How to Watch TenPlay outside Australia With VPN [Easy Guide 2024]

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Accessing Tenplay outside Australia is easier than you might think. With the help of a reliable VPN, you can get an Australian IP address to overcome geo-blocks and enjoy Tenplay Australia without a hitch. For the best experience, I recommend ExpressVPN for its fast connections and robust security features, ensuring you can watch your favorite Australian shows and live events without interruption.

Tenplay, owned by Network 10, is a free Australian video-on-demand and catch-up TV service. It offers live and on-demand TV shows from Network 10, 10 Peach, 10 Bold, and Nickelodeon, as well as sports and movies. With over 1,000 hours of content, a VPN lets you enjoy seamless streaming of Tenplay’s extensive library outside Australia.

How to Watch TenPlay outside Australia [5 Easy Steps]

Follow these steps to watch 10 Play outside Australia with a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service (ExpressVPN is my top choice).
  2. Download the VPN app on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN and log in using your login details.
  4. Connect to an Australian server (ExpressVPN’s Melbourne server is super-fast).
  5. Go to and start streaming your favorite shows on TenPlay.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Channel 10 outside Australia

Due to geo-restriction, you’ll need a VPN to watch Channel 10 outside Australia. Tenplay is limited to Australia and enforces geo-restrictions to comply with content licensing and copyright agreements, preventing access from non-Australian locations.

The platform identifies your location through your IP address. You’ll be blocked from accessing the content if it detects your IP address.

This video is restricted from playing in your current geographic region”.


10play blocked the access without Australian IP address

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a server in Australia to assign an Australian IP address. This tricks 10play into thinking you’re in Australia, granting you access to the streaming service. You can enjoy buffer-free streaming of Tenplay exclusive content outside Australia.

3 Best VPNs to Watch 10 Play outside Australia [Updated 2024]

Here are the 3 best VPN services to watch TenPlay (Channel 10) outside Australia:

How to Create a TenPlay Account outside Australia

Even though TenPlay is a free channel, you still need to create an account to enjoy its content. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. My top recommendation for 10Play.
  2. Launch the app and connect to its Australian server. I recommend the Melbourne server.
  3. Visit your browser and go to
  4. Click ‘Sign In’ present at the top-right of the page.
  5. Choose Sign Up and insert your email ID and password.
  6. Insert all the necessary details. Enter 3999 as the postal code.
  7. Mark that you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Continue after this.
  8. Click Let’s Play and enjoy watching your favorite content on 10 Play.

3 Best VPNs to Unblock TenPlay outside Australia [In-Depth Analysis]

I tested 40+ VPNs based on Australian servers, speeds, unblocking capabilities, refund policies, and more. Out of all these VPN services, I shortlisted three VPNs as the best ones to access 10 Play:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch TenPlay outside Australia–


ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch 10Play outside Australia for its exceptional speed, robust security features, and comprehensive server network.

It operates a network of servers in 105 countries, including 7 servers dedicated to Australia for secure streaming of Australian TV on any network. My personal experience with ExpressVPN has been nothing short of exceptional, as I seamlessly watch TenPlay outside Australia online.


I used the ExpressVPN Melbourne server and easily accessed 10Play.

Recommended servers: Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth

ExpressVPN ensures lightning-fast speeds with unlimited bandwidth. During my ExpressVPN speed test outside Australia, I received a download speed of 88.78 Mbps and an upload speed of 54.22 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


ExpressVPN speed test results on a 100 Mbps connection Australia

Regarding security features, ExpressVPN has AES 256-bit encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and an automatic kill switch that ensures your online activities stay private. Plus, ExpressVPN’s privacy practices and TrustedServer technology have been confirmed by KPMG’s latest independent audit, guaranteeing a robust no-log policy.

ExpressVPN supports various devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more. Its MediaStreamer feature further enhances accessibility by allowing streaming on devices that don’t typically support VPN connections, such as smart TVs and gaming consoles.

It offers simultaneous connections on 8 devices. However, you can install ExpressVPN on a router outside Australia to secure unlimited devices simultaneously without compromising speed or performance.

To learn more about this provider, read my ExpressVPN review outside Australia.

Exclusive Deal

VPNRanks readers enjoy massive discounts on ExpressVPN subscriptions and get it just for AU$ 10.12/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.


  • Seamless access to 10Play outside Australia
  • Lightning-fast speeds and consistent bandwidth
  • Strong security and privacy features
  • 18 independent audits
  • Wide device compatibility and MediaStreamer feature


  • Slightly higher pricing compared to some other VPN providers

Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN to Watch TenPlay outside Australia


Surfshark stands out as the best value option for accessing 10Play outside Australia, offering comprehensive features and a reliable network at an affordable price point. It has 3200 servers in 100 countries, including 40 Australian servers.

With its 40 servers across Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide, Surfshark ensures seamless streaming of 10Play’s exclusive content. I had no issue unblocking Tenplay live-streaming on the Melbourne server.

watch-10play- -with-surfshark

Surfshark unblocks 10Play Live access outside Australia.

Recommended servers: Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

Surfshark has proven highly effective for streaming with consistent bandwidth and impressive speed. During the Surfshark speed test outside Australia, it delivers a download speed of 86.24 Mbps and an upload speed of 53.72 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


Surfshark speed test results on 100 Mbps connection.

It prioritizes user security and privacy with AES 256-bit encryption and a built-in kill switch. It is also one of the few VPNs that offer an ad blocker and malware detector. Surfshark is located in the British Virgin Islands; therefore, it is not subject to data retention laws.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more, Surfshark offers flexibility and convenience for streaming 10Play on your preferred device. It stands out from other VPNs by allowing unlimited simultaneous connections on a single account.

To learn more about this provider, read my Surfshark VPN Review Australia.

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VPNRanks readers enjoy massive discounts on Surfshark subscriptions and get it just for AU$ 3.78/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Affordable pricing with comprehensive features
  • 40 Australia VPN servers for 10play access
  • Consistent bandwidth and impressive speed for seamless streaming
  • Clean Web and Adblocker
  • Unlimited multi-login support


  • Some users may experience occasional server congestion or slowdowns

NordVPN: Largest Network VPN to Watch TenPlay outside Australia


NordVPN offers the largest server network for accessing 10Play outside Australia, boasting 6000 servers in 61 countries worldwide. It has 190 servers dedicated to Australia alone, offering unparalleled access to 10Play’s exclusive content.

Australia server locations include Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth. Thanks to its high-speed connections and unlimited bandwidth, I’ve had a seamless experience unblocking and watching Tenplay shows with the NordVPN #680 server.


I used the NordVPN Australia server and easily streamed 10play channels.

Recommended servers: Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney

Whether streaming dramas, news updates, or sports events, NordVPN ensures a buffer-free viewing experience. When tested NordVPN speeds outside Australia, it delivered a blazing-fast download speed of 86.55 Mbps and an upload speed of 49.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection.

NordVPN’s speed test results on a 100 Mbps connection in

NordVPN’s speed test results on a 100 Mbps connection outside Australia.

Regarding security and privacy, NordVPN employs top-notch features like AES 256-bit encryption, Double VPN, and a strict no-logs policy, guaranteeing your online activities remain private and secure. It also offers a feature called Threat Protection against malware and malicious URLs.

NordVPN is compatible with various devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more. Its Smart DNS feature further enhances accessibility to set up NordVPN on routers outside Australia for smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Additionally, NordVPN offers 10 simultaneous connections, allowing you to enjoy 10Play on various devices without compromising speed or performance. Learn more about this VPN provider in my NordVPN review outside Australia.

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VPNRanks readers enjoy massive discounts on NordVPN subscriptions and get it just for AU$ 6.05/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free.


  • The largest network of servers, including 190+ servers in Australia
  • High-speed connections and unlimited bandwidth
  • Strong security and privacy features, including Double VPN
  • Wide device compatibility and Smart DNS feature
  • Simultaneous connections on multiple devices


  • Some servers may experience occasional slowdowns

Can I Stream 10 Play outside Australia with a Free VPN?

Yes, you can watch Channel 10 with a free VPN for 10play outside Australia; however, I don’t recommend it. Free VPNs have a restricted number of servers, making it harder to access 10 Play reliably and causing buffering and interruptions during streaming.

Additionally, free VPNs have weaker encryption standards and might even log and sell your data to third parties, compromising your online privacy. Some display intrusive ads or have hidden malware, further risking your device’s security.

For the best experience, I recommend investing in a reputable VPN like ExpressVPN. It offers faster speeds, better reliability, and enhanced security features for streaming, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite Aussie shows without any hassle.

What Devices Can I Watch TenPlay on?

TenPlay supports a wide array of devices, allowing you to watch content regardless of location or device. Here is a list of devices compatible with TenPlay:

  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad
  • Windows and macOS computers
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox
  • Smart TVs, including models from Samsung
  • Streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast
  • Roku devices

How to Download the TenPlay App on Your Devices outside Australia

You can now enjoy TenPlay Australia shows and live TV on various devices outside Australia. First, download a VPN on your devices to get the app quickly.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to download the TenPlay app on various devices outside Australia:

How to Download TenPlay on Android outside Australia

Follow these steps to download 10 Play app on Android outside Australia:

  1. Download and Subscribe to a premium VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to the Australian server from the list. I recommend the Melbourne server.
  3. Create a new Google account with Australia as the selected region.
  4. Log into the Play Store with the new account and download the TenPlay app.
  5. Open the app > Log in and start watching your favorite shows online.

How to Download 10Play App on iOS devices outside Australia

Follow these steps to get the TenplayPlay app outside Australia on iOS:

  1. Download and Subscribe to a premium VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to the Australian server from the list. I recommend the Melbourne server.
  3. Visit your iOS device’s Settings > Tap on Apple ID.
  4. Then, click Media and Purchases > Country/Region > Change Country or Region > Australia
  5. Now head to the App Store and search for TenPlay
  6. Install the app on your iOS device > Log in and start streaming.

How Do I Get 10 Play on my TV outside Australia

You can get 10 Play on your TV outside Australia through Chrome casting. Follow these steps to get TenPlay on your TV:

  1. Use ExpressVPN to connect to an Australian server. I recommend the Melbourne server.
  2. Connect your Chromecast with your TV and plug it into a power socket.
  3. Open 10 All Access app on your mobile device or Google Chrome on your PC.
  4. Click the “Cast” icon.
  5. Select the name of your Google Chromecast.
  6. Pick a TV show or movie and hit play to stream TenPlay on your TV.

Which Channels Can I Watch on TenPlay outside Australia?

On TenPlay, you can enjoy various channels and content offerings. Some of the popular channels available for streaming on TenPlay include:

Channel Description
Network 10 Flagship channel offering popular TV shows, news, and entertainment programs.
10 Bold Features action-packed dramas, classic series, and thrilling reality shows.
10 Peach Offers lifestyle programs, dramas, and reality TV for a younger audience.
10 Shake Provides animated series, comedy shows, and family-friendly content.
10 Play Live Access live streaming of special events, sports broadcasts, and exclusive premieres.

Popular Shows on TenPlay outside Australia in 2024

In June 2024, TenPlay features a lineup of popular shows that cater to a diverse audience, ranging from gripping dramas to entertaining reality competitions. Here are some titles you can expect to catch on the platform.

  1. Shark Tank Australia 2024
  2. I’m a Celebrity Australia
  3. Dancing with the Stars
  4. MasterChef Australia Season 16
  5. Have You Been Paying Attention?
  6. Bondi Rescue
  7. The Masked Singer Australia
  8. Survivor Australia
  9. The Bachelor
  10. Judge Judy

Troubleshooting TenPlay Streaming Issues with VPNs outside Australia

When attempting to access TenPlay with a VPN, some users encounter issues like the “10play VPN not working” error. This often occurs when TenPlay identifies that a VPN is being used. Here are some steps to resolve such issues:

  1. Change to a different Australian VPN server to get a new IP address.
  2. Clear the cache and cookies in your browser to remove any old location data.
  3. Ensure your VPN software is up to date.
  4. If using a mobile device, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to find a more stable connection.
  5. Contact the customer support of your VPN provider for further assistance and server recommendations.

Note: It’s essential to use a VPN that frequently updates its server IPs and offers dedicated streaming servers to prevent detection by TenPlay. I recommend ExpressVPN!

FAQs – Watch TenPlay outside Australia

No, unfortunately, you can’t watch 10 Play outside Australia due to geo-restrictions. It’s exclusively available within Australia, so traveling overseas means missing out on your favorite shows. However, a solution exists: subscribing to ExpressVPN allows you to avoid these restrictions and enjoy 10 Play outside Australia.

10 Play is specifically designed for viewers within Australia, offering both live and catch-up content. Unfortunately, it does not possess the rights for international streaming, meaning access is restricted beyond Australian borders.

To access TenPlay outside Australia, you’ll need a premium VPN installed on your device, as it’s exclusively available in Australia. By connecting to an Australian server through a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can get around geographical restrictions and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite shows from TenPlay outside Australia.

Yes, you can live stream Channel 10 outside Australia using TenPlay. Simply navigate to the LIVE option on the menu bar to access live shows and events. However, please note that live streaming is only available for shows when they are being broadcast live.

10 Play may block your VPN for various reasons, such as changes in security settings on your device or issues with your IP address. However, it’s worth noting that 10 Play restricts the use of VPNs and proxies for valid reasons, as they cannot ascertain their specific purpose or usage.

To watch Australian TV outside Australia:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN app.
  3. Connect to an Australian server from the server list.
  4. Visit your preferred Australian TV channel’s website or app and start streaming outside Australia!


Accessing Tenplay outside Australia is now a reality thanks to VPNs. By choosing a reliable VPN, you can overcome the geo-blocks and enjoy Aussie dramas, news, and sports hassle-free.

Look for a VPN with optimized servers for Australia to ensure a smooth streaming experience without compromising speed or security. I recommend ExpressVPN for its swift and secure service, ensuring you never miss a beat of your favorite shows.

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