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How to Watch Kayo Sports in USA

Fortunately, for sports fans in the US, you can now watch Kayo Sports in US with a VPN. Kayo Sports is an Australian sports streaming platform that provides access to content from top channels including ESPN, Fox, and more. However, you can only watch Kayo Sports from within Australia.

If you try to access Kayo Sports without a VPN, it will show the error message on the screen saying: Unfortunately, we can’t play this video as it’s not available to us.” But with a VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and unblock Kayo in the US.

The best VPNs with Australian servers will mask your actual IP address and assign you an Australian VPN server IP  address, tricking Kayo Sports into thinking that you are trying to watch it from within Australia. This way you can have unlimited access to Kayo Sports from the US.

How to Unblock Kayo in the US with a VPN?-Quick Guide

Follow these quick and simple steps to watch Kayo Sports in the US in 2021:

  1. Download and Subscribe to a VPN (we recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Launch the VPN app and log in using your credentials
  3. Connect to Australian server from the list of servers
  4. Visit and stream Kayo Sports in the US and abroad.

Best VPN to Watch Kayo in the US

Kayo Sports has some of the toughest firewalls and not all VPNs work with it. After several testing, we bring you 3 VPNs that unblocked Kayo every time. Here are some of the best VPNs to unblock Sky Go in the US and abroad:

1. ExpressVPN – Top VPN to watch Kayo Sports in the US

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 3000+ high-speed servers in 94+ locations
  • 5 simultaneous device connections
  • unlimited bandwidth and data
  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Voot, DAZN, Foxtel, Binge, DStv, and more.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), SmartTVs, PlayStation, and routers.

ExpressVPN is our top recommendation for streaming Kayo Sports in the US (outside Australia). It is also one of the best VPN for streaming with its superfast servers and excellent unblocking capability. With 3000 servers across 94 locations, you can unblock all major streaming platforms like Sky Sports, BBC iPlayer, DStv in the US and more with ease.

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can use ExpressVPN free for 30 days, and if you like the services, it’s also offering a special 3 months free on its 12 monthly plan. Read our ExpressVPN review for further details.

Recommended Servers: Sydney – 2, Melbourne, Perth.

2. Surfshark – User-friendly Kayo Sports VPN for USA

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 3200+ high-speed servers in 65+ locations
  • unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Unblocks Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Telemundo, UK TV, Sling TV, Voot, ESPN, and more.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox), SmartTVs, PlayStation, and routers.

Surfshark is a pocket-friendly VPN for Kayo Sports in the US, offering 5 dedicated Australian servers in multiple cities. Apart from Australia, this VPN service has over 3200 servers in 65 locations, making it a great choice for unblocking streaming sites in the US and anywhere in the world.

With Surfshark, you can also unblock other Australian streaming sites in the US like Foxtel, Binge, and more. You can also access TVNZ outside New Zealand with Surfshark’s New Zealand servers. This VPN also supports unlimited simultaneous connections on a single subscription. Read our in-depth Surfshark review for further details.

Recommended servers: Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne.

3. NordVPN – Reliable VPN to watch Kayo in the US

  • 190+ servers in Australia
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 5500+ fast-speed servers in 59+ locations
  • 6 simultaneous device connections
  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Sling TV, Channel 4, Channel 9, and more.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox), SmartTVs, PlayStation, and routers.

Next up we have another reliable and secure VPN for Kayo Sports. NordVPN offers 190 Australian servers in 5 cities, so you have plenty of servers to choose from. It also offers a huge server network with 5500 servers in 59 locations. So, like ExpressVPN and Surfshark, NordVPN is also a great choice for unblocking international content from abroad.

With NordVPN, you can also watch 7Plus outside Australia. Apart from unblocking ability, NordVPN comes with 256-bit AES encryption and leak protection to protect your online privacy. It also allows 6 simultaneous connections. You can read our latest NordVPN review for more details.

Recommended servers: Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth.

How do I subscribe to Kayo Sports in the US?

If you don’t already have an account on Kayo, you can pay for the subscription in the US with your normal credit card. Kayo offers 2 subscription plans: Basic and Premium. And, what’s best is Kayo also offers a 14-day trial for its users.


Follow these steps to subscribe to Kayo Sports in the US:

  • Go to Kayo and click Subscribe 
  • Now enter your name, email address and an Australian phone number (Keep in mind you need an Australian number of your friend or family because in the next step, you will be asked to confirm your email address and phone number).


  • Now, enter the confirmation code you received on your email and phone number.


  • Enter you credit card information and click Start Subscription Now. 


  • That’s it, you can now enjoy your Kayo Sports 14 day free trial, and if you cancel your account within those 14 days, you will not be charged.

What Live Channels are available on Kayo?

Kayo has collaborated with popular Australian sports channels like ESPN, FOX Sports, and more. Therefore, when you subscribe to Kayo Live channel plan, you will get free access to multiple Kayo Sports channels, including these:

  • ESPN 2
  • FOX 501
  • ESPN
  • FOX 502
  • FOX 504
  • FOX SPORTS 506
  • FOX SPORTS More +

What Can You Watch on Kayo Sports


If you are a sports fan, you will absolutely love Kayo as you can watch almost all international sports events online. Here are some of the sports that you can live stream on Kayo:

  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • NFL
  • NBL
  • Formula 1
  • SuperCars
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Rugby Union
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • UFC
  • Wrestling
  • Wrestling
  • Super League Triathlon
  • Surfing
  • Boxing
  • Acrobatics World Cups
  • Hurling

Kayo Sports Device Compatibility

You can watch Kayo sports on various devices and platforms including:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox
You can find the details of each method in our in-depth Kayo Sports blog.

Kayo Sports not working? Try these…

If you are using one of the VPNs mentioned above and still see the error message, you can try these things to fix the problem:

  • Disconnect the VPN and reconnect to get a fresh IP which will work with Kayo.
  • Log out of your Google Account as it stores the IP information
  • Clear browser cookies and cache
  • Reinstall the Kayo app and try using it on a different device to check where the problem is.
  • If the problem still persists, contact support and ask for help.


Currently, Kayo is only available in Australia. Even if you are an Australian resident trying to access Kayo Sports from abroad, you will get an error message. If you want to watch Kayo abroad in lets say US, you will need a VPN to get an Australian IP address.

Yes, Kayo does work with the VPN. You can use one of the VPNs mentioned above to access it from inside the US. According to our tests, ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN work perfectly well with Kayo and you can use these services to unblock Kayo in USA and abroad.

You can watch both NRL and EPL on Kayo Sports as it features EPL and other tournaments on its platform like FA Cup. Similarly, fans can also watch NRL through its official website or app that includes all the highlights, full matches, team listing, and more.


If you are a sports fan, Kayo Sports is a great choice for you owing to its variety of content and sports channels on one platform. Therefore, if you want to access the best sports channels and championships in the US, get yourself a VPN and stream away. You can now watch Kayo Sports free of cost for 14 days using its free trial, and if you don’t like the service, you can cancel anytime.