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Wondering where can I watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa? In this guide, we will show you how to watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa in USA on ITV with the help of a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, which is undoubtedly the best VPN ITV users can get to watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa in USA on ITV.

ITV has introduced its all-new streaming hub, ITVX, which is home to an expansive content library of popular TV shows, films, and documentaries. The streaming platform has been providing a non-stop dose of entertainment in 2023, with exciting TV series and blockbuster flicks.

I’m a Celebrity is going on a safari. The award-winning reality TV show is coming to South Africa with a unique, first-ever all-star show, featuring series legends from previous seasons. I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here: South Africa will start streaming on ITVX on April 24, 2023.

Owing to content licensing and copyright laws, ITV isn’t accessible in USA without a VPN app as it requires a UK IP address. Fret not, and follow our guide to watching ITV in USA.

How to Watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa in USA on ITV? [Quick Steps]

If you want to watch I’m a Celebrity online free in USA, you will need a premium VPN. See the steps below on how to watch Watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa on ITVX:

  1. Buy a subscription to a reliable VPN service like our recommended ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device and set it up.
  3. Connect to a UK server ( we recommended the Docklands server).
  4. Open a browser and go to the ITV website or use the smart app.
  5. Watch I’m a Celebrity online free in USA on ITV.

Note: if you love watching free content on ITV you can use the same steps to stream the other best ITV shows and best ITV movies as well, follow our guide for other details.

When and Where can I watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa in USA?

You can watch I’m a Celebrity 2023 on ITV in USA. Yes, it is confirmed that the series will be coming on ITV and ITVX. I’m a celebrity South Africa start date 2023 on ITV is April 24. So, mark your calendar and tune in on ITV at 9 pm, I m a celebrity tonight time.

The series premiere was confirmed by And & Dec back in September 2022. And if you have not subscribed to ITV yet grab your subscription as ITV subscription Cost is very affordable and you get to enjoy an ITV free trial as well. You can cancel your ITV subscription if you do not wish to continue in just a few clicks.

However, keep in mind the only drawback of ITV is that it is a geo-restricted service so use a VPN service like ExpressVPN to access ITV in USA.

Where else can I watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa in USA?

If you are wondering Where can i watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa other than ITV, the answer is no. you can not watch I’m a Celebrity 2023 anywhere else as it will be exclusively streaming on ITV. you can watch it on ITV channels ITV1 and ITVX.

Watching I’m a Celebrity: South Africa won’t be a problem for anyone as you can use ExpressVPN to unblock it from anywhere in the world.

This might lead to your next question when does I’m a Celebrity: South Africa start on ITV? The I’m a Celebrity: South Africa TV show’s release date on ITV is April 24, 2023, and you can watch it at 9 pm.

What happens in I’m A Celebrity…South Africa?

I’m A Celebrity…South Africa is a spin-off series of the original TV show, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here brings together some familiar celebrity campmates featured in the previous seasons. They will be competing in all-new challenges and daring tasks in South Africa in a bid to win the title of ‘I’m A Celebrity Legend’.

After battling it out in the jungles down under,  the legendary celebrity participants are gearing up for an even more unforgiving and harsher campsite in South Africa. Fans are equally excited to watch their favorite participants sweating it out in the jungle with tougher and bigger challenges.

Another exciting twist added to the usual format is that no public voting will be allowed, and the contestants will be battling it out with one another to win the title.

Who is in I’m a Celebrity 2023 South Africa?

There are 9 contestants that are confirmed and will be coming on for I’m a Celebrity South Africa. See the I’m a Celebrity 2023 lineup of celebrities below:

I'm-a-Celebrity...South Africa-cast-2023-in-USA

I’m a Celebrity…South Africa cast 2023

1. Shaun Ryder
2. Helen Flanagan
3. Phil Tufnell
4. Jordan Banjo
5. Carol Vorderman
6. Paul Burrell
7. Amir Khan
8. Janice Dickinson
9. Fatima Whitbread

Amir Khan (Boxing champion and a 2017 contestant of  I’m a Celebrity.)

“I’m a Celeb helped me overcome my phobia of spiders and snakes. It also made me tougher as a person and I’m determined this time not to be soft when it comes to the Trials!” says Khan.

Talking about his famous controversy of Strawberry-gate with Iain Lee, a TV and radio presenter, he said: “I don’t regret one bit what I did. I was starving at the time and it was fun and boisterous! It caused a lot of commotion in camp, but I couldn’t believe how big it became in the UK! Still to this day, I get people talking about it and coming over to me with gifts of strawberry bowls.”

Khan added further about his second appearance on the show with confidence: “I am not going to be a pushover. I came fifth last time but I want to go all the way in South Africa.”

Jordan Banjo (Diversity dancer, and DJ, 2016 contestant of I’m a Celebrity.)

“How many people get the chance to do it twice?” Jordan said.

“A series with different campmates from over the years sounds pretty cool and my fellow Diversity dancers are excited to see me suffer again!”

When talking about the possibility of winning the show, Banjo said: “Anybody who goes on something and says they don’t want to win is a liar. To win would be nice but to go back is a win too. You grow up watching I’m A Celebrity and there are so many people I would like to be within the camp.”

Helen Flanagan (Former Street actress and 2012 contestant of I’m a Celebrity.)

The soap actress said: “I am not saying I am going to go in and be a jungle warrior and be absolutely amazing because I will not. Yes, I will be scared but I will have a go and I will be a lot better than last time!”

Talking about how the show changed her life, Flanagan said: “It’s going to be different. I was only 22 back then and I am 32 now. I have grown up a lot and I’ve had three children and I’ve gone through three labours. I won’t not finish the trials because my mindset will be very different this time around.”

Carol Vorderman (TV presenter and 2016 contestant of I’m a Celebrity.)

“Doing I’m A Celebrity changed me a lot and I can’t wait to take part in this new series. I loved everything about I’m A Celebrity [the first time round]. It made me realise that I was missing many things I loved and within a short space of time after leaving the camp, I bought a little house in West Wales. I love Wales and I love being out at night. I’ve got a converted van and I live a bit of a hippie life!” Carol said.

She further added: “I go paddle boarding all the time now. You get to a point in life where you think everything is all a bonus. You can’t say ‘I will do that in 20 years’ time’. It made me realise that you need to live in the now. I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Ant & Dec when I see them in South Africa and I can’t wait to take part in this new series.”

Fatima Whitbread (Olympic legend and 2011 contestant of I’m a Celebrity.)

“I learnt a lot about myself in the Australian camp and I know there will be some life size characters and life size egos in South Africa too,” the Olympian legend, Fatima Whitbread said.

“But what a great experience it is going to be.”

Recalling her memorable trials in the 2011 season, Fatima said: “People still come up and chat about the cockroach. And every time I’m A Celebrity comes out, the cockroach incident gets aired quite a bit!

Paul Burrell (Former royal butler and 2004 runner-up of I’m a Celebrity.)

“I loved doing it the first time around and to be asked again is very special. It’s like coming into the final of the Jungle Olympics. I had to eat kangaroo testicles in Australia and I am expecting everything to be bigger in South Africa,” said Paul Burrell.

Talking about how the show changed his life, Burrell said: “I left camp as Paul Burrell and I realised I had to just be me. I’m A Celebrity made me a household name and I can remember going to my local supermarket to get the groceries and being mobbed. I was floored next to the frozen peas! Now people are going to get a whole load of me all over again!”  

Phil Tufnell (Ex-England cricketer and 2003 winner of I’m a Celebrity.)

“I am one of the lucky few to have gone in the jungle and experienced it all and that’s what appealed to me when they phoned up to ask me to take part again. I said yes immediately,” Phil Tufnell said.

Talking about being back on the show after 20 years, Tuffers said: “I was very brave back then but what I do know is the Trials don’t half make you feel that you are alive!

“The heart starts pumping and it is good to challenge yourself. I can still remember feeling very proud of myself after I’d completed the Trials. You do get a buzz and you’ve got to throw yourself into it all. I will go with a smile on my face and hopefully I will enjoy it as much as I did last time.” 

Janice Dickinson (Supermodel and 2007 contestant of  I’m Celebrity.)

“I’m coming back for more fun, more camaraderie and to see if I can get along with everyone. You never know what’s going to jump up and bite your ass,” said Dickinson.

Talking about her previous trials, the super diva said: “I wasn’t fearless doing the Trials in Australia but I always gave it a good shot except when they wanted me to drink something.

“I said no way, yuck, I can’t eat or drink something I can’t stomach, yuck… there are no skills for doing any trial, they are all evil.” 

Shaun Ryder (Singer of Happy Mondays and 2010 runner-up of I’m a Celebrity.)

“All I can remember about the trials is eating a lot of penises, testicles and eyeballs,” said Shaun Ryder.

“I could have stayed another year in Australia. I loved living outside in the camp and I had a proper laugh with my fellow celebrities. I know going to South Africa will be a great adventure. I can’t wait to do it,” the singer further added.

Rumored contestants

The show hosts Ant and Dec have confirmed that the show might see more legends joining the I’m a Celebrity the South Africa show after the premiere of the series.

The rumored contestants that we might see taking part in the show include the past winners of the show Joe Swash and Georgia Toffolo. Some of the ex-contestants like Dean Gaffney, Gillian McKeith, Andrew Whyment, and Myleene Klass will also join the show.

Why do you need a VPN to watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa live in USA on ITV


“Outside the UK? Due to our broadcast and content licences, you can only watch ITVX in the UK.”

ITV has become a go-to destination for streaming lovers to watch a variety of entertainment content for free. However, despite its growth and popularity, you can’t access its content in USA due to content licensing reasons. That’s why you need a VPN to watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa live in USA on ITV.

When you try to access ITV out of its licensed area of coverage without a VPN, the following geo-restriction error message appears:

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Is there a I’m A Celebrity…South Africa trailer?

I'm A Celebrity: South Africa

FAQs – I’m a Celebrity: South Africa in USA on ITV

IMA Celebrity South Africa is an all-new spin-off of the original reality TV show named I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. This special all-star season will see the homecoming of legendary campmates from the previous seasons of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in a challenging campsite in South Africa.

I’m a Celebrity has 22 seasons in total with 418 episodes.

Yes, you can watch all episodes of IMA Celebrity South Africa on ITV from Monday, April 24, 2023. The reality will show will air all week. However, if you are in USA, you’ll also need a premium VPN to access your ITV account due to geo-restrictions.

Here’s how you can watch IMA Celebrity South Africa 2023 Online in USA for FREE:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Download the VPN app on your device, and log in with your credentials.
  • Connect to a fast server in the UK.
  • Go to the ITV website or open its smart app to sign up for a free account.
  • Sign in to your ITV account and stream IMA Celebrity South Africa 2023 online for FREE

Wrapping up!

I’m a Celebrity is returning to TV and digital screen on April 24, 2023, with an all-new twist. I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here: South Africa will feature an all-star contestant lineup, with celebrity legends from all previous seasons.

If you don’t want to miss out on this entertaining, daring, and challenging reality TV show, you must follow our guide on how to watch I’m a Celebrity: South Africa in USA on ITV using the VPN hack.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN and our top-recommended app to access ITVX and other popular streaming platforms.