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The Art Of Rebirth is a new and exciting documentary about a small city in Ukraine devastated by war. The series premieres on CBC on 17 Feb 2023. It’s a must-watch series despite CBC’s geo-restrictions. Let’s learn how to watch The Art Of Rebirth in Australia on CBC.

Content licensing, copyright, and privacy laws prevent CBC from streaming in Australia. Viewers need a premium VPN service to change their IP address to a location in Canada.

A strong VPN does just that by changing your IP address to one of its server locations in Canada. It ensures you unblock and watch CBC in Australia and watch The Art Of Rebirth in Australia like everyone else in Australia.

If you enjoy the art of drawing, then this is a must-watch documentary. Join me below as I preview it and discuss steps you can follow to watch it in Australia.

Watch The Art Of Rebirth In Australia on CBC- [Easy Steps]

Want to see how Seth inspires children through the art of drawing? Follow the simple steps below to watch The Art Of Rebirth in Australia on CBC:

  1. Get a top-quality VPN. (Preferably ExpressVPN due to its numerous servers and fast speeds).
  2. Download the VPN and install it on your streaming device, be it a laptop, iPad, iPhone, TV, Wi-Fi router, etc.
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  4. Connect your VPN with your detailed logins to a server in Canada. (Choose Montreal, Vancouver, or Toronto).
  5. Navigate to CBC and start streaming your favorite shows.

Where to Watch The Art Of Rebirth In Australia?

The channel to watch The Art Of Rebirth in Australia is CBC. CBC will broadcast the 68-minute documentary where children share their views of the world, hopes, and dreams through painting and drawing. It’s worth noting CBC is geo-locked in Australia.

A VPN is therefore necessary to unblock CBC if you’re watching from in Australia. Follow the steps we’ve outlined above to quickly unblock CBC and watch The Art Of Rebirth from in Australia without any issues.

Why do we need VPN to Watch The Art Of Rebirth In Australia?

A VPN is required to watch The Art Of Rebirth in Australia on CBC due to the channel’s geo-restrictions. CBC is a Canadian-based streaming platform that is only available in Canada. Agreements with production companies due to privacy and content licensing prevent CBC from broadcasting in Australia.

A VPN like ExpressVPN will help you get a Canadian IP Address and watch CBC In Australia. Read on to know more:

What is The Art Of Rebirth release date?

The Art Of Rebirth release date is 17 Feb 2023. The new exciting documentary will be available on CBC on 17 Feb. Make sure you mark your calendars and watch the extraordinary way of inspiring children in a war-stricken city.

What is the Storyline of The Art Of Rebirth?

The storyline of The Art of Rebirth is an inspiring documentary of an artist returning to inspire children in a war-stricken city in Ukraine. The documentary takes place in Popsna, a small city in Ukraine. Much of the city’s population has fled because of war.

However, there are children attending school every day. Seth, a street artist creates a large fresco on a school war. He inspires children who share their views of the world, hopes, and dreams through drawing and painting.

Who’s in the Cast and Crew of The Art Of Rebirth?

The cast and crew of The Art of Rebirth feature Vincent Lefebvre as the director and Oleh Sosnov and Oleh Sosnov as the writers. Below is the complete cast and crew.

Oleh Sosnov and Oleh SosnovWriters
Vincent LefebvreDirector
Taras Bosak, Artem Koliubaiev, Maksym Leshchenko, Dmytro Paliienko, Hrehori ShnebelenProducers
Zhulien MalanSelf
Oleh SosnovSelf
Vladyslav VladarskyiSelf

Who is the Director of The Art Of Rebirth?

The director of The Art of Rebirth is Vincent Lefebvre. He is the brains behind The Art of Rebirth among other movies. Vincent Lefebvrehas also featured in The Brides of Bourbon Island (2007), Sans métro fixe (2013), and Nesma (2013).

What is the Genre of The Art Of Rebirth movie?

The genre of the Art of Rebirth movie is a documentary. The movie digs deep into a war-stricken city in Ukraine where an artist is using drawings and painting to inspire children.

Is there a The Art Of Rebirth trailer?

Yes. There is an Art of Rebirth trailer that digs deep into what you can expect. It is an extensive trailer 1 minute and 41 seconds long. Make sure you watch it as you await the entire documentary. The trailer is available on Vimeo.

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Yes, The Art of Rebirth is based on a true story. The film takes place in a city in Ukraine that is devastated by war.

The Art of Rebirth IMDb rating is 9.1 stars out of 10 stars from a total of 8 reviewers. The documentary is highly rated and a great one to watch.

Yes, The Art of Rebirth is worth watching. The documentary is inspiring with the artist using his drawing and painting to inspire the few remaining children in a war-stricken city.

Wrap Up

You don’t want to miss The Art Of Rebirth as the documentary premieres on CBC this Feb. The show is a must-watch as Seth uses his skills to inspire kids through paintings and drawings. For viewers in Australia, CBC is geo-locked due to content licensing laws. But this doesn’t mean missing out.

You can still watch The Art Of Rebirth in Australia on CBC using a strong VPN. The VPN helps change your IP address to a server in Canada unblocking CBC.

Go ahead and download ExpressVPN today to quick unblock CBC today!