Argentina vs Netherlands – Exclusive Moments You Might Have Missed

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So-called Predictions

I don’t know what conclusion you expected from last night’s match; but, majority forecasted Netherlands as the victor. The score predictions varied however. Some predicted that the match will be concluded with 1 – 0; some said it will be 2 – 1; and some overconfident fan boys said that Argentina shall witness the massacre like Brazil.


No More Extra Time for You Guys

The clock kept ticking till the moment each player gave everything he had. It was a back and forth game and an ultimate nail-biting experience for the fans. Even after several minutes of extra time, none could dominate the other. There were a few chances missed by Argentineans and a few requiring more effort from the Dutch; but, no one could seize the moment.

The match eventually had to be decided via penalty shootout where Argentina emerged victorious with 4 – 2 victory over Netherlands. Here are some jiffies from the match. Take a look.


Robben – He Is Freaking Terminator


Robben – Missed It by That Much


Marking the Messi

Precious Pass Taken for Granted


Jasper Cillesse – The Penalty Specialist

Priceless Advice


Sergio Romero to Netherlands – I Don’t Go Down Easy Amigos

Sergio Romero – Just Bring It Boys


Sergio Romero after Each Goal

Is That All You Got?

Romero’s Celebrations


No Hugs for You Jasper

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