Argentina vs Germany – Highlights

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Last night we witnessed yet another onslaught from the Germans which resulted in 1-0 victory but Argentina fought valiantly and if hadn’t been of the one too many missed chances they would have made it through. Gotze was the only scorer and the savior for the Germans in the extra time. The super sub who is only 22 scored an amazing winning goal in the 120’ minute.

I have compiled a few gfys for you to re-live the moments of the match.

Higuain’s Chance

Higuain’s Miss

This should have been in and if it had the German’s would have been under pressure.


That Save though!

Messi’s Chance


UFC mixing up with football

A ‘Klose’ Chance

Yet another save

Argentina – Masters of missing clear chances

After coming so ‘Klose’ they finally ‘Gotze’ it!

Schweinsteiger’s Tears of Joy

Muller’s amazing run

Messi making a Mess of it

The Devastated Kid

They didn’t forget Reus

Lastly, the after party Opa Muller Style

The final was amazing and kept the whole world on the edge of their seats. This is how every fan felt.

Neat huh?

Well this is all we got and if you ever need to know how to stream matches live at lightning fast speeds then check back often.

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