AceVPN Review – An Online Privacy Service With Huge Potential

What is AceVPN?

Established in 2009, AceVPN became visible in the online industry with the vision of providing online security to every individual user. The service offers both free and premium VPN services to the users. In addition, the provider has Smart DNS service for the users.

Read our exclusive AceVPN review to know about the hidden salient features of the service in detail.

Pros of AceVPN

  • Offers free and paid VPN service along with Smart DNS feature
  • The users can stream Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other services through Unblock TV feature
  • Provides a comprehensive customer support section on the official website.

Cons of AceVPN

  • The service provides slightly expensive pricing plans
  • The provider does not offer live chat support feature to the users

Unique Selling Proposition

We were impressed to know about different benefits the service is providing to its users. Our AceVPN review disclosed that you could avail Smart DNS/ Unblock benefit free on your desired devices. In addition, you can try out free VPN benefit instantly.

AceVPN Pricing Review

Our AceVPN review reveals that the provider is currently offering three types of packages to its subscribers. These packages are:

  • Premium VPN
  • Ultimate VPN
  • Unblock TV/ Smart DNS

The users of AceVPN can avail the premium VPN pricing plan at the cost of $3.89 on monthly basis. Moreover, they can gain access to 20+ server locations that include US, UK and France. Likewise, the users can select ultimate VPN plan if they wish to avail 50+ VPN servers in 25+ countries worldwide.


However, the pricing suggests that the subscribers will have to bear extra cost since you need to pay $11.67 per month. Furthermore, you can perform P2P activity by availing the ultimate VPN plan. The subscribers can use other features free Smart DNS for better video streaming.

Fortunately, you can use another package that does not charge a single penny from the subscribers. Through Smart DNS/Unblock TV package, you are able to access region-blocked websites and services hassle-free.

AceVPN Accepted Payment Methods Review

According to our AceVPN review, the service is providing a limited number of online payment methods to the users. Here is the list of online payment methods that consists of:

  • PayPal
  • BitCoin
  • Credit Card

In addition, the users can also make payments through cheque they can draw on US bank account. We expect by our next review, AceVPN will add more payment options in its armory.

AceVPN Compatibility Review

As per the findings of our AceVPN review, the service offers amazing compatibility with different operating systems and devices. The users can select AceVPN if they want to use the service on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone Routers and Gaming Consoles.


Fortunately, the downloading and installation process of all dedicated apps is simple and user-friendly. The subscribers can explore the Knowledgebase section available on the official website. You can check our exclusive guide on Windows VPN or iOS VPN to know about the compatibility issues in detail.

AceVPN Servers Review

Our AceVPN review unveils that the service has to improve its current server locations. This is because the provider is offering 50+ server locations in 26+ countries all over the world. Therefore, AceVPN will have to cater the requirements of its subscribers by offering more server locations in future.


AceVPN Protocols and Encryption Review

According to our AceVPN review, the service offers a comprehensive list of tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2, PPTP and Stealth VPN protocols. The OpenVPN protocol offers anonymity to the users through 256-bit military grade encryption.

Likewise, PPTP protocol is suitable for enhanced video streaming but does not provide required level of security. The L2TP uses IPsec protocol in combination that offers 256-bit encryption to the subscribers. The tunneling protocol feature of AceVPN impressed us a lot and it really surpassed our expectations to another level.


AceVPN Customer Support Review

During our AceVPN review, we were impressed to know about the provider’s customer support function.  This is because the service covers the customer support attribute through different categories that include FAQ, Knowledgebase, Contact Us, Troubleshoot VPN, and others.

Similarly, there are sections like Blog and Redeem Voucher you can explore if you want to solve your queries in a timely manner. However, we were expecting that the provider would offer live chat feature for its users. Sadly, it was not the case with AceVPN.

The customer support function has all the ingredients that make any VPN service successful. The FAQ section allows you to get the answers of your questions related to billing and refund issues. Likewise, the knowledgebase category caters the issues of the subscribers that relate to technical support and installation processes.

The blog section provides relevant and updated information about digital privacy issues prevailing in the industry. Furthermore, you can go to redeem voucher section if you want to avail VPN or Smart DNS service. The users can go through different sections available on the official website if they want reliable solutions of their problems.

We hope that the service will include live chat feature on its official website in future. By doing so, AceVPN will be able to attract large customer base in coming years.

AceVPN Torrenting/P2P Review

Our AceVPN review indicates that the provider supports the P2P activities of the users in true letter and spirit. It means you can select any AceVPN server of your choice if you want to perform torrenting task from anywhere. You can explore our guide on best VPN for torrenting to know about the repercussions of torrenting. However, the free VPN feature does not offer P2P/ torrenting activities of the subscribers.

AceVPN Free Trial Review

Interestingly, the service does not provide free trial feature to the users. Conversely, the provider offers free VPN service benefit that allows you to obtain anonymity and online protection hassle-free. Our AceVPN review highlighted that the service has grabbed the attention of the subscribers by offering free VPN feature. You should explore our exclusive guide on priceless VPN if you want to about the said feature in detail.

For further detail about priceless VPN. Here is a list of best free VPN services of 2018.

AceVPN Refund Policy/ Money Back Guarantee Review

Surprisingly, our AceVPN review explored that the service exclusively offers refund policy to the potential users. If you have availed the service and it has not come up to the expectations of yours, you can claim for the refund. However, you can contact the customer support within seven days after the purchase.


AceVPN Logging Policy Review

According to the findings of our AceVPN analysis, the provider does not keep the logs of their subscribers. However, if the users opt the service for criminal purpose and found in fraudulent activities. AceVPN reserves the right to provide information to law enforcement agencies about the users. To know more about a VPN that does not keep logs, you should read our guide.


AceVPN Privacy Policy Review

The privacy policy attribute plays a crucial role in the success of any VPN service. Therefore, our AceVPN review found that the service records the personal information of the users. The personal information includes username, password, email address, contact number, credit or debit card number.

AceVPN uses the above-mentioned information to contact the subscribers about its products and services. However, the viewpoint that indicates AceVPN does not pass on the personal information to third party marketers inspired us to certain extent.

AceVPN Review on Reddit

Unfortunately, the provider does not have a huge fan following on a famous interactive platform Reddit. AceVPN has to take some proactive decisions in order to become a successful VPN in near future. Our AceVPN review disclosed that the service has to cater the requirements of its users instantly. This is because the users opt Reddit VPN instead of AceVPN to attain anonymity.

How to Install AceVPN on Kodi

Kodi has become a one-stop solution that caters all the streaming needs of the users. Fortunately, you can install AceVPN on Kodi to enjoy anonymous streaming of your favorite video content from anywhere. Moreover, you can select a VPN for Kodi if you want to secure yourself from legal troubles like DMCA and copyright infringement notices.

Here is how you can setup AceVPN for Kodi on your desired devices straightaway.

  • Subscribe to AceVPN from its official website
  • Download and install the respective AceVPN app on your device
  • Provide login details like username and password to activate AceVPN app
  • Open Kodi and begin watching your desired content anonymously

Final Thoughts

AceVPN is an interesting choice for those users who want to avail VPN and Smart DNS service under one package. Furthermore, the subscribers can use the service on their devices anywhere hassle-free. However, the provider needs to improve its performance in different areas like pricing, server locations, and live chat support.

During our AceVPN review, we found the service quite exceptional in terms of compatibility, user-friendly installation guides and a clear-cut privacy policy. Therefore, you can opt the service if you wish to enjoy different benefits on multiple devices.

You can share your feedback with us about the provider in the comments section below and explore our other best VPN reviews.

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