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Believe it or not, you can finally get access to watch Bengals vs 49ers Live in UAE on Paramount Plus via CBS. The secret behind the immediate access is ExpressVPN. Paramount Plus is only available in the US and some other countries, and to watch the Bengals vs 49ers Live, you must use a VPN! It temporarily masks your IP and allows you to watch Paramount Plus in UAE.

NFL games have finally entered the 8th week, and fans have been seen raving to catch the history-making moments of Bengals vs 49ers Live, which is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, October 29, 2023. Do you also want to experience this adrenaline-rushing football game? If yes, read the blog.

Want to know where is the Bengals vs 49ers game live free? Let’s read the following article and learn the necessary information to unblock Paramount Plus.

How to Watch Bengals vs 49ers Live in UAE on Paramount Plus – Live Stream

To watch Bengals vs 49ers Live in UAE on Paramount Plus, follow the unblocking guide:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN, a reliable VPN.
  2. Install the app on your device and enter the credentials.
  3. Connect to a US server (ideally New York)
  4. Launch the app or webpage of Paramount Plus.
  5. Search for Bengals vs 49ers Live and enjoy its streaming on Paramount Plus.

Note: A Paramount Plus subscription will guarantee access to the live streaming. You may opt for a Paramount Plus free trial if you are new to the platform or learn how much is Paramount Plus for a paid version.

Where can I Watch Bengals vs 49ers Live 2023?

You can watch Bengals vs 49ers Live in UAE on Paramount Plus via CBS. Therefore, ease your unblocking journey with ExpressVPN and subscribe to it at the earliest to access Paramount Plus in UAE.

After getting subscribed to Paramount Plus, you can stream from their massive library any show you like, including The Bold and the Beautiful Season 36 and Big Brother Season 25 Episode 7.

When is the Bengals vs 49ers Live?

The game Bengals vs 49ers Live will commence on Sunday, October 29, 2023, sharp at 04:25 p.m. ET.

Don’t get occupied and prepare beforehand with ExpressVPN watch Bengals vs 49ers Live in UAE on Paramount Plus on the respective date.

Where is the Bengals vs 49ers played?

The Bengals vs 49ers location is Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. That’s all about where is the Bengals vs 49ers game live today.

What are the Bengals vs 49ers Predictions?

As per the matchup predictor, there is a 30% chance for the Bengals to win the match, whereas the 49ers have a greater rate of winning prediction of approximately 69.7%.

Bengals vs 49ers : Bengals vs 49ers History Results

The chart below gives a clear idea about the Bengals vs 49ers history and winners of the past Niners vs Bengals Super Bowl. Lets take a look:

Cincinnati Bengals 12/14/2003 CIN SF W


1-0 1.000 5 23 393 502 53.8 100.0
Cincinnati Bengals 12/12/2021 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 2 22 397 355 30.8 100.0
Cincinnati Bengals 12/15/2007 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 1 15 313 337 30.0 50.0
Cincinnati Bengals 9/15/2019 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 2 14 316 571 50.0 50.0
Cincinnati Bengals 12/5/1993 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 0 19 339 284 35.3 33.3
Cincinnati Bengals 10/20/1996 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 3 18 345 418 29.4 0.0
Cincinnati Bengals 12/20/2015 CIN SF W


1-0 1.000 3 14 242 318 28.6 0.0
Cincinnati Bengals 9/29/1974 CIN SF W


0-1 1.000 3 19 373 226
Cincinnati Bengals 10/1/1978 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 1 18 322 179
Cincinnati Bengals 12/6/1981 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 0 24 345 325
Cincinnati Bengals 11/4/1984 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 2 21 346 385
Cincinnati Bengals 9/20/1987 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 2 19 292 261
Cincinnati Bengals 12/9/1990 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 2 14 215 372
Cincinnati Bengals 12/5/1999 CIN SF W


1-0 1.000 5 27 476 542 54.5
Cincinnati Bengals 9/25/2011 CIN SF L


0-1 .000 0 14 228 226 10.0
Average .267            2.1 18.7 329.5 353.4           
Total 4-11            .267            31 281 4,942            5,301           

Bengals 2023 Key Players

In the table below, some of the favorite NFL players from the Bengals team are listed, let us dig in;

Key Players Scoring Unit
Joe Burrow +6.70 Units / 54% ROI
Joe Mixon +5.45 Units / 43% ROI
Ja’Marr Chase +6.05 Units / 34% ROI
Joe Burrow +5.00 Units / 19% ROI
Tyler Boyd +4.90 Units / 57% ROI

49ers 2023 Key Players

The following table enlists top player of NFL that belong to the team 49ers;

Key Players Scoring Unit
George Kittle +9.55 Units / 51% ROI
Jauan Jennings +7.70 Units / 49% ROI
Christian McCaffrey +6.95 Units / 57% ROI
Christian McCaffrey +6.10 Units / 32% ROI
Deebo Samuel +5.40 Units / 51% ROI

Bengals vs 49ers Season Leaders

The season leaders for the upcoming Bengals vs 49ers are discussed below. Want to have a look?

Passing Yards

  •        J. Burrow
  •        B. Purdy

Rushing Yards

  •        J. Mixon
  •        Christian Mccaffery

Receiving Yards

  •        J. Chase
  •        B. Aiyuk

Bengals vs 49ers Team Stats

The table below carries information forBengals vs 49ers stats. Access the table and learn some insights;

Team Stats
Bengals 49ers
Total Yards 274.8 374.9
Yards Passing 205.0 238.4
Yards Rushing 69.8 136.4
Yards Allowed 375.2 318.1
Pass Yards Allowed 232.3 238.9
Rush Yards Allowed 142.8 79.3

How much are tickets for the Bengals vs 49ers?

The tickets for the Bengals vs 49ers today start from $70. Depending upon several other factors, the prices will vary; if the competition is for CIN VS SF 49ers NFL, then most likely, the Bengals vs 49ers ticket prices will be higher.

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What else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides Bengals vs 49ers?

If you wish to desire more, the following list of best shows on Paramount Plus can help you deal with what to watch query;

Bengals vs 49ers Live


On, January 22, 1989, in in Super Bowl XXIII, in the stadium of San Francisco, the 49ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals with a score of 20-16.

Brown, one of the seniors, chose its name Bengals, in order to link the local pro team called the Cincinnati Bengals from 1937 to 1941. After the Bengal stove, the name Bengal was given by the founder, Hal Pennington.

The following teams remained top favorites for NFL 2023;

  1.      San Francisco 49ers (+450)
  2.      Kansas City Chiefs (+475)
  3.      Philadelphia Eagles (+650)

Wrap Up

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