How to Watch People show with Geppi Cucciari in USA

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Must have seen her before in several TV shows like Italia got talent in 2009 and Che succ3de. In 2020, Geppi Cucciari hits the screens again with the People show and became available for streaming on Rai TV on 4th of November. Rai TV is launching season 1 of the People show with Geppi Cucciari. Geppi Cucciari is a writer and actress. Despite Rai being the biggest TV in Italy, you will not be able to watch People show with Geppi Cucciari in USA.

But don’t worry about how to watch the People Show with Geppi Cucciari on Rai TV in USA. Although Raiplay is geo-restricted and only viewers in Italy can watch it for free, you can still choose to use a VPN to access it in regions other than Italy. ExpressVPN is the best option because of its speed and amazing features like DNS media streaming.

Stick around and learn how you can get Rai TV through the help of ExpressVPN

Watch People show with Geppi Cucciari in USA – easy steps

Streaming shows and movies from other countries is possible now, thanks to ExpressVPN. You don’t have to miss your favorite show. If you want to watch People show with Geppi Cucciari, follow these steps, and you will watch it from USA or any other country.

  1. Download VPN and go for ExpressVPN since it’s fast and highly optimized.
  2. Check out the subscription plan and buy according to your preference
  3. Sign in and log in using your information
  4. Connect to Italy server
  5. Go to the Rai TV site and enjoy People show with Geppi Cucciari.

Where to watch People show with Geppi Cucciari?

The People show with Geppi Cucciari is available on Rai TV from November 4, 2022. Public members are waiting in anticipation since all her previous shows have succeeded, including Grande, Un fidanzato per Mia moglie nad Grosso e Verdone. In addition, being in stand-up comedy category, the show is expected to be sensational.

So if you’re in the USA or another country, the best way to watch this show is by getting an efficient VPN service like ExpressVPN. This VPN is fast and has security features, so your data won’t be available to the man in the middle.

When is People show with Geppi Cucciari being released?

The people show with Geppi was released on the 4th November. It will be available on Rai TV so all Italian viewers can watch it without a problem. However, if you are outside, think about VPN services that won’t disappoint. ExpressVPN is available in Italy, so once you buy your subscription, you will connect to servers in Italy and start streaming.

What are People show with Geppi Cucciari about?

The People show with Geppi Cucciari is about what she does best. The show is about real-life trivia, kneaded with her charm. In the premiered season, she’s expected to host her influential guests, so if you want to know who exactly, don’t miss out on watching the People show with Geppi Cucciari starting November 4 on Rai TV.

Is there a trailer of People show with Geppi Cucciari?

Yes, you can find People show with Geppi Cucciari on YouTube. The trailer awakens curiosity and craving for the show. Geppi has the experience of being a TV presenter and stand up comedian, enough to hold the right mood on the show.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch People show with Geppi Cucciari in USA?

Just like you go for the best purchase for every item you need, the same applies to purchasing a VPN subscription. You need a trustworthy VPN that will give you an easy time when streaming and where your security is guaranteed. ExpressVPN possesses all those mouth watering features you would like in a VPN to watch People show with Geppi in USA.

ExpressVPN: The best VPN to watch the People show in USA

Don’t let the unavailability of Rai TV in the US hinder you from watching People show with Geppi Cucciari during this premiere season. All you need to do is get ExpressVPN connected to Italy servers, and you will stream the show, plus other programs on Rai TV.

Expressvpn unblocked italy rai tv in usa

ExpressVPN makes it conversant because it is compatible with Android, Linux, Xbox, mac, windows, Xbox, etc. Even if your device is not compatible with ExpressVPN, this VPN provides a DNS media streamer that will give you access to the content you want to watch. You can unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms allowing you to stream HBO Max, also you can unblock Netflix regional restricted libraries as it is the best VPN for Netflix as well.

With over 3000 servers of ExpressVPN in over 105 countries, ExpressVPN is the most dependable VPN. There are two VPN servers in Italy Cosenza and Milan. To get the best services, you should connect to the one closest to you. Once you follow the signing-in process, you will start watching the People show in the USA.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN can pass the toughest geo-blocks without hurdles, making it the best option for streaming content abroad. Only Rai TV By subscribing to ExpressVPN, you can also watch many American TV shows. reality shows like Love Island Australia, movies, and documentaries without buffering or latency.

This VPN also has additional user-benefit features like a network kill switch, split tunneling, private DNS, threat manager, and light way protocol. Its fast speed makes it convenient to stream content from around the world. So, to watch your favorite titles, shows, and movies on geo-restricted streaming platforms, get a reliable VPN to avail the best VPN for streaming.

Once you install a VPN on your device, you can travel with it to another geographical connection without losing the connection. That means you can watch your favorite content from anywhere. It also allows one to connect up to five devices simultaneously without lagging or altering the downloading speed.

ExpressVPN service doesn’t compromise its users’ safety. With the highest security encryption, you’re guaranteed that your data and information wouldn’t be tampered with by a man in the middle or anyone intending to hack. Its pricing is also budget-friendly. Pay for a year’s plan for $6.67/mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free for 12 months, save up to 49%, and get three extra months for free, though you can subscribe to monthly payments at $9.99 per month and enjoy unlimited streaming.


The People show with Geppi Cucciari was scripted by Geppi Cucciari herself. No one would have done it better than her since she has experience as a fictional writer, radio and TV presenter, and stand-up comedy artist.

No, there is no news about the release of season 2.


You know now how to watch People show with Geppi Cucciari in USA this November on Rai TV without missing a single episode, thanks to ExpressVPN. This is because it can go around even the toughest geo-blocks set by streaming companies. So get ExpressVPN and you won’t miss an episode because you are traveling on that date. It’s safe, reliable, and pocket friendly.

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