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You can watch TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) outside US with a VPN, Unfortunately, if you try to access TBS outside US without a VPN you will see the following error message:

“This video is unavailable”

TBS Geo-restriction Error

Follow these simple steps to watch TBS Online Outside US with a VPN:

  1. Download and Sign-up PureVPN
  2. Sign in with your credentials
  3. Select US server from the list of servers
  4. Now visit and Enjoy

Once unblocked you can enjoy comedies, classics, and originals. TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) also broadcasts sports including NBA and MLB.

Why will you need a VPN to watch TBS Online Outside the US?

TBS limits itself to the United States only, and you will need a VPN to masks your original IP address, replacing it with the server of the country you want to connect to. In our case, it is the United States. Another benefit is that your anonymity is safeguarded and your ISP does not have the knowledge of what activities you’re doing online as ISPs throttle speed when they detect you’re streaming.

During our testing, we used PureVPN which is one of the best providers when it comes to streaming as it has it very own dedicated channel dashboard where you can just go and click on the channel to unblock instantly.

Get PureVPN31-Day Money Back Gurantee


Popular TV shows on TBS

  1. Family Guy
  2. American Dad
  3. Conan
  4. The Guest Book
  5. Friends
  6. Seinfeld
  7. Other comedies such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine.



Can you watch TBS online?

Yes, you can watch TBS online by simply visiting their official website. However, you’ll be needing a subscription to the channel.

Can you watch TBS in Canada?

With the help of a VPN, you can watch TBS in Canada as well. All you have to do is connect to an American server.

Can I watch TBS without cable?

Yes, you can easily access TBS without cable; all the content is available on their website.

Is there a TBS app?

TBS has apps for both Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is visit the respective app stores and search for TBS.


Now that you know how to watch TBS online outside the U.S, unblocking other restricted channels like is as easy as clicking a few buttons, be it the TNT, American Netflix library, BBC iPlayer, or any other geo-restricted websites. It’s just not the unblocking that makes VPN an incredible tool to have, its security features and user data protection are the real reasons which make it important to have a VPN employed on your devices.

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