VPN, it is better to try out the service. Thus, we created this guide to serve netizens who’re searching for a free trial vpn with no credit card and provide reliable performance.

To get a blazing fast online experience with an exclusive data protection, you should consider following factors before subscribing to a VPN free trial:

Data Cap: The Fun Breaker

Data caps or data limit are surprising elements of majority of VPN providers. It’s quite annoying to face a message displaying “data consumption exceeded” in the midst of your favorite movie or game. VPN providers impose data caps from 50 to 100MB in free VPN trial versions.

We consider this limit to be insufficient for streaming, social networking, VoIP, and even surfing. Therefore, we suggest users always to inquire VPN provider about the offered data limit with free VPN trial.

Speed Caps: Hurdles in High-Speed Online Experience

Apart from data caps, speed is the prime factor to consider when choosing a VPN free trial. Mostly, free services impose bandwidth caps to regulate users’ speed. But the specified VPN services offer top-tier network infrastructure that ensure high-speed connection at all times.

In addition to this, these services provide a reliable network connection, so your online experience doesn’t get impacted with frequent VPN disconnections.

Note: A stable VPN connection ensures reliable data protection, as your actual IP address can get exposed to ISP and spy agencies when VPN connection fails.

Multiple Servers for Unlimited Unblocking Capabilities

Nothing can be as fantastic as having a VPN with numerous servers spread across prime locations in the world. Moreover, a significant number of servers give users an option to spoof their locations to various countries and access regional broadcasters and entertainment services.

Unlike full-featured VPN services, free trials tend to offer a limited number of locations. Fortunately, the services specified in above table gives you a broad range of servers so that you can unblock various geo-restricted sites (HBO, Fox GO, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Cinema Now, NBC, CBS and more) from anywhere in the world.

Torrenting & P2P Support: Doorway to Non-Stop Entertainment

Torrenting or P2P sharing is a widely acclaimed method for file sharing around the world. Each day billions of users use torrents for popular movies, games, trailers, hit videos, songs, and more media.

However, due to strict copyright infringement laws, torrenting is banned in majority of countries. Considering the blockage, VPN providers with their servers located in torrent friendly countries (Mexico, Spain, Canada, Netherlands) allow netizens to spoof their location and access torrents safely from anywhere in the world.

To get a reliable torrenting protection, users can check and ensure that the chosen free VPN trial offers servers in specified torrent friendly countries.

Data Logging Policy: Do All VPN Protect You The Same?

A critical aspect of VPN service is its privacy policy. VPN providers tend to log some data of the users without their consent. Shockingly, various providers even go beyond the limits by handing over the record to spy agencies and third party advertisers.

We consider logging policy as a vital factor before subscribing to a VPN free trial. Moreover, users should thoroughly go though privacy policy of a VPN service to get assured.

Final Words

With continuous evolution of technology, VPN is the best solution for superior privacy in the modern age. Interestingly, not many VPN service offer free trials and provide adequate features to fully test the service. But, the VPN providers specified in this guide offer one-touch online protection and secure access to thousands of blocked sites, thus ensuring an upright privacy protection.

In addition to this, the top considerations for a free trial vpn no credit card and will help you to evaluate and analyze the service before making it your online companion.