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Looking for a free VPN for TVB in Australia to watch your favorite TVB drama or documentary in the United States? You have arrived at the right place! We’ll talk about the best free VPN for TVB in Australia streaming in the United States.

TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) is a leading television broadcasting company in Hong Kong. TVB’s content is not widely accessible in the United States due to a number of reasons, including licensing agreements, distribution rights, and geo-restrictions.

Fret not! This is where a premium VPN gets to shine. A VPN can access TVB content from locations other than Hong Kong by concealing your true location and creating the illusion that you are trying to access the content from a place where it is available. The VPN accomplishes this by encrypting your internet traffic and redirecting it to a remote server in a different area, efficaciously masking your Hong Kong IP address in Australia and location from the streaming company.

Our cybersecurity experts tested over 60 free VPN services widely accessible online to ascertain their viability for unlocking TVB content inside the United States. In this article, we will examine the three best free VPNs that effectively gain access to TVB content from any part of the world.

Quick Overview: Free VPN for TVB in Australia [Updated 2023]

This section will give you a quick sneak peek of our list of chosen best free VPNs for TVB in Australia.

  1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for TVB in Australia with a Free Trial: ExpressVPN is the perfect VPN for a free trial because it provides a 7-day trial on cellphones and a 30-day trial across all platforms. It has over 3000+ servers worldwide, including two in Hong Kong.
  2. Windscribe – Free VPN for TVB in Australia with 10GB/Mo: Windscribe provides a lavish month-to-month data stipend of 10 GB and access to servers worldwide. It has military-grade encryption as well as a rigorous no-logging policy, potentially making it a very safe choice. It provides over 500+ servers spread across the globe, resulting in high-speed server connections.
  3. Proton VPN – Completely Free VPN for TVB in Australia with Unlimited Bandwidth: Proton VPN offers limitless bandwidth to its users. It manages a squadron of more than 1800 servers in 66 different countries. It provides high-grade security and privacy protocols. It features quick speed along with multi-hop secure servers and alternate routing. It allows its users to choose from its multiple pricing plans according to their needs.

Testing Methodology | FAQs | Detailed Analysis

Why do you need a free VPN for TVB in Australia?

Various entities, such as internet service providers, employers, and governmental authorities, may monitor an individual’s internet usage. When attempting to access TVB’s streaming platform from in Australia, it is not uncommon to receive an error message.


This is due to regional restrictions in place to comply with licensing agreements and prevent copyright infringement.

Nevertheless, the use of a VPN may provide a means to watch TVB in Australia. By logging into a server located in Hong Kong through a VPN, it is possible to circumvent the restrictions in place and view Hong Kong shows from the comfort of one’s own home. However, it is important to note that not all VPNs offer equal protection, and therefore it is essential to conduct research and select a reputable provider to ensure online privacy and security.

Free VPN for TVB in Australia – Detail Analysis [Updated 2023]

And we have arrived at the main talk of the day. This section highlights a detailed overview of our recommended VPNs for the list of the best VPNs for TVB in Australia.

1. ExpressVPNBest VPN for TVB in Australia with a Free Trial


Key Features:

  • A troop of over 3000 servers is outspread across 94 distinct areas.
  • Features Two Hong Kong Servers for its users to choose from.
  • 7-Day Mobile Phone Trial and 30-Day Monthly Trial Available for distinct platforms.
  • It iprovides a Media Streaming Feature.
  • There are no bandwidth constraints.
  • It features five multiple logins.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN with a free trial for TVB in Australia. It offers a 7-day trial on smartphones and a 30-day trial across all platforms. It has over 3000 servers all over the world, which include 2 in Hong Kong. It also comes with a 1-month money-back guarantee and five multi-logins at the same time.

The MediaStreamer feature of ExpressVPN distinguishes it from other VPNs by offering a unique and revolutionary alternative for entering geo-restricted content on gadgets that do not support VPNs. MediaStreamer changes a device’s DNS settings to route traffic through a proxy server, allowing users to escape geographical constraints and access content from anywhere in the world. This renders ExpressVPN an appealing option for people who want to broadcast their preferred content on a wide range of devices, as other VPNs typically do not provide this feature.

Moving on, we evaluated ExpressVPN’s unblocking capabilities while conducting this review. For this reason, we attempted to stream TVB while connected to one of ExpressVPN’s Hong Kong servers. The connection established itself in less than a second, and we could view all of the content on TVB without complexity since it was lightning-fast.ExpressVPN-unblocks-TVB-in-Australia

Not only does it unblock TVB, but ExpressVPN also allows you to access other popular geo-restricted services such as J2, Sun TV, IQIYI, and many more from anywhere in the world using its Hong Kong server. With ExpressVPN, you can unlock a host of streaming services that are otherwise not available in your region, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Disney Plus with ExpressVPN in Australia, Showtime, and Hulu.

Speed is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a VPN service. Therefore, we put ExpressVPN to the test by conducting an ExpressVPN speed test in Australia on OOKLA. The test was executed using a 100 Mbps connection, and we were happy to discover that the server connection was exceptionally fast with ExpressVPN making it the fastest VPN in Australia. Our download speed clocked in at an impressive 89.42 Mbps, while the upload speed was equally thrilling at 84.64 Mbps.


We put the VPN to the ultimate test by live streaming the thrilling movie “A Fistful of Stances”. The experience was a dream come true, as there was no lagging whatsoever, and the quality of the preview was nothing short of incredible, boasting Ultra 4k quality. Overall, we were extremely impressed with ExpressVPN’s speed, and we would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a fast and reliable VPN service.

In our tests, we found that ExpressVPN is compatible with iOS in Australia, Android, macOS, and Windows and browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, doing it an incredibly versatile VPN service. Its flexibility extends to routers, which are free to configure to work with ExpressVPN. This leading VPN service is not limited to computers and mobile devices; it performs excellently with streaming devices such as Firestick with ExpressVPN in Australia, Roku, and Kodi.

ExpressVPN is the ultimate VPN that offers multiple privacy options, including HTTPS, an ExpressVPN kill switch in Australia, and location spoofing. Its multilingual UI is an added bonus. With TrustedServer tech, it wipes data after every server reboot, ensuring maximum security. ExpressVPN keeps your privacy airtight by masking your online activities with IP address changes and location concealment. No records are being kept at any point.

ExpressVPN is at the top of its game, supporting the most robust encryption available – AES-256. This military-grade standard is considered unbreakable, the same encryption used by various governments and military agencies to protect classified information.

The VPN also provides robust security against DNS and IPv6 leaks, as well as split tunneling, multi-hop connections, and the cutting-edge Lightway protocol. This cutting-edge technology ensures that your data remains private and secure, no matter what. So, whether you’re streaming, browsing, or working, ExpressVPN has got you covered.

ExpressVPN understands that choosing the right VPN is crucial. ExpressVPN offers a free trial in Australia for 7 days for mobile users and a 30-day money-back guarantee for all. Yearly plans are available at AU$ 10.2/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). Plus, with 24/7 customer support via live chat, users can rest assured of a seamless experience. ExpressVPN makes choosing and using a VPN hassle-free.

For more information on the VPN, read our ExpressVPN review.

  • Lightway protocol.
  • Follows Strict No-logging Policy
  • Compatible across all devices and platforms.
  • The lightning-fast speed with Ultra 4K preview

  • Provides less simultaneous connection than its competitors

2. Windscribe Free VPN for TVB in Australia with 10GB/Mo


Key Features

  • Windscribe offers speedy server connections and more than 500 servers across the world, including Hong Kong.
  • Users can take advantage of its Hong Kong servers and unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • New users are being given 10GB of free data upon email confirmation.
  • Windscribe also features a media streaming option for added convenience.
  • It features no restrictions on bandwidth and quick connection speed.

Windscribe is a highly recommended free VPN for TVB in Australia with 10GB/Mo. It offers ample data and a broad server network, making it an attractive choice for individuals seeking to secure their online activities. Its top-notch security features, including robust encryption and a no-logging policy, further contribute to its appeal as a safe and reliable VPN provider. With its vast network of servers, users can expect a speedy and uninterrupted browsing experience.

After thoroughly reviewing Windscribe, we were highly impressed with its exceptional unblocking capabilities and overall efficacy. We put our Hong Kong server to the test by streaming TVB and were pleasantly surprised to find that we were immediately connected and able to access all the available content without any hindrance or interruption within just 2-3 seconds.Windscribe-unblocks-TVB-in-Australia

With Windscribe, you can kick geo-restrictions to the curb and access all your favorite streaming services, including Netflix with Windscribe in Australia, Spotify, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, Funimation, HBO Max, Disney+, YouTube TV, Peacock TV, and BBC iPlayer.

Moreover, we conducted a comprehensive Windscribe speed test in Australia further evaluate its performance using the OOKLA speed testing platform. Our results revealed a fast download speed of 65.21 Mbps and a quick upload speed of 34.75 Mbps, which is undoubtedly impressive. Considering its fast and reliable server speeds, it is an excellent option for torrenting with Windscribe in Australia, as it allows users to easily stream and download large files without any hassle.


Windscribe’s cross-platform compatibility is one of its most notable features. This powerful VPN has simple applications and user-friendly interfaces available on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. You can install it on your router or configure Windscribe with Kodi in Australia, Amazon Fire TV, Windscribe for Roku in Australia, Nvidia Shield, and Firestick with Windscribe in Australia for those who prefer to stream on large screens.

Windscribe prioritizes user privacy by enforcing strict no-logging policies and employing advanced encryption protocols. For maximum security, Windscribe employs 4096-bit RSA encryption for private keys, AES-256 encryption, and SHA512 authentication, with each key used only once. The Double Hop tool routes your traffic through an additional server, whereas the whitelisting feature connects you to a VPN automatically when you log in to an unsecured network, providing additional security. Your online privacy is always protected with Windscribe.

Windscribe allows users to select from a variety of subscription options, including Windscribe free trial in Australia and paid plans. Windscribe has a yearly payment plan that starts at AU$8.66 per month and includes a Windscribe cancellation and refund policy for those looking for a more premium experience. Windscribe has a subscription option for AU$13.55 per month if you prefer to pay monthly.

Windscribe’s website showcases an extensive 24/7 support section packed with a wealth of resources to help users make the most of the service and its excellent pricing options. For more information on the VPN, read our Windscribe VPN review.

  • Protection against DNS Leaks.
  • Provides maximum security against malicious threats.
  • Offers unlimited device connection
  • Ample 10 GB of free Data
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Efficient unblocking capabilities

  • The number of servers is less compared to its competitors.

Get Windscribe For TVB in Australia30-day money-back guarantee

3. Proton VPN – Completely Free VPN for TVB in Australia with Unlimited Bandwidth


Key Features

  • A whooping squadron of more than 1800 servers spread across the world.
  • Features 22 servers in Hong Kong
  • Test drive the goods with a generous free trial plan and decide for yourself if Proton VPN is the one for you.
  • Unlock a world of restricted content with Proton VPN’s Media Streaming feature.
  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to one account – share the love with family and friends!
  • Enjoy limitless browsing and streaming with Proton VPN’s unlimited bandwidth – no caps, no worries.

Proton VPN is a completely free VPN for TVB in Australia with unlimited bandwidth. It provides an unparalleled online experience by offering its users an abundance of bandwidth with no limits whatsoever. This provider boasts an impressive fleet of over 1800 servers distributed across 66 countries worldwide, ensuring that users can enjoy fast and reliable connections from virtually anywhere. Proton VPN’s commitment to security and privacy is second to none, with top-of-the-line protocols guaranteeing the utmost protection for users’ sensitive data.

In our comprehensive evaluation of Proton VPN, we were thoroughly impressed by its efficacy and its capacity to circumvent digital restrictions. To that end, we connected to one of its servers located in Australia. With the VPN engaged, we were able to stream a documentary with seamless fluidity and without any discernible buffering or disruptions. In addition to unblocking TVB, Proton VPN can also provide access to other streaming services such as ESPN Plus, Spotify, Netflix with ProtonVPN in Australia, Youtube TV, Disney Now, Sling TV DC Universe, Funimation, Amazon Prime Video, Tv Now CNN, and others.


Unfortunately, ProtonVPN does not offer free servers in Hong Kong or China, so it is not possible to connect with TVB with the free plan. The free plan of ProtonVPN is limited to 3 server locations: the US, the Netherlands, and Japan. For streaming TVB, you are going to have to get the premium subscription plan.

In our subsequent Proton VPN speed test in Australia, we thoroughly examined the VPN’s connection speeds over the duration of our session. We noted that it delivered a commendable upload speed of 89.59 Mbps and a download speed of 75.59 Mbps, despite our baseline connection being rated at 100 Mbps. Given this performance, we have determined that it represents a dependable and viable option for both streaming and torrenting with ProtonVPN in Australia.


Proton VPN is also available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Windows, Android, MAC, routers, Firestick, Roku with ProtonVPN in Australia, ProtonVPN for Kodi in Australia, and others. This broad compatibility ensures that users can enjoy the VPN service’s benefits regardless of their preferred device or operating system.

Proton VPN utilizes the robust AES-256-CBC encryption standard to secure connections to its server network, employing a 256-bit key impervious to brute-force attacks, even with state-of-the-art hardware. Additionally, the VPN implements alternative routing and Tor Over VPN to augment its security protocols. Therefore, you need not worry about whether ProtonVPN is safe in Australia.

The service offers multiple tunneling protocols to facilitate user access to its VPN servers, including WireGuard, OpenVPN (UDP and TCP variants), IKEv2/IPsec, and Stealth. The service provider assures users of its commitment to privacy by implementing a no-logging policy.

To access the complete suite of features available with ProtonVPN, users must upgrade to the Plus plan, which allows connecting up to ten devices simultaneously without any restrictions. You don’t need to be concerned about the security of even the ProtonVPN free trial in Australia because the service includes robust security and privacy features.

This plan is available at AU$8.27 per month when billed annually. If the service does not meet the user’s expectations, they can cancel ProtonVPN at any time, with a full refund issued. ProtonVPN also offers round-the-clock customer support to address any VPN-related inquiries or concerns.

For more information on the VPN, read our ProtonVPN review.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • A huge chunk of advanced privacy tools.
  • Military-grade security protocol.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections and no restrictions on bandwidth.
  • Quality customer support
  • Efficiently crosses geo-restricted barriers
  • Keeps your privacy intact

  • The speed often appears inconsistent
  • The chrome extension faces numerous errors

Get Protonvpn For TVB in Australia30-day money-back guarantee

How do we choose the best free VPN for streaming TVB in Australia?

This section will discuss certain standards that were considered while evaluating a bunch of VPNs in Australia.


A VPN ensures no one can see what you are doing online and learn your identity by sending your data through an encrypted tunnel. Even if hackers were able to intercept your encrypted traffic, they would be unable to see what was inside. Hence, our recommended VPNs follow high-quality military-grade encryptions that secure your activities and data.

Number of Servers

The more servers there are in popular countries, the less likely network congestion will be. You need a service that gives you access to the locations you want. Therefore, we only recommended VPNs with servers in Hong Kong providing seamless streaming.


If you use a VPN, your ISP cannot track your online activity and throttle your bandwidth. If they target the entire network, you won’t be able to avoid bandwidth throttling, but a VPN will prevent them from specifically slowing down your connection. Moreover, a VPN with quick speed allows you to stream your desired content without lagging or annoyance. Therefore, we ensured that our recommended VPNs offer blazing-fast speeds and no lags.

Unblocks Geo-restricted Sites

Our recommended VPNs in the list of free VPNs for TVB in Australia are efficient enough to surpass all the geo-restrictions anywhere in the world. These VPNs allow you to unblock almost all streaming platforms, social media platforms, and news sites.

Following is a list of VPNs you should always avoid in Australia.


Hoxx VPN has servers in multiple locations worldwide, allowing users to access geo-restricted content. This VPN provides inconsistent speeds and unsecured connections, such that your data and privacy are prone to any sort of cyber attack. For more information on the VPN, read our HoxxVPN review.

Hola VPN:

Hola VPN is a free virtual private network service that provides content access from servers in over 190 countries. This VPN has had a lot of complaints filed against it in the past due to privacy concerns. They are known to leak users’ data to third parties. For more information on the VPN, read our Hola VPN review. VPN has servers in more than 70 locations worldwide, providing users with access to geo-restricted content and high-speed connections. This VPN service does not utilize security protocols leaving you and your data prone to malicious threats. They have been known to log into their client’s information. For more information on the VPN, read our review.

FAQ: Free VPN for TVB in Australia

Yes, It is completely safe to use a Hong Kong VPN for TVB in Australia. We do not, however, recommend using a VPN for illegal activities in your country. This is especially useful when connecting from a public location such as a Hong Kong library, internet cafe, airport, or other shared space.

The Following are some premium alternatives to using a free VPN for TVB in Australia:

  1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN: ExpressVPN uses advanced encryption protocols and provides features such as split tunneling, kill switch, and DNS leak protection, ensuring a safe and private browsing experience for its users.
  2. NordVPN – Largest Server Network: NordVPN has the most servers, which corresponds to lightning-fast connections and robust privacy and security protections.
  3. Surfshark – Most Affordable VPN: Surfshark is well-known for providing excellent features and services at reasonable rates.

Access TVB in Australia with ExpressVPN’s free trial by following these steps:

  1. First, sign up for an ExpressVPN subscription by making an account.
  2. Set up the program on your mobile device.
  3. Launch the ExpressVPN app and enter your login details.
  4. Establish a link to a server in a streaming-friendly region, like Hong Kong.
  5. Finally, just head over to TVB’s site and fully take advantage of the stream.


TVB is your best option if you wish to watch a Cantonese program. However, TVB does not operate outside of Hong Kong due to content license restrictions. Viewers in Australia can access TVB’s online streaming service via a VPN.

We hope our list of best Free VPN for TVB in Australia makes your search hassle-free. When you use a VPN service such as ExpressVPN, you will have access to TVB from the convenience of your own home and quick, secure, and unrestricted access.