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The Professional Sports League is now on the English network. So you ask, “Where can I watch NFL Draft 2023 in USA?” The NFL has signed a three-year partnership with ITV, meaning you can now get ExpressVPN and watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV. So, embrace yourself as the first round begins on April 27.

This year’s NFL kick-off game will be hosted by Union Station in Missouri. The first game will feature 31 players that are rushing to win the coveted trophy.

ITVX is packed with NFL catch-up streams. However, it is geo-restricted in USA, meaning streaming is impossible unless you pick the best VPN for ITV and follow our easy-step guide to set up the software and access ITV in USA . Let’s begin.

How to Watch NFL Draft 2023 Free in USA on ITV [Easy Steps]

If you’re wondering “When is NFL free agency?” we heard you. Here’s the step to step guide to watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV on April 27:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN network. ExpressVPN is highly suggested.
  2. Install the ExpressVPN app on your media device.
  3. Launch the app and connect your device to a server in the US (Suggested: Docklands).
  4. Launch ITV player.
  5. Click play and watch NFL Draft 2023 for free.

ITV is a free streaming service but it can be a prepaid streaming platform if you want to stream ad-free, you must pay an ITV subscription cost to access the platform’s content and watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV.

One more thing, you don’t need to get worked up about signing up for the VOD service as you use a free trial and can cancel ITV subscription before the trial ends.

When and Where to Watch NFL Draft 2023?

You can stream NFL games live on ABC, ESPN, ITV, and ITVX. ITVX is a free catch-up service that will broadcast up to 20 live matches per season. The NFL draft will be available on ITV from 27th April.

So, if you’re wondering what channel is NFL Mock Draft 2023 today, it is on ITVX. So make sure to pick a reliable source VPN to watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV. Once you bypass ITV’s geo-block you’re in for the best show on ITV.

“When is NFL free agency?” The NFL free agency will kick off on 15th March 2023 at 4 PM (E.T). Before we proceed to NFL Draft 2023 we hope you checked out our step-to-step to watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV. Now let’s talk about the NFL draft location in 2024.

Where is the NFL Draft 2023?

The 2023 NFL draft location and dates will be hosted by Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. To attend the party you’ll have to register yourself at the Chargers’ website.

We hope you followed our step-to-step guide to watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV. Now let us talk about the NFL draft order for the 2023 games.

What is the NFL draft order for 2023?

From NFL mock draft 2023 to the compensatory draft pick list, we sorted it out all for you. Below are the NFL draft projections as per rounds.

NFL 1st Round NFL 2nd Round NFL 3rd Round
Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Rams* (from New England through Miami)
Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots (from Carolina)
New Orleans Saints (from San Francisco through Miami and Denver) Chicago Bears* (from San Francisco through Carolina) Atlanta Falcons
Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals New York Jets
Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills Houston Texans (from Cleveland)
Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys Tennessee Titans
New York Giants New York Giants New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars Las Vegas Raiders
Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions (from Minnesota) Los Angeles Rams
Baltimore Ravens Los Angeles Chargers Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers Chicago Bears (from Baltimore) Denver Broncos (from Indianapolis)
Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks Arizona Cardinals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Miami Dolphins Houston Texans
Detroit Lions Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)
Washington Commanders Detroit Lions San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)
Green Bay Packers Washington Commanders New York Giants from Kansas City Chiefs (Special Compensatory Selection)
New England Patriots New England Patriots San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)
New York Jets Green Bay Packers Cleveland Browns (Special Compensatory Selection)
Houston Texans (from Cleveland) Atlanta Falcons Washington Commanders (Compensatory Selection)
Tennessee Titans New York Jets Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)
Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans) Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago Bears* (from Carolina) Tennessee Titans Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints Carolina Panthers (from San Francisco)
Las Vegas Raiders Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals
Detroit Lions (from L.A. Rams) Las Vegas Raiders Buffalo Bills
Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Rams New York Giants
Arizona Cardinals Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars
Houston Texans Arizona Cardinals Minnesota Vikings
Carolina Panthers* (from Chicago) Houston Texans Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers (from Chicago) Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins
Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers
Indianapolis Colts (Washington Commanders)
Green Bay Packers
NFL 4th Round NFL 5th Round NFL 6th Round
New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection) Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection) Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)
Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection) San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
Chicago Bears (from Philadelphia) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Compensatory Selection) Washington Commanders (Compensatory Selection)
Carolina Panthers (from San Francisco) Las Vegas Raiders (Compensatory Selection) Las Vegas Raiders (Compensatory Selection)
Cincinnati Bengals San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection) Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)
Buffalo Bills New York Giants (Compensatory Selection) Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection) Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory Selection)
New York Giants Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection) New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)
Jacksonville Jaguars Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection) New York Giants (from Kansas City)
Cleveland Browns (from Minnesota) Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Philadelphia)
Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection) New York Jets (from San Francisco through Houston)
Baltimore Ravens Kansas City Chiefs Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia) Buffalo Bills
Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami) San Francisco 49ers Las Vegas Raiders (from Dallas)
Jacksonville Jaguars (from Tampa Bay) Cincinnati Bengals Houston Texans (from N.Y. Giants)
Pittsburgh Steelers Indianapolis Colts (from Buffalo) Jacksonville Jaguars
Minnesota Vikings (from Detroit) Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans (from Minnesota)
Washington Commanders New York Giants Los Angeles Chargers
New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons (from Jacksonville) Baltimore Ravens
Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Seattle Seahawks
New Orleans Saints Baltimore Ravens Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers Los Angeles Chargers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta Falcons San Francisco 49ers (from Miami) Denver Broncos (from Pittsburgh)
New York Jets Seattle Seahawks Detroit Lions
Cleveland Browns Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Commanders
Atlanta Falcons (from Tennessee) Detroit Lions New England Patriots
Las Vegas Raiders Seattle Seahawks (from Pittsburgh) Los Angeles Rams (from Green Bay)
Denver Broncos Washington Commanders Cleveland Browns
New England Patriots (from L.A. Rams) Green Bay Packers Los Angeles Rams (from Tennessee)
Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears (from New England through Baltimore) Houston Texans (from New Orleans)
Arizona Cardinals Tennessee Titans New England Patriots (from Carolina)
Houston Texans New Orleans Saints Tennessee Titans (from Atlanta)
Chicago Bears Carolina Panthers Jacksonville Jaguars (from N.Y. Jets)
Las Vegas Raiders (from Atlanta) New England Patriots (from Las Vegas)
New York Jets Detroit Lions (from Denver)
Cleveland Browns Los Angeles Rams
Las Vegas Raiders Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis)
Cleveland Browns (from L.A. Rams) Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs (from Chicago through Miami)
Buffalo Bills (from Arizona)
Chicago Bears

Finally, here’s the NFL mock draft 2023 for the 7th round.

NFL 7th Round
Houston Texans (Compensatory Selection) Miami Dolphins
Chicago Bears (Compensatory Selection) Seattle Seahawks
New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection) Indianapolis Colts (from Tampa Bay)
Green Bay Packers(Compensatory Selection) Green Bay Packers (from Detroit through L.A. Rams)
San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection) Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Giants (Compensatory Selection) Washington Commanders
San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection) Green Bay Packers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Compensatory Selection) Las Vegas Raiders (from New England)
Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from N.Y. Jets)
Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection) Cleveland Browns
Kansas City Chiefs Tennessee Titans
Philadelphia Eagles New Orleans Saints
San Francisco 49ers Jacksonville Jaguars (from Carolina)
Cincinnati Bengals Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons (from Buffalo) Atlanta Falcons (from Las Vegas)
Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Rams
New York Giants San Francisco 49ers (from Denver)
Green Bay Packers (from Jacksonville) Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers (from Minnesota through Denver) Las Vegas Raiders (from Arizona)
New York Giants (from Baltimore) Philadelphia Eagles (from Houston through Minnesota)
Los Angeles Chargers Chicago Bears

Since the NFL draft order is ready for action you might ask the prospect rankings of NFL 2023. Read-along to know more.

What are the prospect rankings of NFL 2023?

The 2023 NFL draft projections have taken binge-watchers by surprise. Here are the top 20 NFL players that will play off as per NFL draft order. The table includes the players, school,s and ranking that will probably be seen for NFL draft location 2024 as well:

Player Year School Pos HT WT Pos Rank Rank
Will Anderson Jr. Jr. Alabama EDGE 6-4 253 1 1
Bryce Young Jr. Alabama QB 5-10 204 1 2
Jalen Carter Jr. Georgia DL 6-3 314 1 3
C.J. Stroud Jr. Ohio State QB 6-3 214 2 4
Will Levis Sr. Kentucky QB 6-4 229 3 5
Tyree Wilson Sr. Texas Tech EDGE 6-6 271 2 6
Christian Gonzalez Soph Oregon CB 6-1 197 1 7
Devon Witherspoon Jr. Illinois CB 6-0 181 2 8
Anthony Richardson Soph Florida QB 6-4 244 4 9
Bijan Robinson Jr. Texas RB 5-11 215 1 10
Peter Skoronski Jr. Northwestern OT 6-4 313 1 11
Joey Porter Jr. Jr. Penn. State CB 6-3 193 3 12
Quentin Johnston Jr. TCU WR 6-3 208 1 13
Paris Johnson Jr. Jr. Ohio State OT 6-6 313 2 14
Lukas Van Ness Soph Iowa EDGE 6-5 272 3 15
Brian Branch Jr. Alabama S 6-0 190 1 16
Cam Smith Jr. South Carolina CB 6-1 180 4 17
Nolan Smith Sr. Georgia EDGE 6-2 238 4 18
Myles Murphy Jr. Clemson DL 6-2 268 2 19
Zay Flowers Sr. Boston College WR 5-9 182 2 20

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NFL Draft 2023

What are some other sports and shows you can watch on ITV?

Below are some other sports and shows that you can watch on ITV:

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Malpractice Bafta Television Awards 2023 Tower
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Women’s Finalissima 2023 Love Island UK Unseen Bits Love Island UK Full Episodes

FAQs – Watch NFL Draft 2023

Yes, it is possible. You will need to download and open the ExpressVPN app on your device, and connect to its English server. Once you are connected, open ITV Player and watch the 2023 NFL draft location and dates.

The NFL OnePass gives you access to the latest NFL information. It also gives you the chance to be part of NFL activities. To participate in interactive NFL draft simulator games, you will need to download the NFL OnePass app on your media device.

Check out our step-to-step guide mentioned above to watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV.

The NFL will be premiering on ESPN, and ABC but to watch NFL draft date 2023 order for free you will need ITVX’s free-to-air service. Make sure to review our 5-step process so you can watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV.

Wrapping UP!

We all remember SupeBowl Champs Juju Smith-Schuster’s 2017 iconic draft and his top-tier game against Burfict on NFL draft date 2023 order. The good news is that you and I can follow the above-mentioned easy-step guide and watch NFL Draft 2023 free in USA on ITV.

This year the Union Station will be hosting the NFL games for the first time and to follow the digital stream you’ll need a top-notch VPN with English servers. If you haven’t got one already, we recommend ExpressVPN (49% OFF, 1-year plan & 30-day money-back guarantee).