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Andre Berto vs Floyd Mayweather – High Stakes

Fans may not like it but if Andre Berto vs Floyd Mayweather fight turns out to be the same as the “fight of the century”; latter will equalize the record of the heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano who retired after a perfect record of 49-0 in his favor.

Having won US$ 200 million only five months ago, Mayweather has decided to cut short the winning prize money this time and has settled for only US$ 32 million. Much to our dismay, this Mayweather fight didn’t generate the buzz it did when he fought against his long-time rival Manny Pacquiao. The reports suggest that the tickets haven’t been sold as yet and fans are settling for live streaming of the match.

Watch the Mayweather Fight Online this Saturday!

Even though Showtime is serving legal notices to some of the websites that will stream the match live, there is no guarantee that it will not run after the fans who will stream the match illegally. Instead of falling for cheap websites with free streaming links, we would STRONGLY advise you to stream Andre Berto vs Floyd Mayweather only on Showtime.

Just in case you do not have access to Showtime, we would suggest you to get a VPN for yourself because not only it will unblock Showtime in your region, it will also give you access to quality video streaming of the live match. Following are some of the best VPN providers in the industry that have some fine streaming servers in the US. Check them out.

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Where You Should Watch the Mayweather Fight Online?

As stated before, there are many websites that will be streaming the match free for the boxing fans but before you decide to give anyone a try, we must warn of you the consequences you might face after the match. Are you ready to read them? Well, alright then!

  • You might be served with a legal notice due to copyrights infringement therefore protection with a VPN service becomes essential!
  • The free streaming links might prove out to be a route for malware and hackers to sneak into your computer or any other device.
  • The stream will be disrupted by the bombardment of advertisements on your screen.
  • The video/voice quality will be poor due to a huge incoming traffic from viewers all over the world whereas a VPN service will provide you with fine streaming due to lesser load on its and Showtime’s servers.

Whom Are You Betting On?

Floyd Mayweather may well be a strong contender for the match but Andre Berto cannot be taken for granted. Some fans think it is a mismatch and Mayweather has chosen a comparatively ‘weaker’ opponent for himself so he can equalize the record of Rocky Marciano. This is probably one of the reasons why fans are opting to get the tickets and rather preferring to watch the match live online.

If we were to put our money on one, we would put it on Mayweather. Since his record stands tall at 48-0, we think he will easily overcome Andre Berto who hasn’t been at his best lately and has lost 3 out of last 6 matches he has played. That being said, we would actually be willing to lose some money if Andre Berto somehow makes Mayweather taste his own medicine!

Get Ready for the Epic Fight of 2015!

In case you have skipped the first part of the post, let us give you a short preview. If you are located outside US and you are unable to watch Andre Berto vs Floyd Mayweather match live online, get a VPN and unblock Showtime to live stream the match.

It does not matter whose side you are on, when the bell rings on Saturday night, both these superstars will be looking to provide you with tons of entertainment. In case you have not watched the intense face-off between Berto and Mayweather, please watch the video below and hurry up and get a subscription before you miss the fight!

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