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How to watch NFL outside US

The NFL season 2020 started off in September as per schedule despite the COVID-19 outbreak. But things are still significantly different this time around, as most matches will be played behind closed doors with hardly any crowd at all.

This is why NFL online streaming is going to be even bigger this time around as fans tune into live matches online to catch some real-time action. This guide will explain how NFL fans in different parts of the world can watch their favorite sports league and how you can deal with geo-restrictions on live streams.

How to Watch NFL in the US


In the US, NFL matches will stream on different channels every week. Here’s how the schedule will look like for NFL games in the US:

Monday night matchesESPN
Thursday and Saturday night matchesNFL Network
Sunday afternoon AFC matchesCBS
Sunday afternoon NFC matchesFOX
Sunday night matchesNBC

Viewers that don’t want to watch NFL over cable can take advantage of over-the-top streaming services, many of which will be covering NFL season 2021. The most affordable option among these services is Sling TV which can be subscribed to for as low as $45 per month.

 The problem is, you can’t watch every match on a single channel, so having the subscription of just ESPN or CBS won’t work. You’ll need solutions like YouTube TV or Sling TV to get access to all these channels at the same time and catch all NFL games.

Unfortunately, streaming services like Sling and NFL work only within the US, so if you’re traveling abroad for a while, you’re going to need a VPN to access these from abroad.

Here’s how you can access NFL from US-based streaming services:

Step #1: Download and subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN that unblocks US-based streaming channels.

Step #2: Launch the VPN and connect to an appropriate US server.

Step #3: Visit the streaming channel covering the desired NFL match to catch the action live.

How to Watch NFL in the UK


NFL fans in the UK can catch all NFL games on Sky Sports. If you’re frequently moving hustling around for job or other purposes, the Sky Go app on your phone can be used to stream all NFL matches for an extra subscription fee of £20.

If you’re not a Sky subscriber, then you can take advantage of NFL Game Pass which works for all users outside the US. NFL Game Pass will cost £143.99 per and will cover all games this season for fans located abroad.

Sky Sports can also be accessed through a Now TV subscription, but I wouldn’t recommend this option because it will only cover certain NFL games this season. Moreover, you’ll have to shell out £33.99 each month to keep your Now TV subscription.

So, your best option is either to watch NFL in the UK through Sky Go or NFL Game Pass. If you are a Sky Sports subscriber and are traveling abroad for a while, you will need to use a VPN to access Sky Sports.

Here’s how you can unblock Sky Sports abroad:

Step #1: Download and subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN that supports Sky Sports unblocking abroad.

Step #2: Launch the VPN and connect to an appropriate UK server.

Step #3: Launch the Sky Go app to watch NFL live matches abroad.

How to Watch NFL in Canada

NFL in Canada

Canadians have a couple of great options for watching the NFL. The NFL Game Pass option works just as well in Canada as in other countries, costing $74.99. Other than Game Pass, Canadians can also catch NFL games on DAZN and TSN Direct.

  • DAZN (with NFL Game Pass): CAD 20/month
  • TSN Direct (RDS Direct for French): CAD 24.99/month

The better option is DAZN because it has the rights to stream every NFL game in Canada, unlike TSN which will only be covering selected matches. Game Pass is also a  good option because it will stream every NFL match in Canada.

DAZN only works in a few countries, so if you’re traveling abroad, there’s a high chance you won’t be able to access DAZN.

But if you have a VPN, you can unblock DAZN:

Step #1: Download and subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN that supports DAZN unblocking abroad.

Step #2: Launch the VPN and connect to an appropriate Canadian server.

Step #3: Visit DAZN to watch NFL live outside Canada.

How to Watch NFL in Australia

NFL in Australia

NFL Game Pass is once again the easiest way to access all matches from NFL 2021 in Australia. The service will cost AUD 249/year. Another option that Australians have available is Foxtel Now. However, it is quite more expensive and will cost you $69/month.

  • NFL Game Pass: AUD 249/year
  • Foxtel Now: $40/month AUD + $29/month AUD sports add-on
  • 7mate: free (undetermined)

7mate is a free streaming service that will cover a few NFL 2021 games this season. However, the picture quality won’t be as good since it’s free after all. Out of all options, NFL Game Pass is the most affordable and reliable for Australians.

If you’re traveling abroad and need a way to access channels like 7mate to watch NFL for free, you can use a VPN to unblock it overseas.

Here’s how you can access NFL live streams through Australian channels:

Step #1: Download and subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN that can unblock Australian channels like 7mate.

Step #2: Launch the VPN and connect to an appropriate Australian server.

Step #3: Visit Foxtel Now, 7mate, or any of your preferred channels streaming NFL live.

How to Watch NFL in Germany

NFL in Germany

DAZN will also be streaming NFL matches including game nights on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. NFL RedZone is also available for all DAZN subscribers every Sunday which will stream every touchdown and big play highlights from Sunday’s matches.

In addition, DAZN will also cover 24/7 live streams of the NFL Network, which will let users see highlights, analysis, and NFL news.

If you’re a DAZN subscriber and are traveling to a country that is beyond DAZN’s coverage area, you won’t be able to access it without a VPN.

Here’s how you can access DAZN to watch NFL matches if you’re traveling:

Step #1: Download and subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN that can unblock DAZN.

Step #2: Launch the VPN and connect to an appropriate Germany server.

Step #3: Visit DAZN to watch NFL live outside Germany.

Unblock NFL Game Pass from Anywhere

NFL Game Pass is an excellent option to stream live matches online on any device of your choice. Game Pass is available in almost any region of the world, so users located outside can directly access all NFL 2021 matches NFL Game Pass.

In fact, you’re not even going to need a VPN since NFL Game Pass’s coverage area included every continent on the Globe. Simply sign up for the service to follow your favorite NFL teams and players this season.

NFL Game Pass

To get the best pricing on NFL Game Pass, you can use a VPN and connect to Taiwan of Vietnam servers. NFL Game Pass is the cheapest in these countries, so if you can spoof your location to these countries, you can get NFL Game Pass for cheaper than it normally is in your country.

Streaming NFL on Different Devices

There are various options available for catching NFL 2021 league on different devices and platforms:

NFL App for Android Smartphones

You can stay in touch with the latest games, team alerts, news, videos, in-game highlights, and live game scores on your smartphones and tabs with NFL App for Android. You can also enjoy Fantasy Football on your devices directly with the NFL App for Android.

Here’s how you can get the NFL app on your Android:

Step#1: From the home screen of your phone, open the Play Store.

Step#2: Search for NFL then Download it.

Step#3: Once installed, launch the NFL app and enjoy live streams on your Android.

However, restrictions may come in ways for local fans in the form of blackouts and for overseas fans in the form of geo-blocks. As such, depending on your location, you might need to turn on your Android VPN to unblock NFL streams outside the US.

NFL App for iOS Smartphones

To keep the Apple users updated with the Live Feed, Live Scores, Team Alerts, Breaking News and Videos on Demand, NFL has an app for iPhone and iPad users as well.

Here’s how you can get the NFL app on your iOS:

Step#1: From the home screen of your phone, open the App Store.

Step#2: In the search bar, type in NFL then Download it.

Step#3: Once installed, open the NFL app and enjoy live streams on your iPhone.

Users can watch videos on the match day and customize their apps with their favorite team’s themes! However, similar issues of restrictions and blackouts surround the NFL app for iPhone as in the case of the NFL app for Android.

To get around these blocks, you’re going to need a VPN for iPhone and catch match highlight.

NFL App on Firestick

The NFL app is available for Firestick devices as well and can be directly installed:

Step#1: Start your Firestick device.

Step#2: Press the Search icon on your Fire TV home screen and enter “NFL” in the search bar.

Step#3: Now, select the NFL app and press the Get button for installing the app on your Fire TV.

Step#4: Once installed, launch NFL app on your Firestick to enjoy live streaming and more.

You might need a VPN for Firestick if you’re facing blackouts/geo-blocks when trying to watch matches through the NFL app in your region.

Subscribe to Sling TV and Watch NFL without Cable

Sling TV is a streaming service that allows you to watch live TV. It offers different packages and you can use it to watch NFL matches online.

You can install the Sling TV app on various devices such as your Xbox, Windows, Android, and iOS mobile phones and tablets, Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

However, Sling TV is only available in the United States. This means that you will require a VPN to access the service if you’re located outside the US.

Use PlayStation Vue to Watch NFL

In addition to Sling TV, you can subscribe to PlayStation Vue and watch NFL online. It too has different packages and offers different channels for streaming.

Do note that some of these channels are geo-restricted and to access them, you’ll need a VPN.

NFL 2020-2021 Upcoming Matches (Week 5)

The NFL schedule for the upcoming week 5 is as follows along with official US channels that will broadcast these matches:

Key dates

  • The first game of the regular season: Sept. 10, 2020
  • Last day of the regular season: Jan. 3, 2021
  • Playoffs begin: Jan. 9, 2021
  • Super Bowl 55: Feb. 7, 2021
Sunday, Nov. 1stSteelers vs Ravens
Sunday, Nov. 1stRams vs Dolphins
Sunday, Nov. 1stJets vs Chiefs
Sunday, Nov. 1stVikings vs Packers
Sunday, Nov. 1stColts vs Lions
Sunday, Nov. 1stRaiders vs Browns
Sunday, Nov. 1stTitans vs Bengals
Sunday, Nov. 1stPatriots vs Bills
Monday, Nov. 2ndChargers vs Broncos
Monday, Nov. 2nd49ers vs Seahawks
Monday, Nov. 2ndSaints vs Bears
Monday, Nov. 2ndCowboys vs Eagles
Tuesday, Nov. 3rdBuccaneers vs Giants

The full schedule of the NFL 2021 league is available on the official website.


The NFL 2021 season is going likely to be the one season that is largely spectated through online streams due to prohibitions on crowd attendance as a COVID-19 precaution.

The good thing about this is that there are multiple streaming options now available to cater to people all across the globe. The only thing you might need is a VPN service that unblocks the streaming channel you prefer watching NFL on if you’re traveling abroad in your home country for a while.