Angry Birds’ Official Website Hacked by SEA’s Affiliate

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Whenever we hear the word ‘NSA’ the only thing that pops into our minds these days is ‘conspiracy’. The latest conspiracy surrounding the National Security Agency these days is the use of Smartphone applications like Angry Birds to extract user data. Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds has been blamed to work in allegiance with the National Security Agency and GCHQ to leak user information.

This was a huge distress and yet another massive strike at Netizens’ privacy. Violation of privacy rights have become a habit of the NSA; but, Rovio! Are you serious? I love *correction* LOVED to play Angry Birds. This was quite shocking news for all Angry Birds lovers across the globe; but, some in a distant corner of this digital universe was seriously pissed.

Angry Birds Hacked

The word started to spread on social networking platforms such as Twitter that a hacker considered to be an ally of the Syrian Electronic Army hacked Angry Bird’s Official Website (




The hacker is also known as an Anti-NSA hacker who successfully hacked and defaced ‪Rovio’s official website for the most popular and frequently played game across the globe – Angry Birds. The incident was reported on Tuesday night when Anti-NSA hacker hacked and defaced AnryBirds.Com due to Rovio’s supposed allegiance with the NSA and GCHQ to help agencies extract user data via the application.

This can be considered as an act of retaliation or a protest against the vigilant agencies; because, spying through apps like Angry Birds is seriously a heavy stuff to ingest. After the hack, the homepage of the official Angry Birds website was changed. An anti-NSA hacker imprinted the NSA’s logo over the forehead of Angry Bird’s main character. Furthermore, the hacker changed the name of the application and called it Spying Birds (Not Angry).

Angry Birds Hacked

However, this news was believed to be a hoax; because, there were very few who actually witnessed the glimpse of the hacked site. Though it was officially confirmed by the Syrian Electronic Army via Twitter that one of their friends has hacked Angry Bird’s official website, many considered it as fake news and even criticized the Syrian Electronic Army for spreading such hoax.



It is still not clear that anti-NSA hacker infiltrated company’s DNS records or took control of its web servers. All this bewilderment is associated with speedy recovery of the website. Without any complacency, Rovio acted promptly and recovered Angry Bird’s official website which is as good as gold now. Everything is back to normal and there is no trace of the hack whatsoever.

It all started when Snowden blew the whistle and leaked confidential data revealing that the NSA in collaboration with GCHQ has been spying on us through any means possible. Recently, Rovio’s allegiance with the National Security Agency was presumed; however, Rovio completely denied this allegation. As a matter of fact, Rovio blamed advertising networks and platforms such as Millennial Media to be the NSA’s allies not them.

In Rovio’s official statement, they declared that the company has never sold or shared user information with any agency or any other unauthorized entity for that matter. Rovio affirmed that in this situation third party advertisement agencies and platforms are to be blamed not Rovio.

“If advertising networks are indeed targeted, it would appear that no internet-enabled device that visits ad-enabled web sites or uses ad-enabled applications is immune to such surveillance. Rovio does not allow any third party network to use or hand over personal end-user data from Rovio’s apps”.

In the end, it can be deduced that Rovio’s involvement with the NSA with respect to sharing user data is still a mystery. Every time a company is questioned regarding its allegiance with the NSA, it totally declines from the allegation such as the Apple (blamed to build the backdoors for the NSA) and RSA (for a deal with the NSA to make flawed products in exchange of $10 million). Soon our privacy will vanish from the face of earth and our next generations won’t even know that it existed once.

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