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How to watch Hulu in Spain main

Hulu is an American VoD service owned by Walt Disney. The streaming service consists of thousands of shows, movies, and even Live TV programs, but all of this is sadly only available for viewers located in the US.

For viewers based in Spain, access to Hulu is restricted through IP based geo-blocks. This means that as soon as you try to access Hulu, it will detect your IP address, and upon seeing that you’re not based in the US, it will promptly block you from viewing anything.

Thankfully, there is an easy workaround to this problem in the form of VPN services, but the key is to find a VPN that is powerful enough to overcome Hulu’s strong anti-VPN mechanisms.

In this guide, I’ve tested several VPNs and made videos to record their performance with Hulu so you can see for yourself whether the VPNs are recommending actually work for Hulu outside the US.

Best Hulu Spain VPN Chart (October 2020 Updated)

Whether you’re vacationing in Spain or live there permanently, these VPNs can help you unblock Hulu and watch any title of your choice.

VPN ServiceWhy you should get itMoney-back Guarantee
ExpressVPNDelivers excellent streaming quality and buffer-free experience on Hulu, but slightly more expensive than others30 days ( $6.67/mo )
SurfsharkThe most budget-friendly yet reliable VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions on Hulu with minimal buffering30 days ( $2.49/mo )
PureVPNUnblocks Hulu in Canada with superior ease of use through special “Hulu” optimized servers at affordable costs31 days ( $3.33/mo )

Now let’s answer some of the most common questions that users in Spain have regarding VPNs and how the effectiveness of these in unblocking Hulu within Spain.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How do I Unblock Hulu in Spain in October 2020? 

  1. Download and subscribe to a VPN like ExpressVPN which is an effective unblocker of Hulu in Spain.
  2. Launch the VPN app once it’s installed.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Visit and start streaming all your favorite content in Spain.

If you’re located in Canada, here’s how you can make Hulu available in Canada.

3 Best VPNs to Access Hulu in Spain (October 2020 Tested)

I tested nine VPNs to determine their performance and unblocking ability for Hulu. I’ve shortlisted only 3 Hulu VPNs in this list because these offered the best reliability, consistency, and performance for allowing access to Hulu for viewers in Spain. You can easily obtain access to geo-blocked content with one of the most popular VPNs for Spain

ExpressVPN (Delivers high streaming quality when unblocking Hulu from Spain).

Surfshark (Affordable yet effective solution to watching Hulu in Spain).

PureVPN (Instantly unblocks Hulu in Spain with a single click).


1. ExpressVPN – High-Quality Streams on Hulu within Spain

ExpressVPN is a known in the industry as one of the fastest VPNs which, combined with its superior unblocking strength, makes it an obvious choice for Hulu fans in Spain.

I experienced no problems whatsoever when using ExpressVPN to access Hulu. Whether you want to watch Hulu in Canada, in Spain, or in any other country, you can count on ExpressVPN. Not only was I able to unblock the streaming service instantly, the quality I received was excellent considering even on a relatively slow Internet connection.

Apart from ExpressVPN’s prowess in defeating geo-restrictions on Hulu, it is also highly trustworthy from the security and privacy standpoint. The logging policy is unambiguously privacy-centered and this makes ExpressVPN great for users that want to unblock Hulu in Spain without sacrificing their privacy.

Compared to other providers, ExpressVPN is a little more expensive, costing $6.67/mo . But considering the benefits it has to offer, the higher price is justified.

Recommended server(s): New York, Miami, New Jersey – 1 server, Los Angeles – 2, and Washington DC – 2.

Server location(s) to avoid: Chicago server, Los Angeles – 3, New Jersey – 2, and Dallas – 2

Why you should get it: ExpressVPN boasts superior unblocking capability and consistency in speeds. As a result, users can expect top-notch quality when using ExpressVPN for Hulu in Spain.

2. Surfshark – Affordable Solution for Accessing Hulu in Spain

Surfshark is another reliable VPN that efficiently unblocks Hulu for Spanish viewers. The VPN has a network of 500+ servers in the US alone, though its total number of servers exceeds the 1,700 mark.

During my testing of Surfshark to evaluate its performance for Hulu, I found it to work quite well on certain servers. For instance, Orlando, Latham, and Bend servers were particularly effective in unblocking Hulu and also delivered a picture quality better than SD.

However, it took more than one try to find the right server for unblocking Hulu through Surfshark. So, while the streaming quality that I received with Surfshark was better than was PureVPN delivered, the latter is more consistent (at least in my experience) when it comes to unblocking Hulu.

Nonetheless, Surfshark is an excellent VPN overall, offering unique and valuable privacy features such as CleanWeb, kill switch, Multi-hopping, and more. The logging policy is highly privacy-focused and there are no sensitive or shady logging practices happening in the background.

Surfshark is easy on the budget, costing only $3.33/mo which is quite cheap considering it offers unlimited simultaneous connections and all the aforementioned features. For users seeking a VPN that can access Hulu in Spain without breaking your budget, you can’t go wrong with Surfshark.

Recommended server(s): Latham, Bend, Seattle, Denver, Orlando, and New York.

Server location(s) to avoid: Dallas.

Why you should get it: Surfshark is the lowest-priced VPN in this list which makes it the top pick for users that want Hulu in Spain on a budget.

3. PureVPN – Reliably Unblocks Hulu

PureVPN is an easy pick for users aiming to unblock Hulu in Spain or, indeed, any where in the world. The VPN specializes in accessing geo-restricted streaming services like Hulu and has dedicated servers optimized for unblocking a variety of these services.

In the “Stream Mode” of the VPN, you can find a special “Hulu” server that will automatically redirect you to the main Hulu page as soon as you’re connected to the server.

Although the reliability of PureVPN for unblocking Spain is outstanding, the streaming quality that you receive on your end might not be the best, especially if your Internet connection isn’t very fast.

Regardless, you can count on PureVPN wholeheartedly to help you access Hulu in Spain, which makes it great if you need a trusty VPN for unblocking Hulu streams. You can use PureVPN to access Hulu in Australia just as well as in Spain.

Can you watch Netflix in Spain? Yes, with PureVPNs fast speed servers, you can access any Netflix content library in Spain.

In fact, PureVPN is good for more than just streaming. It offers advanced security and privacy features such as kill switch, IP leak protection, and shows a legitimate commitment to adhering to a no logs policy. This is great for users that are sensitive about maintaining online privacy.

Finally, it is highly affordable and comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee with 10 simultaneous connections. You can get it for $3.33/mo to enjoy all these benefits in a single package.

Recommended server(s): “Hulu” server, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.

Server location(s) to avoid: Atlanta.

Why you should get it: PureVPN offers remarkable consistency in unblocking Hulu. It works equally well for a variety of devices including desktops and phones. With excellent privacy features and great affordability to boot, PureVPN is one of the best VPNs you can have for accessing Hulu in Spain.

How to Select the Best Hulu VPN for Spain

To find a VPN that is good enough for unblocking Hulu in Spain, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. Mainly, (i) unblocking capability of the VPN, (ii) fast speed to keep buffering times at a minimum, (iii) device compatibility, and (iv) privacy features.

Any VPN worth its salt will fulfil these requirements easily. But if you come across any VPN that is questionable in terms of the above-mentioned criteria, you might end up disappointed when you deploy it for use with Hulu.

This is why I went through the trouble of testing VPNs that work for Hulu in Spain and only listed those in this article that have consistently worked for me.

How to subscribe to Hulu in Spain?

There are two ways to get Hulu in Spain.

  1. Ask a friend or relative in US to use their credit card and buy a Hulu subscription for you.
  2. Purchase Hulu through digital gift cards.

Both of these methods are described in detail below

1. Purchasing Hulu in Spain using your friend’s credit card

If you have any friends or family that trust you enough to make a Hulu payment for you, then that’s great. You can transfer the money to them through PayPal and they can use their credit cards to buy you the Hulu subscription.

To sign-up on Hulu using your friend’s credit card, launch the VPN, and simply head over to

Hulu homepage

Click on the “START YOUR FREE TRIAL” button as shown in the image above and pick a subscription plan of your choice.

Once you have selected the plan, you will be redirected to the account creation page.

Hulu signup page

Enter all the required details and click on “Continue“.

You will now be required to enter your billing information.

Hulu billing page

Here, you can enter the credit card details of your friend from the US.

Finding ZIP code for Hulu account creation

You will need a US ZIP code in order to complete your account creation on Hulu. You can simply do a Google search to find a US ZIP code. Once you’ve found an appropriate ZIP, enter it and continue by clicking “Submit

2. Purchasing Hulu subscription in Spain with gift cards

You can also subscribe to Hulu through digital gift cards. There are a lot of websites selling digital gift cards for different online services including Hulu. For instance, you can get a Hulu gift card from using PayPal.

Mygiftcardsupply homepage

When you’ve purchased your Hulu gift card, head over to, and enter the git card code. Then, click on “Redeem“.

Hulu gift card redemption page

Now, you can create your Hulu account.

Hulu sign-up page

As with the other method, fill out your details including a US based ZIP code and click on “Create“. You will now be able to review all the information you’ve entered. Click “Submit” when you’re satisfied with everything to finish the subscription using your digital gift card.

How much does Hulu cost in Spain?   

Hulu offers both ad-supported as well as no-ads plans. Currently, there are three different pricing plans, each with different benefits and features:

  1. Ad-supported plan at the price of $5.99/month
  2. No ads plan priced at the price of $11.99/month
  3. Hulu + Live TV priced at the price of $54.99/month

The ad-supported and no-ads plan offer a 1-month free trial, whereas the Hulu + Live TV plan offers a 7-day free trial.

If you want a Hulu gift card, you can find one costing around $25 and $50.

Can I watch TV online using Hulu in Spain?

Yes, all subscribers having the “Hulu + Live TV” plan can watch Hulu in Spain. The Hulu + Live TV subscription also covers live sports. It will also stream the on-going NFL season 2020. If you’re a fan of American Football, then you can enjoy NFL live matches with the Hulu + Live TV subscription.

Why Is Hulu Restricted Outside the US?

Before any streaming service can host any content for the consumption of their audience, they must first obtain rights and licenses from producers. These agreements determine which countries a streaming service can show their titles in.

Hulu is only permitted to show all content within the US and Japan. Any region outside these two countries is beyond the range of service availability of Hulu. If you try to access Hulu from any place outside US or Japan, you will see an error message something like this:

If Hulu obtains the rights to show their content on more regions in the future, then users in at least some regions will no longer need a VPN to access Hulu.

There are no reports regarding Hulu’s intentions to expand internationally, so it’s quite unlikely that we’ll see this happening any time soon.

How A VPN Tackles Geo-restrictions?

To understand how VPNs bypass restrictions on content, we first need to know how content restrictions are imposed in the first place. Streaming services like Hulu use the IP address of users to detect where they are located.

If the user is found to be located in a region outside US, then Hulu will immediately block access to the user. So, if you want content on Hulu, you need a way to fake your IP address somehow so that you may appear to be located in the US.

This can be done most easily and effectively with a VPN. When connected to a US server of your VPN, you can find access to Hulu because it will see you as someone based in US thanks to your new VPN IP address.

The problem is, Hulu knows about the use of VPNs to unblock content and has mechanisms in place to prevent users from accessing Hulu through VPN.

As a result, there are only a few VPNs powerful enough to escape detection from Hulu’s anti-VPN technology. The VPNs mentioned in the list above are some of the few that are primed for breaking Hulu’s defenses and helping bring access to people all over the world.

Is It Legal to Unblock Hulu with a VPN in Spain?

It is perfectly legal to use a VPN to watch Hulu in Spain. Generally, VPN usage is not banned in Spain and Hulu has never taken any legal action against users for turning on a VPN.

In fact, since Hulu is a paid service, there’s no reason why Hulu will stop people from accessing the service irrespective of whether they are using a VPN or not.

So, go ahead and use a VPN to watch Hulu in Spain without worrying about any legal issues.

Which Devices Can I Get Hulu On?

You can get Hulu on a wide array of devices, platforms, and operating systems including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV and Firestick
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Vizio Smart Case TVs
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Chromecast
  • Samsung Smart TV

Does Hulu work on Roku?

Yes, Hulu works with Roku if you have the Hulu + Live TV package.

Hulu has a lot of content for your consumption. Some of the popular shows you can stream right now on Hulu are:

  • Devs
  • Little Fires Everywhere
  • Pen15
  • Mrs. America
  • Into The Dark
  • High Fidelity
  • Dollface
  • Future Man
  • Castle Rock
  • Ramy
  • Colossal
  • John Wick Chapter 3
  • Waiting To Exhale
  • The Nightingale
  • Shaft
  • The Interview
  • Missing Link
  • Prospect
  • Ugly Dolls
  • 50/50
  • Ma

Will Hulu Ever Come to Spain?

It is unlikely that Hulu fans in Spain will be getting official access any time soon. So, it would be unwise to wait for the day Hulu will be made available in Spain when you can simply take matters into your own hands by deploying a VPN.

With the VPNs mentioned above, you can get access to Hulu in Spain and enjoy streams at high quality with minimal buffering.

Have you used any VPN to unblock Hulu in Spain? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!