PureVPN Kodi in Australia: How to Setup PureVPN on Kodi

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Let’s be honest for a second if you want to install PureVPN on Kodi in Australia. A lot of the content available on Kodi is pulled through free sources. This could get you into legal trouble with your ISP and law enforcement.

Without connecting to a VPN first, your IP could be exposed and your ISP could then send you legal notices to prevent you from using Kodi. Once you’re caught, you may have to pay hefty fines as well. To avoid such an issue, consider using PureVPN.Check out more good VPNs in Australia to use in 2023.

PureVPN has an exclusive add-on that works perfectly on Kodi. Keeping this in mind, in this guide, I will be telling you how to set up and install PureVPN Kodi in Australia.

PureVPN also has over 6,500 servers and availability in 140+ countries. Once you install PureVPN, everything that you watch on Kodi will be completely anonymous.

If you haven’t subscribed to PureVPN already get a chance to avail of an exclusive offer – Avail 70% Off.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into the PureVPN Kodi setup guide in Australia.

PureVPN Kodi in Australia: How to Setup PureVPN on Kodi?

Using PureVPN on Kodi in Australia can be accomplished through an easy method where you are required to install the PureVPN add-on on Kodi. Once you do that, you can verify that your IP address on Kodi has been changed.

If you’re not following, let’s check out how the setup process for PureVPN Kodi is in action.

Install PureVPN within Kodi Itself

  1. Sign-Up & Download PureVPN for Kodi Add-on from the official website.
  2. Now fire up the Kodi app and head on over to the Add-ons section.Kodi-add-ons-1-in-Australia
  3. Click on the > Package Installer Icon located at the top right corner.Kodi-package-installer-icon-in-Australia
  4. Select Install from Zip File.Kodi-install-repo-add-on-in-Australia
  5. Download the PureVPN Kodi Addon File and Install the VPN on Kodi.PureVPN-kodi-repo-add-on-zip-file-in-Australia
  6. Click the > OK “button” on the prompt that pops up.Kodi-pureVPN-installation-prompt-in-Australia

That’s it. You have now successfully installed PureVPN’s add-on to Kodi. In the next heading, I’m going to show you how you can use it.

PureVPN Kodi in Australia: How to Use PureVPN on Kodi?

Now that you know how the setup process for PureVPN Kodi works, let’s check out how you can actually use it once you’ve installed the app.

  1. Open the dashboard of the Kodi app and click ok Add-ons.Kodi-add-ons-in-Australia
  2. Click on the Program Add-ons tab.Kodi-program-add-ons-in-Australia
  3. Click on the PureVPN app icon.kodi-purevpn-app-icon-in-Australia
  4. Enter your credentials (Username) and (Password).kodi-purevpn-credentials-in-Australia
  5. Choose the Server Location of your choice and you’re done.PureVPN-kodi-server-selection-in-Australia
  6. Now, you can easily stream whatever show you like with the best Kodi addons.PureVPN-kodi-video-playback-in-Australia
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PureVPN Kodi in Australia :How to Test if PureVPN is Working on Kodi ?

To see if PureVPN is working properly with Kodi and your IP address is not leaking, you can use the following method to run a quick test.

  1. Launch the Kodi app and click on the Add-ons menu.how-to-test-if-purevpn-is-working-on-kodi-1-in-Australia
  2. Scroll down and select the Download tab.how-to-test-if-purevpn-is-working-on-kodi-in-Australia
  3. Click on Program Add-ons from the list.how-to-test-if-purevpn-is-working-on-kodi-in-Australia
  4. Click on DNS Leak-Test.how-to-test-if-purevpn-is-working-on-kodi-in-Australia
  5. Click on Install.how-to-test-if-purevpn-is-working-on-kodi-in-Australia
  6. Click on OK.how-to-test-if-purevpn-is-working-on-kodi-in-Australia
  7. Now Open DNS Leak Test Addon.how-to-test-if-purevpn-is-working-on-kodi-in-Australia
  8. Now, Kodi will show your current IP address and you can also verify if your DNS is leaking or not. how-to-test-if-purevpn-is-working-on-kodi-in-Australia
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PureVPN for Kodi

For Kodi users, PureVPN offers some very nifty features. For starters, PureVPN offers 256-Bit encryption. Now, the reason why that’s so great is that it allows you to stream content pulled through torrent sources anonymously without getting caught.

Another reason why so many people prefer using PureVPN is that it offers a dedicated add-on for Kodi. Other VPN providers only allow you to use their apps in the background with Kodi.

Best of all, PureVPN offers a dedicated streaming mode, which allows you to stream your favorite content without experiencing annoying buffering.

What Other Benefits Does PureVPN Offer in Australia?

PureVPN is not a one-trick pony. The VPN covers a lot of bases and works exceptionally well for multiple uses cases. If you are a Netflix fan, then PureVPN offers smooth compatibility with Netflix. It is particularly efficient for unblocking the US library of Netflix.

Users that download torrents frequently but want better privacy to avoid receiving DMCA notices can take advantage of PureVPN’s DNS/IP leak and kill switch features. These protective mechanisms along with fast speeds make PureVPN a great choice for torrenting in Australia as well.

It also has the unique ability to work in countries that monitor VPN traffic and apply anti-VPN mechanisms. For instance, 99% of providers struggle in China, but PureVPN still works well for Chinese citizens.

New users can also try PureVPN with a 7-day trial 2023 which is a risk-free option if you’re unsure about getting this VPN. The provider is also known to provide a lifetime subscription plan from time to time which turns out to be highly affordable for long-term users.

Other than its excellent compatibility with Kodi, PureVPN also supports Firestick and other devices. The popular streaming box, Roku is also supported by PureVPN, but you will need the help of a physical or virtual router to enable the VPN on the streaming console.

Many routers are compatible with PureVPN. If you set up the VPN on a router, you can use it for as many devices as are connected to your router without needing to install PureVPN on each device individually.

Users may experience problems with PureVPN from time to time, but it is usually easy to resolve these problems with the help of a proper troubleshooting guide. You can check out our PureVPN not working guide for quick fixes. However, if you are strongly dissatisfied for any reason, you can obtain a refund by canceling PureVPN within 31-day in Australia.

For all these reasons, there is a lot that subscribers can do with this VPN beyond its functionality for Kodi.

Get PureVPN For Kodi in Australia 31-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Wrapping up

Kodi is without a doubt an amazing free streaming platform. You don’t have to deal with reoccurring subscriptions, nor do you have to suffer from price discrimination.The only hurdle you might face is, of course, geo-restrictions.

However, by using PureVPN Kodi in Australia, you can easily spoof your IP address and unblock all geo-restricted content hassle-free.PureVPN and Kodi are literally made for each other. And with prices as low as AU$4.99/mo (US$ 3.29/mo) (5 Months FREE + 84% Off on a 2-year plan), it just doesn’t get any better. Check out all the features PureVPN has to offer in my exclusive PureVPN review Australia 2023.

Also, give a read to our top VPN reviews by Reddit users in Australia where PureVPN ranks on top as well. And if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, here are some best free VPNs for Kodi in Australia.

I hope you now know exactly how to use PureVPN with Kodi in Australia. If you still have any issues with PureVPN Kodi, do let me know in the comments below.

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