Airlines, Energy firms & Transportations Hacked by Iran: Report

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If the claims of Cylance, a US cyber security agency, are to be believed then the top global firms are at the mercy of Iranian hackers. According to an 87-page report published by Cylance, the hackers have targeted Airports, universities, hospitals, transportation companies and energy firms of United States, Israel, India, Germany, United Arab Emirates, China, Saudi Arabia, England and France.

The report goes on to claim that these firms are hacked by Iranian hackers in a campaign that has been going on for two years now. The agency expressed its concern and stated in its report that the issue needed to be addressed as soon as possible because of the consequences it bore.

The company further claimed that the researchers who discovered these hacking attacks also have enough evidences to prove that the same Tehran group that had allegedly hacked the US Navy in 2013 is responsible for these attacks. Many of the renowned organizations are likely to be the victims of these attacks, including the popular Qatar Airlines.

The timing of these reports have also raised some concerns as Iran is busy in nuclear talks and this issue only gives it a bad image. Interestingly, the news of hacking of US Navy also popped up when Iran was on the verge of all-important nuclear talks.

It is noteworthy that US and Israel have been blamed in the past for slowing down the nuclear process of Iran while the blame of any attack on their institutions was directly put on either Chinese or Russians. For those of you who are unaware, Cylance is a relatively new cyber security agency and many people are terming its report as a “publicity stunt”.

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