How to Watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu

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Do you enjoy watching American Drama TV Series and are wondering how to watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu? If yes, we are thrilled to share the easiest hack with you. Using a quality VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, you can easily access Hulu in Australia to watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu.

Good Trouble Season 5 is coming to Hulu on 17th March 2023. It features roommates facing the toughest challenges as they are into evolving relationships and career opportunities. There are 20-something residents of The Coterie in the Season 5 of the TV series. Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 1 features Sumi helping Alice in finding a new gig.

However, you cannot enjoy watching this amazing drama series in Australia without connecting to a reliable VPN. You might be thinking why do you need a VPN? A VPN for Hulu helps you mask your IP address so that you can trick Hulu’s IP tracking tool into assuming that you are based in the USA.

How to Watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu [5 Easy Steps]

To watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu you need to follow the 5 easy steps we have mentioned below:

  • Sign up for a top-notch VPN service. Our top recommended VPN is ExpressVPN.
  • On your streaming device, install the VPN application.
  • Sign in and choose the USA – New York server from the list of servers.
  • Go to the Hulu official website or app and log in. If you do not have a Hulu plan, sign up for it.
  • Search Good Trouble Season 5 2023 and enjoy streaming it!

Where Can I Watch Season Good Trouble in Australia?

You can watch Season Good Trouble on Hulu in Australia. The TV show will air on Friday, 17th March 2023. Hulu offers a free trial of 30 days to new users, using which you can enjoy the Good Trouble Season 5 premiere for free.

People often ask us, ‘Will Season of Good Trouble be on Hulu?’ Yes, all the seasons of Good Trouble will be on Hulu. However, to watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu, a VPN is required. We suggest ExpressVPN as the best VPN service for streaming on Hulu.

With Hulu and ExpressVPN, in addition to Good Trouble, you can watch Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere on Hulu which is a reality show. If you enjoy Indian dramas, we suggest you watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Hulu in Australia.

What’s the Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date on Hulu?

Are you trying to find out Good Trouble Season 5 releasing date? Good Trouble Season release date Hulu is Friday, 17th March 2023. Mark your calendars so that you do not miss out on watching the fantastic show.

Remember that you need a VPN service to help you watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu. ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN. Also, using ExpressVPN, you can enjoy the comedy series Unprisoned Season 1 on Hulu. If you are into football, you can live stream Man City vs Burnley Fa Cup and Manchester City vs RB Leipzig in Australia.

What’s Good Trouble Season 5 Plot Summary?

In Season 5 of Good Trouble, there are around 20 residents of The Coterie, Los Angeles. It depicts roommates facing the toughest obstacles while tackling career goals, evolving relationships, and new opportunities.

The Coterie team leans on each other through all the highs and lows, heartbreaks, and romance, while they enter the next stage of their adulthood. There are many surprises and twists in Good Trouble, but we can not share any Good Trouble Season 5 spoilers here.

If you liked the Good Trouble Season 5 plot summary and are planning to stream the series, you can watch it on Hulu. To watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu, you require a VPN. We recommend using ExpressVPN.

Who are the Characters on Good Trouble Season 5?

Here is the cast of Good Trouble Season:

  • Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Adams Foster
  • Zuri Adele as Malika Williams
  • Sherry Cola as Alice Kwan
  • Bryan Craig as Joaquin Peréz
  • Emma Hunton as Davia Moss
  • Tommy Martinez as Gael Martinez
  • Josh Pence as Dennis Cooper
  • Priscilla Quintana as Isabella Tavez

How many Seasons of Good Trouble are on Hulu?

People often ask us, ‘Are all seasons of Good Trouble on Hulu?’ Yes, all the seasons of Good Trouble are on Hulu.

Fans of the TV show who are in Australia can use a VPN to unblock Hulu and enjoy streaming the show. Amongst all the VPN services, we prefer using ExpressVPN.

How Many Episodes Good Trouble Season 5 Has?

It is anticipated that Good Trouble Season 5 will have 20 episodes. For now, the names and details of 7 episodes are announced. Below we have shared the descriptions of Good Trouble episodes that will give you the season overview.

Episode Number Episode Name Description
E1 Shot in the Dark After Joaquin, Mariana, and Evan try to run away from Sila’s farm, The Coterie will change forever. Alice takes help from Sumi to find her new gig.
E2 It Was Not Your Fault But Mine Callie is back at The Coterie to help Mariana in her difficult time. Luca looks into his past. Gael looks for Isabella and his dearest baby.
E3 About Damn Time Mariana goes back to Speculate. Luca finds it challenging to keep up in his professional dance class. Davia takes her next career move. Malika struggles for work-life balance.
E4 Under Pressure Mariana has to take some big decisions and visits her mother for support. Alice tries to be efficient in her work but gets impatient with her older fellow writers.
E5 I Got a Feeling Mariana finds it challenging to navigate her relationship with Evan. Davia and Dennis are busy in their professional lives.
E6 Once a Cheater Despite the risk, Joaquin is tempted by new evidence to take down Silas’s Cult. Malika tries to exhibit that she has mastered work-life balance.
E7 Turkey for Me, Turkey for You Thanksgiving is celebrated at The Coterie. All the families arrive, bringing friction, revelations, and big decisions. Callie keeps a secret from her mother and Mariana. Malika aims for a perfect Thanksgiving but unfortunately, her family has some other plans.

Is There a Trailer of Good Trouble Season 5?

Yes, a teaser trailer for Good Trouble Season Hulu has been released. You can enjoy watching it here:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu?

For its lightning-fast speed and reliable server connections ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu. We have concluded this after thoroughly evaluating 50+ VPNs in the streaming industry. With ExpressVPN, you can fix Hulu proxy errors within a minute.

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Connect to the USA – New York server on ExpressVPN to watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu.

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Good Trouble Season 5 on Hulu

What to Watch on Hulu Besides Good Trouble


Joaquin Peréz is the new character on Good Trouble. He is an independent journalist with a bizarre background and he is covering a story on his Luca. Moreover, he is a new resident in The Coterie.

Yes, Angelica has been replaced on Good Trouble. The TV series is casting Yasmin Akber (FBI) to play the recurring character of Angelica, Malika’s love interest in season 4. Odelya Halevi, who is now a series regular on the Law & Order reboot, played the character in the previous seasons.

You can watch Good Trouble Season 5 for free on Hulu using its free trial of 30 days. However, to get Hulu in Australia, you must use a quality VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

Wrapping Up

We hope our guide helped you in understanding how to watch Good Trouble Season 5 in Australia on Hulu. The steps of using a VPN are easy to follow. You simply need to connect to the USA server on a reliable VPN to unblock Hulu. Our top choice VPN is ExpressVPN for its fastest speed, reliability, and customer service.

The Season 5 of Good Trouble will air on Hulu on 17th March 2023. If you do not have a subscription to this streaming platform, sign up for it now and get a free trial of 30 days. Enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies on Hulu!

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