AnonGhost Takes Down Nottinghamshire Police Website

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AnonGhost, a pro-Palestine group, stormed in the servers of Nottinghamshire Police’s official website and took it down in what appears to be a retaliation move. The group refers to itself as the “Voice of Palestine”.


The group hurled misspelt abuses to the UK Police and warned them of dire consequences if they did not stop supporting Israel. One of their messages read, “We are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent!”

The website played the famous music track “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield in the background. According to the police officials, the picture was removed about 45 minutes later. The police officials maintain that it is not clear why their website was attacked.

Their statement, though, directly contradicts with the message that the hackers posted on the website. AnonGhost has claimed on a website that they have also hacked the official websites of University of Kentucky, governments of Senegal and Myanmar.

IBT has termed AnonGhost as pro-Gaza “hactivists” that are planning to wage a cyberwar on Israel. AnonGhost has launched a full throttle attack against all the allies of Israel and (it) is targeting each and every ally of it.

Even though the Nottinghamshire Police official website was restored to its original form within a few hours, it is worth noting that they were highly vulnerable to such attacks. The hackers seemed to not only dismantle the security of the website but they also mocked the Nottingham Police by hurling abuses at them.

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