My Expat Network Review in Australia (Updated 2024)

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My Expat Network is no longer active. My Expat Network is a defunct VPN owned by StreamVPN and no longer provides service. My Expat Network’s website has also been rebranded as StreamVPN, and if you still want to buy this VPN, you must download StreamVPN instead. For this My Expat Network review in Australia, I evaluated its various features and found the VPN to fall short in many respects in Australia.

It has a network of 120 servers in only 12 countries which is outstandingly small compared to the best VPNs – ExpressVPN and Surfshark. Moreover, the logging policy doesn’t inspire confidence or work for unblocking US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

The good features of the service include decent speeds and customer support. However, considering that the provider is quite highly-priced, I don’t recommend this VPN.

My Expat Network has earned a rating of 2.5/5.0.

Rating Criteria- My Expat Network Review in Australia (2024 Updated)

Here is the rating criteria for My Expat Network review in Australia.

  • Jurisdiction – Where is My Expat Network located?
  • Security – Is My Expat Network VPN safe?
  • Leaks – Does My Expat leak IP, DNS, WebRTC?
  • Servers – Is My Expat Network VPN P2P compatible?
  • Speed – How fast is My Expat Network?
  • Streaming – Does My Expat Network support Netflix in Australia?
  • Compatibility – How many devices do My Expat support?
  • Pricing – How much is My Expat Network in Australia?
  • Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Rating, Reddit Reviews & Support

Jurisdiction – Where is My Expat Network located?

My Expat Network or MEN is based in the safe jurisdiction of Hong Kong. This country has good privacy laws and is not a part of the surveillance apparatus of Five Eyes. Owing to this fact, you can use the service without worrying about it being a honeypot.

Security – Is My Expat Network VPN safe in Australia

During this My Expat Network review in Australia, it was observed that this VPN is sufficiently a safe VPN. It implements AES-256, which is the strongest you can currently get in the VPN industry.

The tunneling protocols vary depending on the device you are using this VPN on. For Windows and Mac, My Expat Network uses the OpenVPN protocol. For iOS, it uses IKEv2, which is a fast and highly secure protocol for mobile phones.

However, the Android app uses L2TP, which is almost an obsolete protocol and not as secure as OpenVPN or IKEv2.

My Expat Network Kill Switch Feature in Australia

This VPN is not the most advanced out there as far as security features are concerned. Other than encryption and VPN protocols, which are necessary components of any VPN, it only offers a Kill Switch for taking care of accidental privacy leaks.

So, there isn’t much beyond the Kill Switch in terms of extra features, but I’m glad to see this feature’s inclusion in a VPN that mostly focuses on streaming.

Does My Expat Network keep logs?

During this My Expat Network Review in Australia. I learned that this VPN likely stores some personally identifiable information in logs. The provider explicitly mentions that it doesn’t log the following information:


My Expat Network does not store user data.

This implies that the provider stores users’ IP addresses, timestamps, and other information that may be used to identify your identity online. However, this is only an implication and not a certainty since there is no explicit mention of what they store through our VPN usage.

Nonetheless, I’m not fully assured about their logging policy, nor should you.

Luckily, ExpressVPN never tracks VPN or internet traffic. No IP address or timestamp can match you. Shared IP addresses are untraceable. Additionally, ExpressVPN’s tunnel uses AES-256, the same encryption standard utilized by the U.S. government and security professionals worldwide for protecting confidential data.

Leaks – Does My Expat leak IP, DNS, WebRTC?

My Expat Network has no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leak problem. I tested these on Here are the results:

IP Leak Test:


My Expat Network hid our IP address successfully.

The VPN has no problem at all with IP leaks:

DNS Leak Test:

It came clear in the DNS leak test as well:


My Expat Network hid our DNS Leak address successfully.

WebRTC Leak Test:

It has no WebRTC leak issues either:


My Expat Network hid our WebRTC address successfully.

Servers – Is My Expat Network VPN P2P compatible?

As far as its server network goes, My Expat Network (MEN) only offers 120 servers in 12 countries. Clearly, this is a pretty small network. The provider needs to expand this network further if it wants to compete with ExpressVPN and Surfshark – services with extensive server coverage.

My Expat Network supports torrents on the Netherlands servers only. That’s better than no support at all, but it’s clear that p2p services are not a priority for this VPN.

Does My Expat Network work in China?

My Expat Network is not very reliable for China. The service is equipped with stealth technology for all its servers. Since Chinese censorship technologies can’t be beaten through traditional VPN protocols, stealth and obfuscation mechanisms are the only hope for ensuring VPN functionality within the country.

We haven’t tested MEN in China, but the fact that it offers the best stealth servers in Australia suggests that the service may work in China.

Speed – How fast is My Expat Network?

My Expat Network offers average speeds. Testing the service on a 30 Mbps connection using, I measure its performance to determine its speed.

First, I connected to the US server. This one worked the fastest, giving 18.35 Mbps in download:


My Expat Network has slow speeds overall on its US servers.

The UK server dropped down in speed, reaching only 14.37 Mbps.


My Expat Network has much slower speeds on its UK network compared to the US servers.

Finally, the German server managed to hit the 13.29 Mbps mark.


My Expat Network has very slow speeds on its German server.

Overall, My Expat Network offers average speeds. Not too slow, but there’s certainly room for improvement.

However, ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs in the world. Lightway, ExpressVPN’s unique protocol, makes it one of our fastest VPNs. Open-source Lightway offers quicker bandwidth, rapid switching between Wi-Fi and mobile networks, and high security.

Streaming – Does My Expat Network support Netflix in Australia?

Unfortunately, despite claiming to be a streaming-specialist service, My Expat Network does not unblock Netflix in Australia. I failed to get it to work with US Netflix, which was quite disappointing.


My Expat Network was detected by Netflix.

So if you’re looking for a VPN to unblock different Netflix regions, this is not a VPN you can count on.

Other Streaming Services

Trying My Expat Network for BBC iPlayer, I was also disappointed to see that it failed to work with the British streaming service.


We were unable to use BBC iPlayer with My Expat network either.

Nonetheless, there are many other streaming services out there that MEN is probably good for, but as far as Netflix and BBC iPlayer are concerned, it is not a reliable service for these platforms.

Compatibility – How many devices do My Expat support in Australia?

My Expat Network supports up to 5 connections at once. The provider offers apps for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. It is also compatible with Linux and Amazon Fire TV.

My Expat Network Desktop Apps

For desktops, MEN only offers bare-bone tray apps with fundamental designs. It might take a little bit of getting used to if you haven’t used tray apps before, but you should get the hang of it soon enough.


My Expat Network has desktop apps available.

The settings and menus are hardlyof any use since MEN is pretty limited in features and doesn’t really offer much. You’ll mostly find yourself using the server selection screen only.

My Expat Network Mobile Apps

My Expat Network’s smartphone apps for iOS and Android are much more visually appealing than decent mobile apps usually tend to be. The main screen allows you to choose your preferred server.


My Expert Network has mobile apps which you can use on your device.

The Android version supports the best stealth servers in Australia, but this feature is lacking in the iOS app. As for app ratings, My Expat Network has only a 2.8-star rating on Google Play Store and a 2.0-star rating on the iTunes store.

Pricing – How much is My Expat Network in Australia?

My Expat Network is exorbitantly priced in Australia. Seriously, because it is a very basic VPN with hardly anything on offer, other VPNs don’t already offer a much cheaper rate.

If you want a plan with 5 simultaneous connections and all 12 server locations, the pricing structure of MEN is:


My Expat Network has three different plans.

All plans offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase the VPN with credit cards and PayPal:


My Expat Network accepts payments through most conventional methods.

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Rating, Reddit Reviews & Support

My Expat Network has an average reputation overall on Trustpilot. The provider has a rating of 3.6/5.0. But this is based on only 19 reviews since that’s the total sum of users that bothered to comment and rate this VPN.


My Expat network has average ratings on Trustpilot.

My Expat Network Reddit Review

I found no relevant discussions around MEN on Reddit.

Customer support

My Expat Network offers troubleshooting and installation guides to assist users. Also, you can directly reach the support team – which is available 24/7 – through emails.


My Expat Network offers customer support via email.

The VPN also offers remote-installation support. If you don’t want to install the VPN yourself, you can request the customer support team, and they’ll do it for you remotely.

Overall, My Expat Network has decent customer support, though the lack of live chat is a little unimpressive.

Comparison between ExpressVPN and My Expat Network in Australia

If you wish to differentiate between these two VPNs, consider reading the below-mentioned table:

Features ExpressVPN My Expat Network
Price AU$9.99/mo AU$7.47
Servers 3500 in 94 Countries including 5 server locations in Australia 120 in 12 Countries
Compatibility All Devices Windows, macOS,
Android & iOS
Jurisdiction The British Virgin Islands Hong Kong
Logging Policy Zero Logs Keeps some logs
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support Email/Guides
Trustpilot Score 4.7 3.6
Website ExpressVPN My Expat Network

Alternatives to My Expat Network in Australia

If you want to use VPNs other than My Expat Network, you should read the below-described VPN reviews first:

FAQ – My Expat Network Review in Australia

Yes, Australia Expat VPN is a good VPN. It completely encrypts your internet connection, protecting you from hackers. The risk is made worse while using public wifi, therefore, everyone should utilise a VPN whenever they are at a coffee shop, restaurant, public area, or any location where internet is accessible.

The installation process for Android is quite simple; just download the application by hitting the download button. You can then install the app and enter your username (email) and the password that was sent to you. After connecting, just quit the app and go to your desired service, such as BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub, to enjoy your content as if you were in the UK.

You can cancel your account with Expat VPN in Australia at any moment. You will be reimbursed within 30 days of sign up (i.e. initial sign up and not a renewal) and if you seek the return within 30 days. However, after 30 days, there will be no reimbursement for any remaining time on the plan.

Do I Recommend My Expat Network in Australia?

After this My Expat Network Review in Australia, I do not recommend My Expat Network. The VPN has a logging policy far from reassuring, fundamental security features, doesn’t work with Netflix or BBC iPlayer, a small server network, and is way too highly priced for offering the bare minimum of benefits.

Much better VPNs are available for much more reasonable pricing than this service. Thus, for this My Expat Network review in Australia, the service has attained a rating of 2.5/5.0 based on its different pros and cons. Explore our popular VPN reviews guide if online privacy is your top priority rather than accessing region-blocked content.

Our top choice is ExpressVPN. The service is lightning-quick compared to other VPNs I’ve used, and it’s user-friendly for beginners. ExpressVPN is the most excellent VPN service available, although it is pricey. ExpressVPN is the best VPN service for privacy and security. Using public Wi-Fi networks with confidence thanks to the AES encryption it provides.

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