Are you absolutely sure you don’t need a Static IP?

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If you are not aware of the advantages of using a Static IP, then your knowledge of the internet is still in its infancy.

Only advanced internet users know about the benefits of using a Static IP address.

An IP address is your virtual identity card. It is what other computers on the internet call your computer by. There are two types of IP addresses: Static and Dynamic. Under normal circumstances, you are using Dynamic IP addresses.

ip address

Your IP address is like the name-tag on your shirt or your virtual address when you go online.

Every time you log on to the internet, your Internet Service Provider assigns you a shared IP address. Considering the limited supply, there are chances that somebody else was using it before you. At the other end, every website you access is actually a server with a unique IP address; also called a Static IP address.


Websites Function on Static IP Addresses

Websites can’t keep shared IP addresses because if an IP address is like a virtual address, then public places can’t keep moving around all the time or sharing their name-tags. In order to ensure easy and constant availability, everybody needs to know where they can be found. So they use a Static IP address.


The Limited Availability of Dynamic IP Addresses

Dynamic IP addresses are also called shared IP addresses, because there is a limited number of Dynamic IP addresses that are available in the world. Speaking specifically, there are 4.3 billion IP addresses. I am talking about the commonly used IPv4 type.

New types are coming up to increase the available quantity, but chances are that the number of IP addresses available will never be equal to the number of devices connected to the internet at any given time.


Static IP addresses

You need a Static IP address if you are the center of internet activity. Thinking of hosting a gaming server or a website? A Static IP is your ticket to a smooth session.

Advanced internet users will agree with me when I say that it can be hard to do anything of this mangnitude with a normal (shared) IP address. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your internet freedom and online security. Modern VPN services are now equipped to provide users with Static IP addresses.

If you are a new/experienced VPN user and looking for a static IP address but do not want to let go of the online freedom that a VPN provides, then you can always use one of the few leading VPN service providers who offer Static IP addresses.


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Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Getting a static IP from a VPN server in another country can help save your investment. Ever heard about DDoS attacks? They are easy to pull off, and they bring the most massive websites to their knees within minutes. DDoS attacks are launched by targeting a particular website with excessive traffic until the website reaches maximum traffic limits. Real users who want to access the website cannot access the website when that happens.

Eventually, a DDoS attack causes the website to collapse. A static IP can protect you against a DDoS attack by coming in between your server and the DDoS attack. Your server will be running under the cover of the static IP provided by the VPN server. If your website is in the US and your static IP is from the UK, all you have to do is to disconnect your connection with the VPN service and you will be cut off from the DDoS attack.


Remote Access

Your Internet Service Provider assigns you a new IP address every time you connect to the internet or your connection gets interrupted. This can make it impossible to connect to a distant system that you want to access remotely. In order to access the system remotely, you will have need to know the IP address of the system you are trying to access. Having a static IP address for your system at home will allow you to access it easily and through a stable connection when you travel.


Smooth High-Bandwidth Operation

A shared IP can be very damaging to a smooth connection when you are engaged in online gaming and/or file hosting. These are bandwidth intensive online activities that can experience significant lag if shared IPs are used. Having a static IP helps stay connected without any lag or downtime.



A static IP address is not everybody’s cup of tea – mainly because it is less of a plug-and-play thing, and more of a getting-your-sleeves dirty thing. You will have to get into settings and watch a few videos about Static IP addresses before you can dive into it. Here is one to help you get the ball rolling:


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