12VPN Review in Australia 2022

  • Last updated September 24, 2022
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Based in Hong Kong [SAFE]
Price $5.99/mo
Servers 300+ (25 Countries)
Logs No Logs
Multi Login Unlimited Devices
Refund 14 Days
Recommended No
Website 12VPN.net

12VPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN provider offering its services through 300+ servers across the globe also it offer servers in Australia. As compared to other VPNs like ExpressVPN or Surfshark, it does not deliver a multitude of servers.

Furthermore, the service does not provide an OpenVPN protocol that uses 256-bit encryption by default. On the streaming front, you cannot consider using this VPN in Australia.

Therefore, I do not recommend 12VPN after analyzing the above-explained parameters in this 12VPN review in Australia in detail.

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12VPN Review in Australia – My Rating Criteria

I have tested the service according to my own develop 8 step criteria that include:

  1. Pricing – What is the cost of 12VPN in Australia?
  2. Security – Protocols & Encryption
  3. Jurisdiction – Where is 12VPN located?
  4. Speed – On the Lower Side
  5. Streaming – Does it Support Netflix & Torrenting in Australia?
  6. Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests
  7. Trustworthiness – Logging Policy & Customer Support in Australia
  8. Compatibility – Supports Different Platforms & Devices

Pricing – What is the cost of 12VPN in Australia?

12VPN Pricing plans are expensive as compared to other VPNs in Australia. Here is the list of these pricing packages that consists of:


On the other hand, it has a clear refund policy which says you can get your money back within 14 days of your order. However, a user has to be very cautious when it comes to refunds.

There are certain things that everybody should bear in mind while canceling order and requesting refunds:

  • 12VPN is not liable to refund your money if you’ve consumed more than 5GB of bandwidth. 
  • You must be complying with the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy
  • You can refund money for new accounts only and renewals are not adjusted for refunding
  • Users who had made payments via Bitcoins may find it difficult to refund their money

On the payment front, it banks on traditional payment methods such as PayPal, Credit card, AliPay, and Bitcoins. If you want to keep transactions anonymous in Australia, then make payment via Cryptocurrencies or mail money to the company’s Hong Kong office.

With a variety of payment options in Australia, it will be a cakewalk for an average user to subscribe to this service and shield their online presence from online threats, the prying eyes of governments and notorious hackers.


But if you’re looking for a more premium VPN in Australia at the same price or less, check out our awesome best VPN deals to get amazing discounts and save money!

Security – Protocols & Encryption in Australia

Ironically, 12VPN does not have an OpenVPN protocol in its armory.

They support different protocols like WireGuard, OpenConnect, SSTP, IKEv2, IPSec, and PPTP too. That said, their stance on encryption is questionable.

This is because they haven’t mentioned anything specific about encryption levels on their website at all.

Jurisdiction – Where is 12VPN located?

12VPN is a trademark of Anuson Limited which is a Hong Kong-based privately held company.

This service promises to provide convenient and easy ways to access the internet.

You don’t need to worry about the privacy protection of your important data at all as this VPN is headquartered in Hong Kong which doesn’t have to abide by any data retention laws.

Server Locations

This VPN has gateways in these countries: Australia, USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, and Germany. It has a total of 300+ servers.

A customer can avail of an unlimited number of server switches easily which means you are free to connect to any server anytime without any difficulty.

Speed – On the Lower Side

On the speed front, the provider may impress its user with a new plane. After connecting to its French server while connected to a 40 Mbps internet connection, I received the following result:


As you can see the download speed was 30.33 Mbps. It means there was a decline of 25% in speed.

Streaming – Does it support Netflix & Torrenting in Australia?

12VPN is not a suitable option when it comes to unblocking the US Netflix media library in Australia. You will have to look for another VPN to achieve your streaming mission in Australia.

The same goes for torrenting as well because the VPN does not support torrenting activities for their users in Australia.

Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC &Virus Tests in Australia

Interestingly, 12VPN does not reveal your actual IP, DNS, and WebRTC information online in Australia.

IP Leak:


DNS Leak:


WebRTC Leak:


Virus Test

I also tested its Windows app through VirusTotal to know if it leaked any virus or not. Unfortunately, the app could not come clean during the testing phase in Australia:



Trustworthiness – Logging Policy & Cust0mer Support in Australia

12VPN follows a no-logging policy in true letter and spirit. This service provider doesn’t store your personal details, not even an email address.

This VPN has a clear-cut privacy policy for users in Australia. It states unconditionally on its website that it protects the data of subscribers at any cost.

Most importantly, it never shares personal and confidential information of its clients with 3rd parties.

Customer Support

In terms of customer support, you can use the following options:

  • Contact Us
  • Email
  • Voicemail
  • FAQs

This is how you can solve all your queries in a timely manner.

Compatibility – Supports Different Platforms & Devices in Australia

12VPN is compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac.

Furthermore, users can avail of browser extensions for all browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. Even, it covers all electronic devices from smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Comparison between ExpressVPN and 12VPN in Australia

I have mentioned the attributes of both these VPNs to help you decide about your online privacy in the right way.

Features ExpressVPN 12VPN
Price AU$10.06/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free AU$8.83 ($5.99/mo)
Servers 3000+ in 94 Countries including 5 server locations in Australia 300+ in 25 Countries
Compatibility All Devices Windows, Mac, Linux, Android,
Jurisdiction The British Virgin Islands Hong Kong
Logging Policy Zero Logs No Logs
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support FAQs & Email
Trust Pilot Score 4.6 N/A
Website ExpressVPN 12VPN

Alternative to 12VPN in Australia

Might be possible, that this VPN service could be troublesome when it comes to unblocking streaming websites where you want to watch and enjoy favorite Movies, Seasons, and TV shows.

That’s why users search for effective alternatives. Here, we’ve reviewed VPNs and SmartDNS services for your convenience.

Do I Recommend 12VPN in Australia?

No, I do not recommend this Hong Kong-based service in Australia.

The service offers some nifty features like compatibility and support but it has not come up to its users’ expectations in other areas like Netflix streaming, torrenting, and pricing too.

Moreover, the provider does not have an internet kill switch feature that allows you to remain anonymous when your VPN service does not work in Australia. Based on the above 12VPN review in Australia, I would assign 12VPN 2.5/5.0 stars rating overall.

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