Anonymous VPN Review – Does it Really Make you Anonymous?

 Anonymous VPN Quick Summary

Anonymous VPN is another VPN provider working to live up to the expectations of netizens. Our Anonymous VPN review discloses that the ultimate objective of the provider is to maintain the online privacy of its subscribers. Through 25 servers in 25 countries globally, you can obtain anonymity from anywhere. The service claims that it works from everywhere, hence you shouldn’t be worried about your privacy at all.

We have tested various services in recent past. Based on our analysis, it is one of the top VPN reviews we have conducted. Since, we evaluated each and every aspect of the service in detail, including the  presentation of official website, amount of information available, privacy and logging policy, compatibility and so on. Read on our Anonymous VPN review for all the detail.


  • P2P activity is endorsed
  • Efficient customer support
  • Multi-login feature


  • Live chat feature is not available
  • Bitcoin payment method is not accepted
  • No free trial

Anonymous VPN Pricing Review

The service offers exclusive pricing plans for all its subscribers. These pricing packages include 3 Days Trial, Monthly VPN Subscription, and Yearly VPN Subscription. The subscribers can evaluate the performance of Anonymous VPN by paying $2 for 3 Days trial package.

In addition, you can also purchase the monthly subscription plan by paying $12 on a monthly basis. Similarly, users can avail the yearly VPN subscription package by paying $69 on yearly basis. However, the provider should have offered free trial package to its potential users to make its packages more eye-catching.

Anonymous Review 2017 – Does it Really Make you Anonymous?

Our Anonymous VPN review suggests that the pricing needs to be more simplified and cost effective for users. There are various VPN services offering suitable pricing to its users, hence the provider must review its pricing plans in the near future. By doing this, we can expect that the service will be able to increase its customer base and take it to the next level.

Anonymous VPN Payment Methods Review

According to Anonymous VPN review, the service offers limited number of payment options. These payment options include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners & Discover credit cards. However, we did not find the option of Bitcoin payment method. Since, it is one of the most efficient and anonymous forms of online payments, it would be excellent to see this feature.    

Anonymous Review 2017 – Does it Really Make you Anonymous?

Anonymous VPN Compatibility Review

The Anonymous VPN review further discloses the fact that the service is compatible with leading platforms. These platforms include Windows, Mac and Android. If you want to use the provider on your Windows device, you just simply download the software from the official website. Similarly, you can follow the same procedure to download and install the setup for other platforms like Mac and Android.

Anonymous Review 2017


However, we did not find any app for platforms such as iOS. We thoroughly evaluated each section of the website in detail. Hence, we found that you could use Anonymous VPN on iOS by following the answer mentioned on its knowledge base section.

We tried to unblock different streaming services like Hulu, Pandora, and BBC iPlayer. It is safe to say that the performance was impressive. We were also able to stream multiple content on YouTube and unblock social media website Facebook. Hence, Anonymous VPN becomes a good choice for those users who wish to unblock multiple streaming services and websites.

Anonymous VPN Tutorials

The official website of the provider doesn’t have any kind of tutorials section for the subscribers. If you want to get information about installation or compatibility issues, unfortunately , ou will not find such material. The VPN service needs to remove this drawback on an immediately basis since new users look forward to setup guides and tutorials for guidance.

Anonymous VPN Protocols and Encryption Review

Our Anonymous VPN review surprisingly reveals that there is no clear information about the usage of protocols on the website. Furthermore, the provider does not offer any information regarding the application of different levels of encryption. This makes the VPN service quite suspicious in the eyes of users and other potential subscribers.

Initially we assumed that the provider might be offering OpenVPN protocol. This is because Anonymous VPN recommends downloading and installing OpenVPN Connect application. Still, we were not sure which encryption level Anonymous VPN offers to its users.

In order to clear our doubts, we contacted the customer support through email. We asked questions regarding the usage of protocols and encryption levels. According to Anonymous VPN, the service uses OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) and IPsec protocols. The provider offers a military grade 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

 Anonymous VPN Servers Presence

During the Anonymous VPN review, we have analyzed the provider’s server locations in detail. There are 25 servers working in 25 different countries around the world including:

  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Seychelles
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Russian Federation
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Czech Republic
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam


Anonymous Review 2017 – Does it Really Make you Anonymous?


According to our analysis, this fact also revealed that all these servers support P2P activities. Hence, subscribers can share and download torrents from anywhere in the world without the fear of being caught or getting into trouble due to copyright infringement.


Anonymous VPN Unique Selling Proposition Review

Our Anonymous review uncovers that the service is extremely simple and easy to use. The official website of the service is highly informative for those VPN users who have started using VPN services recently. The provider claims that its website is straightforward even to the common person who doesn’t know much about online privacy.

 Anonymous VPN P2P/Torrenting Review

The official website of the provider proudly claims that all the servers in various parts of the world offer support for P2P or torrenting activity. The subscribers of Anonymous VPN can download their favorite torrents by selecting their preferred servers from anywhere in the world.  However, users need to understand the repercussions of using torrents online since they can become the victim of DMCA notices.

Anonymous VPN Customer Support Review

Anonymous VPN review indicates that the provider needs to improve its customer support feature immediately. Since, the VPN service does not have a dedicated live chat feature that should have been included in the support section. However, you can explore the knowledgebase section, which is provided on the website. Likewise, you can also check the dedicated contact us section in which you can further discover the FAQs. By using contact us page, you can get the answers to all your queries.

Anonymous Review 2017 – Does it Really Make you Anonymous?

You can also contact the sales department of the provider through to know about the status of their subscription plans. We also evaluated the response of customer support through sending an email. We were pleased to get the response of the provider within a day. It became apparent that the service has an agile customer support who is committed to solve the users’ queries immediately.

 Anonymous VPN Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the services offered by the provider, you can claim for a refund. You will have to notify the provider through an email, which you can send to You can claim your refund within the 14 days after subscription. You must mention your username along with the reason why you want to discontinue the service. The whole process may take up 15 days to complete.

Anonymous VPN Log & Privacy Policy

The provider’s privacy policy claims that the service does not store users’ personal information. The service does not record the users’ browsing activities. In addition, the provider is not interested in monitoring the data sent over its network. However, credit card payment details are stored on secure servers since concerned companies keep this information for use.

After subscribing to the service, the personal information of the user is recorded. The provider claims that this information is usually kept on secure servers. The service is committed in protecting the personal information at any cost.

However, your personal information can be given to trusted third parties. Anonymous VPN also records other information of the users that includes choice of server location. The provider also stores information such as the amount of data transferred by a user in a day.

Areas of Improvement

Anonymous VPN, as the name suggests is an anonymous VPN service that doesn’t let hackers and other cyber criminals infiltrate your system. That said, during our Anonymous VPN review, we tried our level best to find the origin of the provider. Sadly, we didn’t get the desirable response from the customer support section. The customer support claims that it shouldn’t make a difference where you or we are in the world since our VPN works from anywhere.

In addition, the service is not committed to provide relevant information about the use of protocols and encryption levels on its website. This is a major flaw of the website since it doesn’t provide complete information about various aspects.

On a positive note, we evaluated the customer support section in detail and this feature literally impressed us. The response time was phenomenal and we were able to get the answer of all our queries in time. However, there are still many grey areas that need to be addressed.

Anonymous VPN doesn’t offer the luxury of multiple payment methods to its users. However, the other VPN services are offering different payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin and others. Anonymous VPN should added Bitcoin in its existing payment methods.

The service is compatible with platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Android. However, we did not find the app for iOS. The service needs to add the dedicated app for the iOS users in near future. However, you can still use the VPN service on your iOS device by visiting a knowledge base section.

Final Verdict

In our Anonymous VPN review, we observed several issues of haphazardness, which we found in the official website. The information should be complete, concrete and above all, it should be provided in the relevant section. Potential subscribers will find it difficult to get the information about the compatibility of their preferred devices in knowledge base or FAQs section.

Furthermore, the provider must work to enhance its reputation among the users. The service needs to figure out which areas to focus on and build their brand name in the VPN industry. In the last but not the least, the provider has not lived up to the expectations of subscribers. Hence, users should avoid using the service, as they will have to compromise on their privacy.

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