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Watch Dublin Narcos Outside UK on Sky Go

Heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine increased in popularity in the 1980s without authorities lacking ways to fight drug dealers. The events are now documented in Dublin Narcos. The fussing documentary and drama premieres on Sky Go on 4th March 2023. Due to privacy and content licensing laws, Sky Go is geo-locked in the USA. Fans worldwide wonder how to watch Dublin Narcos in Australia on Sky Go.

You need a VPN to unblock Sky Go and watch the docu-series Dublin Narcos from Australia. The VPN helps access Sky Go by changing your streaming device’s IP address. The VPN ensures you access Sky Go In Australia.

Dublin Narcos is a Sky Original that you don’t want to miss. Are you wondering where to watch it?

Keep reading below as we preview the series and discuss the steps to watch it in Australia.

Watch Dublin Narcos In Australia on Sky Go – [Easy Steps]

Looking for a way to watch Dublin Narcos in Australia? You need a Sky Go account and a premium VPN service. Follow the easy steps below to watch Dublin Narcos in Australia on Sky Go.

  1. Search for a premium VPN with server abundance. (ExpressVPN is the recommended VPN with fast-speed servers).
  2. Download and install the VPN on your streaming device.
  3. Sign up for the VPN and fill in the necessary details.
  4. Connect ExpressVPN to one of the servers in the UK.
  5. Navigate to Sky Go and start streaming Dublin Narcos. Enjoy watching!

Where to Watch Dublin Narcos In Australia?

You can watch Dublin Narcos in Australia on Sky Go. The docu-series Dublin Narcos is a Sky Original and will be available exclusively on Sky Go. This is a new 3-part docu-series that will premiere on Sky Go. This is the channel where you can watch the documentary.

But for fans from in Australia, a premium VPN is needed to access Sky Go. Follow the simple steps above to access Dublin Narcos in Australia.

Why do we need VPN to Watch Dublin Narcos In Australia?

You need a VPN to watch Dublin Narcos in Australia on Sky go because of the channel’s geo-restrictions. The Dublin Narcos movie is exclusive to the geo-locked Sky Go. The channel is exclusive to Sky Go and can only be accessed in the UK. But if you’re watching from in Australia, then this is where a VPN comes in.

The VPN works by rerouting your IP address to a new UK IP address. This gets your device location to appear to be in the UK, providing access to Sky Go. Without a VPN, you cannot access Sky Go from in Australia.

What is the Dublin Narcos Release Date?

Dublin Narcos release date is set for 4 March 2023. The Sky Original docu-series will premiere exclusively on Sky Go. Sky has already released a trailer for the docu-series. Make sure you mark your calendars for 4th March to watch all the new episodes.

What is the Storyline of Dublin Narcos?

The storyline of Dublin Narcos is about how Dublin transformed. In the 1980s, the recession-blighted city changed into a metropolis in the 1990s. The Dublin Narcos show brings you the growth of the city into a metropolis. But growth does come with challenges. The fortunes of the criminals are also changing.

Criminals also spotted new opportunities and started selling illegal substances. The sale of heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine become a norm and the authorities did not find ways to fight it. The documentary Dublin Narcos tells a story of drugs changed the fabric of Narcos.

This is an extraordinary series where you’ll hear first-hand from characters swept from during the burgeoning.

What is the Genre of the Series Dublin Narcos?

The genre of the series Dublin Narcos is a documentary. The show takes a deep dive into the drug dealings in Dublin during the city’s recession. Drug dealings in the city led to a rise in fuel prices, violence, and organized crime.

Is there a Dublin Narcos trailer?

Yes. There is a trailer for Dublin Narcos. It’s a pretty short series 30 seconds long. The trailer gives viewers a sneaky peek at what they can expect in the docu-series. Watch it on YouTube.

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Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Dublin Narcos In Australia on Sky Go?

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Watch Dublin Narcos In Australia on Sky Go

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Dublin Narcos


Yes. Dublin Narcos is worth watching. The show will bring into detail the happenings of Dublin during the recession in the 1980s. It’s a nail-biting show that tells the story of how drugs changed the face of Dublin up to today.

Yes. Dublin Narcos is a real story. The documentary tells a story about the drug dealings in Dublin as the city was in a recession.


If you visit Dublin, you can still see the effects of drugs up to now. The show Dublin Narcos premieres on Sky Go this March. But for viewers from in Australia, Sky Go is geo-locked. You need a top-notch VPN to watch Dublin Narcos in Australia on Sky Go.

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