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Investigation Discovery is the primary channel to watch See No Evil 2023, Max provides the perfect platform to access it with ease. HBO Max and Discovery+ merged earlier this year to form Max. This means you get the best content from both platforms at your disposal, including the See No Evil TV show.

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How to Watch See No Evil in Australia [Easy Steps]

To watch See No Evil in Australia with ExpressVPN, follow these quick steps:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN, and download the app.
  2. Connect to a US server like New York. (Recommended Server)
  3. Clear browser cache and cookies.
  4. Log in or sign up for Max.
  5. Search See No Evil.
  6. Enjoy streaming it!

Note: Find out how you can pay for Max or HBO Max with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal account. Make sure you use a credit/debit card issued in the US that supports automatic recurring payments.

Where to Watch See No Evil Online?

For those wondering where can I watch See No Evil, we suggest getting a Max subscription.

If you want to know how much is Max or HBO Max? It costs only AU$ 23.94 /mo for ad-free streaming and that is an excellent deal!

You need Max because the primary channel for the See No Evil true crime series is Investigation Discovery (ID). And the Max platform offers a reliable and cost-effective way to access ID’s diverse content library to watch in Australia.


Watch See No Evil on Max in Australia with ExpressVPN

Bypass geo-restrictions on Max to watch See No Evil in Australia using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. Then, connect to a US server and start watching trending true crime stories.

If Max or HBO Max is not working despite using a VPN, first check your internet connection. Refresh the app or website and restart your device. If the issue persists, consider clearing cache and cookies, or reinstalling the app.

In the next section, we’ll show you how to watch your favorite content for free.

Can I Watch See No Evil Using Max Free Trial?

Yes, you can watch See No Evil in Australia using the Max Free Trial.

To get it, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. This qualifies you for Prime Channels’ 7-day free trial offer which includes Max. After the trial period, you have the option to continue for AU$ 23.94 /mo or cancel Max or HBO Max if you wish.

Additionally, you may also subscribe to Max through Hulu and get a free trial. Be sure to check the available offers to access Max’s captivating content during the free trial period. This HBO Max Bundle lets you enjoy a wide range of shows and movies at a discounted price.

Watch See No Evil online free and see gripping true crime stories unravel before your eyes.

What is The Plot of the See No Evil TV Series?

The storyline of the See No Evil TV series takes us into the world of real crimes and how they are solved with the aid of surveillance cameras. The show highlights how crucial CCTV footage has become in revealing the answers to cases that might have otherwise remained unsolved.

With the help of surveillance technology, the police shed light on the intricacies of criminal investigations, leading to the apprehension of dangerous killers who might have otherwise remained at large.

Is There Any Official Trailer Available For See No Evil?

Yes, there is an official first look for the show. This preview gives you exciting insights into the latest season of the See No Evil show.

Check out the See No Evil trailer here:

You can catch all the thrilling episodes of the show on Max right now. However, if geo-restrictions are hindering your access to the trailer or the complete season, fret not! ExpressVPN is here to ensure seamless streaming.

What is The Release Date of the See No Evil TV Show?

The See No Evil release date was 3rd May 2023 and its eleventh season recently concluded on 12th July 2023.

Exciting news for true crime enthusiasts! All seasons of the show are currently available to stream on Max. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of See No Evil with the best VPN for Max or HBO Max and delve into the intriguing true crime cases right now!

How Many Episodes Are There of See No Evil?

See No Evil is a captivating true crime series that’s well into its 11th season. This season has 10 episodes, each featuring distinct real-life cases with gripping narratives and unique insights.

The show delves into heart-wrenching disappearances and harrowing crimes. And you can get See No Evil all episodes on Max where they can be streamed anytime, anywhere using ExpressVPN.

If you have never seen this show, we suggest starting with See No Evil season 1. Each episode provides a compelling look into the complexities of the investigations, making it an engaging and chilling watch for true crime enthusiasts.

Moreover, you will not want to miss the See No Evil Sandra Cantu episode or the stories of Hope Melton, Alianna DeFreeze, Mel Brooks, Abigail Breslin, and Melissa Huckaby.

In See no Evil Someone You Trust – a haunting true crime episode, we revisit Tracy, CA, in 2009, where a little girl vanishes after playing at a friend’s house. Investigators, facing few clues, rely on surveillance footage to unravel the chilling truth behind the distressing disappearance.

Make sure to watch all See No Evil seasons in the order on Max:

See No Evil Season 11

Here is a quick look at the episodes of See No Evil Season 11:

Episode No. Episode Name Description Air Date
1 Prison Break An escaped inmate murders Debra Johnson, a respected Correctional Administrator, leading to a hunt through surveillance footage. 3-May-23
2 Tapes Don’t Lie After Michael Scott’s shooting, detectives follow a trail of city surveillance cameras to catch the gunman. 10-May-23
3 Alaska Serial Killer The baffling murders of Brianna Foisy and Jason Netter in Alaska spark a shocking murder case caught on CCTV. 17-May-23
4 The Devil’s Bathtub After Craig Rideout’s disappearance, detectives unravel an incredible plot with the help of surveillance footage. 24-May-23
5 A Crash, Not an Accident Jorge Rodriguez’s gunshot wounds prompt a CCTV trail leading to justice for his daughters. 7-Jun-23
6 Mr. Big The murder of Dexter Bain in a Calgary pub involves surveillance footage and a staged sting operation. 14-Jun-23
7 Toying With Us Larry Wells’ murder at Toys R Us leads police on a trail of surveillance footage to catch the killer. 21-Jun-23
8 The Hand-Off Joshua Webb’s shooting requires unraveling lies with a trail of security footage to identify the culprit. 28-Jun-23
9 Night Caller Detectives follow CCTV leads to investigate the shooting of a restaurateur in an exclusive South Carolina neighborhood. 5-Jul-23
10 The Man in the Cowboy Hat An unidentified woman’s body in a Kamloops motel sets off a manhunt, tracking a suspect in a cowboy hat through surveillance. 12-Jul-23

See No Evil Season 10

Check out this quick guide to See No Evil season 10 episodes:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Ticket to Murder 28-Dec-22
2 I Will Follow 4-Jan-23
3 Someone You Trust 11-Jan-23
4 Black Widow 18-Jan-23
5 Double Identity 25-Jan-23
6 Murder on VHS 1-Feb-23
7 Don’t Open the Door 8-Feb-23
8 Comply or Die 15-Feb-23
9 Angel of Death 22-Feb-23
10 The Other Man 1-Mar-23

See No Evil Season 9

Fans are curious to know how many episodes are in season 9 of See No Evil.

Season 9 of See No Evil consists of 10 episodes. Here are the episodes and their release dates:

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 The Tragedy on Tennessee 14 4-May-22
2 In My Heart, I Knew 11-May-22
3 Making A Killing 18-May-22
4 Driven to Murder 25-May-22
5 One Last Ride 1-Jun-22
6 Shaken and Disturbed 8-Jun-22
7 Final Offer 15-Jun-22
8 Savage by Name 22-Jun-22
9 Rideshare Nightmare 29-Jun-22
10 Smoke Shop Fugitive 29-Jun-22

See No Evil Season 8

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Seeing Red 10-Nov-21
2 The Rent Check 10-Nov-21
3 He’s Dead, That’s How I Feel 17-Nov-21
4 Hustle Mart Murders 24-Nov-21
5 Cruel Love 1-Dec-21
6 The Three of Us 8-Dec-21
7 I Loved My Daughter 15-Dec-21
8 Silent Screams 22-Dec-21
9 The White Cellphone 29-Dec-21
10 The Cookie Lady 5-Jan-22

See No Evil Season 7

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Come Home Carlie 3-Feb-21
2 One Last Shot 10-Feb-21
3 In His Father’s Footsteps 17-Feb-21
4 Headlights and Fire 24-Feb-21
5 Come Quickly, I’m Afraid 3-Mar-21
6 Meet Me at Midnight 10-Mar-21
7 Gold Pontiac 17-Mar-21
8 Back to Reality 24-Mar-21
9 Last Night Apart 31-Mar-21
10 Four and a Half Minutes 7-Apr-21

See No Evil Season 6

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Blue Blood 5-Feb-20
2 No Place Like Home 1-Apr-20
3 Run for the Door 8-Apr-20
4 All That It Seems 15-Apr-20
5 Far From Home 22-Apr-20
6 Where’s Mom? 29-Apr-20
7 We Never Fight 6-May-20
8 Hell on Wheels 20-May-20
9 Fire Angel 25-May-20
10 It Came Back 27-May-20
11 Can I Help You? 3-Jun-20
12 It Looks Like You 10-Jun-20
13 A Candy Run 17-Jun-20
14 Cold Feet 24-Jun-20
15 Night Shift 1-Jul-20
16 The Girl on the Bus 8-Jul-20
17 Come Home Sierra 15-Jul-20
18 Manhunt 22-Jul-20
19 Lock Up 29-Jul-20
20 The Landlady 5-Aug-20

See No Evil Season 5

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 The Last Shop 20-Feb-19
2 Run from the Scene 27-Feb-19
3 The Lady Vanishes 6-Mar-19
4 The Man in the Black Hat 13-Mar-19
5 I’d Kill to be You 20-Mar-19
6 Call Me Back, Chris 27-Mar-19
7 Goodnight Jessika 3-Apr-19
8 Stalking Carl 10-Apr-19
9 Michigan City Murder 17-Apr-19
10 The Blood Trail 24-Apr-19
11 Gentle Giant 1-May-19
12 Life After Midnight 8-May-19
13 Happy Birthday to Drew 15-May-19
14 The Boy in Blue 22-May-19
15 The Graveyard Shift 27-May-19
16 The Man in the Red Jacket 29-May-19

See No Evil Season 4

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 All Eyes on Jordie 17-Jan-18
2 Seen at Susan’s 24-Jan-18
3 Stalking Cynthia 31-Jan-18
4 At Michelle’s Door 7-Feb-18
5 Dead Man Walking 21-Feb-18
6 Beth’s Last Party 28-Feb-18
7 Maurice’s Last Visitor 7-Mar-18
8 A Date With Dalene 21-Mar-18
9 Loretta’s Last Valentine 28-Mar-18
10 No Good Deed 4-Apr-18
11 Right Man, Wrong Man 11-Apr-18
12 Don’t Get in the Truck 25-Apr-18
13 Shadow of Hope 2-May-18
14 Rhonda’s Gone 9-May-18
15 Captain Freddy 23-May-18
16 Seeking Out Maple 30-May-18

See No Evil Season 3

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Captured on Camera 15-Feb-17
2 All Eyes on Megan 22-Feb-17
3 Vanished at Noon 1-Mar-17
4 Murder at Sunrise 8-Mar-17
5 On Her Watch 15-Mar-17
6 Last Look of Summer 22-Mar-17
7 Dead on Reflection 29-Mar-17
8 The Doctor Will See You 5-Apr-17
9 Eye in the Sky 12-Apr-17
10 Breakdown at Daylight 19-Apr-17
11 The Long Walk Home 26-Apr-17
12 Watch Me Disappear 3-May-17
13 Random Sighting 10-May-17

See No Evil Season 2

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Watching Amy Lord 23-Feb-16
2 Good Samaritan 1-Mar-16
3 Must Find Mickey 8-Mar-16
4 The Vanishing Nurse 15-Mar-16
5 Watching Dru 22-Mar-16
6 Vanished from Campus 29-Mar-16
7 Driven to the Edge 5-Apr-16
8 The Vanishing Babysitter 12-Apr-16
9 Snatched on Camera 19-Apr-16
10 Mr. Reed Will See You 26-Apr-16
11 One Chance, One Look 3-May-16
12 Someone to Watch Over Her 10-May-16
13 Blood Bath 17-May-16

See No Evil Season 1

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 We See You, Kelsey 17-Feb-15
2 View to a Rampage 24-Feb-15
3 Neighborhood Watch 3-Mar-15
4 Silent Witness 10-Mar-15
5 Mansion Murder Cam 17-Mar-15
6 What Happened to Skylar Neese? 24-Mar-15

What is The Cast of See No Evil?

Fans of the show are quite intrigued about who narrates See No Evil.

This true crime show is narrated by Ross Huguet, who guides the viewers through each case, providing insights and details about the incidents.

Here’s a quick look at others starring in See No Evil and their roles:

Name Role
Ross Huguet Narrator
Danielle Powers Chrissy Hopper
Matthew MacCallum Deputy
Drew Riedstra Agent Phil Hodapp
Bryan Edwards Chris Cormier
James J. Wilson Detective Paul McLaughlin
Tamara Rambaran Casslyn Welch
Matthew Sauvé Detective Kevin Jeffrey
Martin Huss Anthony Knowles
Bryan-Jon Laverty Det. Darren Snyder

These are some of the cast members who have appeared in various roles throughout the show’s episodes from 2014 to 2023.

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See No Evil

Here are some popular shows and movies for you on HBO Max vs Max:

  1. Worst Cooks in America Season 26
  2. And Just like That Season 2 Episode 8
  3. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty Season 2
  4. Evil Lives Here Season 14
  5. Babylon film
  6. The Staircase
  7. Superman & Lois

Enjoy these exciting titles and immerse yourself in thrilling stories available on HBO Max. Whether you’re a fan of intense dramas, epic fantasies, timeless sitcoms, or action-packed superhero adventures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!


You can watch See No Evil online free by subscribing to HBO Max and utilizing its free trial offer. Remember to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends to avoid charges. Consider using ExpressVPN to access HBO Max from outside and enjoy See No Evil without any restrictions.

Yes, if you already have an HBO Max subscription, you will have access to all the content available on Max. There is no need to subscribe separately; your existing HBO Max subscription covers all the content and features of Max as well.

The best episode of See No Evil can vary based on individual preferences, but highly rated episodes include “Captured on Camera,” “All Eyes on Megan,” and “What Happened to Skylar Neese?” Check out these episodes to discover compelling true crime stories.

Yes, See No Evil is a real thing. It is a true-crime television series that features real-life cases and investigations captured on surveillance cameras. The show presents actual events and crimes, providing a unique perspective on how surveillance footage plays a crucial role in solving mysteries.

Wrapping Up

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