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Watch Floorball Live Online

Floorball is a type of Hockey played on the floor (indoors) instead of on ice or AstroTurf. It has 6 players on each team including a goalkeeper. The current type of Floorball was invented in Sweden in 1970’s but quickly gained immense popularity in the European region. You may use the best free VPN for Europe to stream Floorball outside Europe.

Floorball fans across the globe wanting to watch Floorball live online can follow this guide. C More website manages to show Floorball matches live, but only for people of Sweden. The website appears to be geographically restricted as it happens. Using the best VPNs for C More , you can Unblock it easily, also provided in the table below:


How to Watch Floorball Live Online

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN provider mentioned in the VPN table above (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download the VPN Desktop/Mobile app from VPN provider’s website

Step 3: Select a Swedish server > Hit Connect

Step 4: Once connected, open C More website

Step 5: Choose a game that you want to view and start streaming

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Floorball Leagues around the World

Floorball Leagues are happening all around the world. This sport has gained popularity in Asia and Pacific region as it has in Europe. We have gathered a list of important Floorball Leagues you can watch live online:

Asia Pacific Floorball Championship


The Asia Pacific Floorball Championship is held every year either in Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, or Australia. It was first initiated by Singapore Floorball Association where all IFF teams participate to take the crown. Current champions are Australia.

You can also watch it abroad with a VPN in New Zealand , Australia, Singapore, or Japan.

Canada Cup


Seeing the popularity of Ice Hockey in Canada, Floorball is gaining steady recognition as well. It is considered as the largest Floorball tournament organized outside Europe and that too in terms of team participation i.e. 55+ and crowd attraction.

Champions Cup

Like Champions League, IFF organizes Champions Cup where the top 4 ranked teams in National Championship receives automatic qualification. It was first started in 2011 where Men’s and Women’s club teams participated.

World Floorball Champion


The biggest stage of Floorball where all top teams meet to become champions. The event will be held in the Czech Republic starting from 1st Dec to 9th Dec. A total of 16 teams will be participating in the event.

EuroFloorball Cup

EuroFloorball Cup is a tournament where 5th and lower ranked teams (6 teams in total) battle it out for their place in the Champions Cup. Only the finalist will book their place in the premier IFF event. This year’s EuroFloorball Cup will commence on 10th -14th October.

Current Events and Tournaments

Currently, Euro Floorball Tour is on its way and will begin on 27th April 2018. The event will be taking place in the Czech Republic where 4 teams will be participating i.e. Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, and Sweden. You can follow the method outlined above to watch Floorball live online .


Then Women’s Euro Floorball Tour is happening in Finland with the same teams participating in the event. There are friendly matches being held between Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Latvia under 19 Teams.

The Wrap Up

A number of Floorball Tournaments are happening this year, so no need to miss on any of these events and check out our guide above on how to watch Floorball live online . Follow the Floorball Tournaments that are mentioned above and support your team to victory!