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Limited Servers Locations; Great Reach!

Contrary to the popular belief, the customers do not look at the number of VPN servers all over the world. Instead, they look for servers that provide them with stable and speedy internet connections. AirVPN believes in providing its users with servers in a limited number of countries to ensure the quality of the servers is top notch!

AirVPN offers servers in Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Singapore, Ukraine and United States. Since it provides servers in only 17 countries, AirVPN vouches for the consistency of the speed and connection its users get.

Pricing and Packaging Plans

Since AirVPN operates on a relatively smaller level, it gets some margin of error for its naivety for not providing its users with diverse package plans. Since the features provided by AirVPN are same on all the monthly plans, it comes down on the users’ budget, purposes and needs when they subscribe for its services.

air vpn review

We will start with the trial first. If you are looking to give its services a try, we will recommend you to try its services for three days for only $1.14. But please remember, you trial expires after third day so you will either have to cancel the service or subscribe to any plan of your choice.

AirVPN offers four regular pricing plans – ranging from Monthly, Quarterly and Half Yearly to Yearly. The Monthly plan is available for only $7.96 and the users can either pay via Bitcoin or Paypal. You can also choose to subscribe to the Quarterly plan for only $17.06/three-months. With the quarterly plan, your payments become as low as $5.69/month.

The Half Yearly plan can be subscribed for only $34.12/six months, making it only $5.69/month. With the yearly plan, your payments become as low as $5.12/month, making it only $61.41 for twelve months. AirVPN offers its prices in Euros as well, and the currency rate conversion comes in place when a user decides to pay in either Euro or in Dollars.

Airvpn review

Standard Protocol – OpenVPN!

Before writing this AirVPN review, we took a close look at some of the features and services of AirVPN. Never in our writing career, have we reviewed a VPN service that openly discourages the usage of PPTP and L2TP protocols! Not only was this a very different experience for us, but it was also very amusing to see how strongly AirVPN takes its users’ privacy!

AirVPN has worked tremendously well on its privacy and provides a combination of 256-bit AES-CBC encryption, with 4096-bit RSA key encryption. Draw out a map, lay down these encryption codes, write down OpenVPN as your standard tunneling protocol and join the dots to see what happens!

Such amazing security does not only provide its users a sense of relief but it also makes them extremely secure from the likes of NSA and other data retention agencies and telecom companies. The amazing security features do not stop here. AirVPN connects its users to its servers, based on Tor’s anonymity network, means AirVPN does not even know what your real IP address is.

And should you choose to pay for its services via Bitcoin, it becomes absolutely impossible for AirVPN to track your geographical location or get hold of your personal information. AirVPN does a solid job by connecting you to its servers through SSL and SHL tunneling protocols, combined with OpenVPN encryption. It is done to give an impression that the protocol is not being used at all.

“Transparent” Server Evaluation – Check Your Bandwidth

Having reviewed various VPN services in the past, we can easily say that no VPN provider feels comfortable in sharing the details of the server load and bandwidth management with its users. But AirVPN is the only VPN service in the industry as of now that is not only sharing its server details, but it also gives you a clear picture of the load on its servers, hence named as “transparent” operations.

AirVPN does not put a speed limit on its servers and promotes the notion of unlimited speed. AirVPN also guarantees that it provides a minimum bandwidth of 4Mbits/upload and 4Mbits/download to all its users. The transparent server evaluation can prove out to be very fruitful especially when you are looking for a server for a healthy speedy connection.

Unlimited Server Switches; Multi Logins

Many VPN providers confine their users to a limited number of sessions citing various technical and non-technical issues. AirVPN, however, stands tall amongst all the providers and offers its users the ultimate option of switching their servers to different countries for free as much as they want. It does not stop its users at any stage, in fact appreciates its users to check the server performance with transparent operations facility at first!

When it comes to multi-logins, AirVPN is as good as any other VPN service in the industry. It provides its users with three multi-logins and lots of service value for the price they pay for one subscription. The users can subscribe to AirVPN’s and use the same credentials on three different devices at the same time! This means they can use AirVPN to prevent DDoS attacks while gaming online, to watch Netflix on laptops and to securely conduct an online transaction on mobile; all at the same time!

Airvpn review

AirVPN Website and Customer Support

We have been fairly impressed with the features and services of AirVPN up till now. It has got some neat and specially designed features that are set to provide you anonymity along with security. But since we are reviewing AirVPN in detail, we checked out its website as well. The website looks pretty clean; the core features are clearly defined on the homepage, but it may get messy for laymen.

Since the website is a bit technical, a newbie would take some time to grasp what is there for the taking, until he figures out a way. That being said, the website still tells you each and everything about the service in detail. You can check all the sections that are displayed there on the top of the homepage addressing and answering issues and queries.

We wanted to be critical of AirVPN’s customer support but knowing the scale of the company, we skipped the idea because it is relatively young and small. AirVPN provides a rigorous customer support through email forms and ticket systems. You can also check the blogs and forums in detail on its website to get answers to almost any question related to its service that comes in your mind.

Excellent Device Compatibility

air vpn review

Device compatibility is one of the first things that come under scrutiny when reviewing a VPN service. The VPN services make sure to provide their assistance across different platforms and OS and rightly so. AirVPN is also one such provider that offers its services on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, DD-WRT and Tomato routers.

While we appreciate the device compatibility AirVPN offers to its users, we feel that it is doing a fine job for starters. But we would love to see the updates and much more refined versions of their clients across different platforms!


Before writing this AirVPN review, we enjoyed exploring and inspecting various services and features offered by AirVPN. For instance, we loved the idea of bandwidth sharing with the users. Why, you might ask? Because it does not fool the users into thinking that the server has lesser load on it. It gives you a fair reflection of how its servers perform.

We also loved the idea of connecting the users through Tor network, leaving the IP of the user unknown and untraceable. The idea is amazing but it becomes absolutely revolutionary when you take Bitcoin into account. Sign up for its services with Bitcoin, pay for it anonymously and connect to the world of internet, using its connection through Tor network. AirVPN does a fine job and definitely provides a great value against the price it charges!

Airvpn review

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