Anonymous Wages Cyber War Against FIFA Corruption

Reports are coming in substantiating rumors that Brazilian websites setup and customized for the FIFA World Cup 2014 are in danger. Hacking group Anonymous has threatened to disrupt all web activities in the region hosting the FIFA World Cup this year.

Anonymous is a highly decentralized yet well organized internet based hacktivist group that has gained a reputation for its cleverly crafted DDoS attacks in the recent past. The cyber anarchy group surfaced in 2003 and was allegedly formed in the same year.

If you are unaware of Anonymous’s existence, motives and mode of operation, this is a 2 minute video that Anonymous uploaded on YouTube in 2009 providing a formal reintroduction of Anonymous to the general public and presenting their agenda:


Recently, Anonymous posted the following video on YouTube, making it clear that Anonymous would rage a full scale cyber assault on Brazilian cyberspace.

Anonymous believes that the public’s funds were not utilized fairly or effectively in the development of buildings and structures for the FIFA World Cup 2014. Anonymous believes that cost of construction and preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2014 went up by as much as 163% as a result of mismanagement, and the people should not have to pay for this lapse in management and judgment.

Initial news reports about the involvement of Anonymous came out when hackers hacked into Brazil’s Foreign Ministry’s computers and leaked documents that substantiated rumors about the Brazilian government’s mismanagement of the public’s money.

Anonymous made headlines when a hacker under the alias of Che Commodore gave a Skype based interview and spoke out as a representative of this particular hacking campaign stating that:


“We have already conducted late-night tests to see which of the sites are more vulnerable. We have a plan of attack. This time we are targeting the sponsors of the World Cup”


It is expected that Anonymous will utilize a DDoS attack in order to take websites offline and target multi-national FIFA World Cup 2014 sponsors in particular. According to Che Commodore, targets will include Adidas, Emirates, Coca-Cola and Budweiser.

The World Cup is kicking off on June 12 and everything seems to be going downhill for the event organizers. The recent hack that leaked over 300 of the Brazilian government’s internal documents helped substantiate claims made by Bile Day; another Anonymous representative, in an interview to Reuters on the subject.


“It’s nothing out of this world. Security remains very low”


While Brazil raced to ready its stadiums, hotels, streets and bridges to host the most anticipated event of the year, little attention was given to telecommunications. The impact can be seen in the Brazilian Army’s acknowledgment of a weakness that can lead to extensive damage.

Head of the Brazilian Army’s Cyber-Command General Jose Carlos dos Santos stated that:


“It would be reckless for any nation to say it’s 100% prepared for a threat. But Brazil is prepared to respond to the most likely cyber-threats”


The part worrying authorities is that the attack seems to have begun already. The Brazilian Government’s website for the Igarapé do Meio municipality recently got hacked leaving nothing but this visible on the website:

It seems to have gotten hacked by a sub-group functioning under the Anonymous flag. Instead of the official website, visitors saw an intimidating banner and a few pop-ups designed to lead visitors off to a YouTube video detailing the negative impacts of this particular FIFA event.


The website admin was quick to recover the website. The website is up and running and the YouTube video is inaccessible. Brace yourself fellow sports fans, this FIFA World Cup is going to be making headlines, but not just because of the goals.

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