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An IP address is a number that is used to identify a computer or a machine on the internet. You can think of an IP address like a mailing address that allows you to communicate on the internet. The string of numbers also contains vital information like your geo-location. Thus, they pose a privacy risk in Australia.

IP logging happens when your IP address gets displayed in a comment or a post online in Australia. When you comment or post online on social media platforms or more, you will get a warning that your IP address logging is on. If that happens, the community administrator and other people can see your IP address which poses security risks in Australia.

IP Logging in Australia: What Happens If You Get IP logged?

Since now you know what is IP Logging in Australia, let’s discuss what happens if your IP gets logged. If your IP gets logged on online platforms, it poses a greater risk for your online privacy. Having your Public IP logged is not a big deal because it doesn’t contain much information. Every website you visit logs your IP address in Australia. There are many third-party services that provide load-testing web traffic for you. IP Stressers Australia are the most popular tools used to load-test your server or network.

But, a Private IP address is used to identify you on the web and can be used to trace an IP Address in Australia your online activities. Hackers can obtain your IP address and get hold of information like your city, Zip Code, and location. Details taken from IP address logging include:

  • Browser name and version
  • Device
  • Country/ region
  • GPS location
  • Timezone
  • Language
  • ISP
  • Area, Zip Code
  • Connection type

With this much information, hackers can get personal information about you and it could lead to identity theft, session hijacking, and similar crimes.

If you are a gamer, you should know that IP address logging while gaming or on Discord can lead to DDoS attacks. Anyone can see your IP address and launch a DDoS attack while gaming, especially in the case of competitive players.

The Most Effective Method to Utilize IP Logger in Australia

If you are using for your website or network, here are a few things that would help you use IP logger to its full potential. To shorten any URL with an IP logger here are a few steps to get you started.

  1. Open and paste the URL that you want to abbreviate.
  2. Click option ‘Abbreviate URL.’
  3. In the field ‘Your IPLogger Interface for Gathering Measurements’ you will see the IP logger connect for the URL that you have entered before.
  4. Now, select an area name that you want to use the IP logger on.
  5. Now span ‘Duplicate’ close to your IP logger connect (or IP Logger interface for gathering insight).
  6. Offer the short IP Logger by different means like Facebook, Telegram, etc.
  7. Click the Logged IPs tab to review insights to see details on all users who click on your short IP Logger.

To create invisible IP Loggers in Australia follow these steps:

  1. From the principle menu, select the required alternatives (IP source, undetectable lumberjack, and so on) or select a required square.
  2. Turn on the option ‘Create lumberjack”
  3. In the field ‘Your IPLogger interface for gathering measurements’ you can see a short IPLogger connect that will divert your URL.
  4. Select the space name that will use the IPLogger connect.
  5. Now, you will need the connection name in the field ‘Connection for review insights’. You can add this in Bookmarks.
  6. Click ‘Duplicate’ close to your IPLogger connect.
  7. You can share the short IP Logger interface by means of WhatsApp, Facebook, and more couriers.
  8. Turn on Logged IPs tabs to open the connection for insights regarding users who have tapped on the URL.

IP Logging Tools in Australia

There are plenty of IP tracker tools available in Australia that businesses and government agencies can use to track IP addresses and real-time usage data. Here are two popular tools available on the market.

1. SolarWinds IP Address Tracker


SolarWinds tracking tool allows you to keep updated information about IP addresses and it maintains changes in hostnames or MAC addresses. It allows you to check real-time usage data and allocate resources more efficiently to avoid network downtime.

It’s an excellent option for medium to large businesses as it can manage up to 2 million IP addresses. It is compatible with ISC, Microsoft DHCP/ DNS servers, Cisco, and BIND. It also offers various other automated tools and it comes with a 30-day free trial so you can test it before committing to buy.

2. GestioIP


GestioIP is an automated, web-based IP address management tool that features an IP tracking function that is required by administrators for proper functioning. This is free software available in Cloud.

It also offers additional network discovery features like searching and filters. It also allows SNMP discovery, VLAN discovery, and Host discovery via SNMP. The free version also includes a subnet calculator, PTR check, and Integrated VLAN management. It also offers easy integration with Bind DNS and Microsoft.

Is IP logging illegal?

IP logging or tracking is only legal when it is used by B2B marketing agencies and businesses. It is considered illegal when done by individuals. IP tracking when done by individuals is treated as an invasion of privacy.

Almost all websites do IP tracking to help understand their viewers and online audiences. The statistics help them generate leads and boost sales. When you visit websites, they log your IP address that contains information like your location, city, and Zip Code. This information is used to target personalized ads.

How do I stop IP logging in Australia?

Logging of IP addresses is legal in Australia, but it poses privacy risks for users and there are ways you can stop it. There are plenty of tools to hide your actual IP address. That way, websites, and online services will not be able to trace you online and they will have a fake IP address and location in Australia.

Among hundreds of tools, here are the three most common tools used to conceal your IP address and stop logging in Australia.

1. Use a VPN

A VPN is the most common tool used worldwide to mask IP addresses. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) servers as an intermediary between you and the website you visit. It encrypts your online traffic, and reroutes it through a different server, thus changing your IP address in Australia in the process.

Owing to their effectiveness, VPNs are popular online privacy tools that are easy to use. Most VPNs offer servers in all countries across the world, and you can connect to any of these locations and hide your IP address.

For example, you can connect to a server that is located in the Australia and it will change your IP address to the UK after rerouting your traffic through a Australian server. It will make it look you are accessing the websites from inside the Australia.

If you choose a trustworthy VPN, no one, not even your VPN provider will be able to see your real IP address in Australia. We recommend using ExpressVPN because it keeps zero logs and is trustworthy.

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2. Use Tor

Tor is a free browser that conceals your IP address and identity online by using multiple layers of encryptions in Australia. Tor or The Onion Router was created by US Navy and it encrypts traffic by passing it through various Tor servers.

Each relay node decrypts one layer of encryption to find the next destination. When the packet reaches its final destination, it is fully decrypted. However, unlike a VPN, Tor takes a long time to reach its destination, because of encryptions. You will achieve anonymity, but at the cost of speed in Australia.

If you are doing a data-intensive task and want faster speeds, you can use a fast VPN provider for maximum speeds.

3. Use a Proxy

A proxy acts as an intermediary between you and the websites you visit like a VPN, however, it does not encrypt your traffic. As there is no encryption, chances are your real IP address will show through in Australia.

As there is no encryption, anyone can intercept your traffic from your device to the proxy server in Australia. That is why proxies are temporary solutions as opposed to VPNs that offer long-term privacy solutions.

You should also know that most websites block traffic from known proxy services. So, even if you hide your IP address using a proxy in Australia, you will not be able to access content and sites online.

Different Countries IP Addresses:

With these IP Addresses you can unblock various channels.

IP Logging in Australia – FAQ

In some cases, an IP address can be traced back to a specific location or an individual in Australia. For marketing purposes, IP tracking is anonymized as it can track the location of IP addresses in Australia and provide data to advertisers.

Yes, some IP loggers are safe to use in Australia and come with no vulnerabilities. We recommend using only safe IP loggers. You can use IP logger tools to collect information about the visitors on your site in Australia.

An IP address is a unique string of numbers that is used to identify a device on the network. It is also used by devices to communicate with each other. There are different types of IP addresses that store different information like your location, ISP, and more.

To generate an IP logger in Australia follow the steps below:

  1. From the main menu of your IP logger, select your required options (IP counter, IP informer, etc.).
  2. Click ‘Generate logger.’
  3. Once the IP logger link is generated, select a domain name that you want to use the IP logger link on.
  4. Bookmark ‘Link for viewing statistics’ as it will show you statistics of the logs.
  5. Share your shortened IP logger link via social media accounts and email.
  6. To view the statistics, click on the ‘Logged IP’s’ tab and open the link to see the details of the clicks on your site and information about them.


IP logging in Australia or tracking is considered legal and is done by websites and B2B marketing platforms. IP addresses are considered public information for businesses, but personal data when it comes to individuals. Your IP address in Australia contains a lot of information about you. Fortunately, as a user, you can hide your IP address by using different tools and prevent privacy risks in Australia.