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You can watch TVB live outside Hong Kong with a VPN that offers a Hong Kong IP address.

You will see the following error message on your screens if you access the service without a VPN:

“Due to copyright limitations, is not available for this content”



Watch TVB Live Outside Hong Kong

Follow these simple steps to bypass region error successfully:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service that offers Hong Kong IP address.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your desired platform.
  3. Log-in & connect to a Hong Kong server.
  4. Visit or access through App.

Why will you need a VPN?

If you are living in any country other than Hong Kong, you will have to rely on a premium VPN service that will spoof your online location by changing your local IP address to Hong Kong IP address.  By doing so, you will appear to be in Hong Kong despite physically existing in any country. Thus, you can watch TVB dramas or shows abroad.

Best VPNs to Watch TVB Live Outside Hong Kong

Watching your favorite TVB media content in the shape of TV shows or dramas does not need any rocket science. If you have a VPN at your side, you can easily evade region-blocking restrictions completely.

After extensive research, I found these three below-mentioned VPNs handy and quite budget friendly as well. These are:

  1. PureVPN – VPN service with 20+ servers available in Hong Kong specifically
  2. Surfshark – Cost-Effective VPN provider with decent streaming speeds
  3. ExpressVPN – Excellent VPN service to bypass TVB geo-restrictions through Hong Kong server

PureVPN ($3.33/mo)

PureVPN, a Hong Kong based VPN service does not belong to any 5, 9, or 14 eyes country. It does not keep users’ logs. Above all, it offers 20+ servers in Hong Kong that makes it an ideal choice when it comes to unblocking TVB content from abroad.

It does have other amazing features such as built-in streaming mode and dedicated section for popular channels that take your media streaming experience to new heights. Besides, it delivers 31 days money back guarantee alongside an impressive list of tunneling protocols that make you truly anonymous online.

PureVPN pricing

  • $10.95/mo
  • $4.16/mo (12 months package)
  • $2.91/mo (24 months package)

Surfshark ($2.49/mo)

Surfshark, a British Virgin Island online privacy service does not take any half measure to secure their users’ privacy. With its transparent logging policy, you can be sure about your online anonymity to a considerable extent.

The service also offers a dedicated Hong Kong server that helps you unblock TVB news, documentaries and other content instantly. You can avail its exciting security features in the form of an internet kill switch, camouflage mode, tunneling protocols, and military grade encryption.

Surfshark pricing

  • $11.95/mo
  • $2.49/mo (24 months plan)
  • $5.99/mo (12 months plan)

ExpressVPN ($6.67/mo)

ExpressVPN is another BVI (British Virgin Island) based like Surfshark that offers an exclusive server in Hong Kong. Moreover, it has attractive privacy features like internet kill switch, zero knowledge DNS, leak security and so on.

Apart from this, the service provides 3000+ servers in 94 countries across the globe. On the contrary, it is one of the fastest VPNs in town that allow you to watch your preferred TVB TV shows or documentaries on diverse devices like Windows, Mac, and Android straightaway.

ExpressVPN pricing

  • $12.95 per month
  • $8.32 per month (12-months)
  • $9.99 per month (6 months plan)

Channels to Unblock on TVB outside Hong Kong

TVB compiles channels from different regions and offers you numerous shows, dramas, and much more to live stream online. These channels are mainly from Hong Kong but in addition to them, TVB offers international channels and some from Malaysia and Taiwan. Here are some of the channels you can access on TVB:

  • TVB Jade
  • J2
  • TVB iNews
  • J5
  • myTV SUPER
  • TV Weekly
  • TVB International
  • myTV Live
  • TVB Sports
  • TVB Mainland News
  • TVB Korean Drama
  • TVB Chinese Drama
  • TVB Pearl
  • TVBS News

What can I watch on TVB?

TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) provides five (5) free-to-air- HD channels including TVB Jade as its key Cantonese language service and TVB Pearl as its main English service. Here is the list of different shows you can watch on TVB that includes:

  • Infernal Affairs
  • Romance of 7 Days
  • Genesis
  • The Way We Dance
  • Mind Hunter


How to Watch TVB in the US online?

In order to use TVB within the US territory, you will have to subscribe to a VPN service that provides Hong Kong IP address. Luckily, all the VPNs described above have dedicated Hong Kong servers. This is how you may watch TVB content in the US anonymously.

How do I watch TVB drama free?

You can watch five (5) TVB channels like Jade, Pearl, J2, TVB News and TVB Finance & information once you have registered yourself. However, not all the things are rosy since you need to create an account first.

For registration purpose, you will have to give a local Hong Kong phone number. After receiving a verification code on your number, you can complete the registration process accordingly. Conversely, foreign viewers cannot complete the signup procedure, as they will need to provide their local phone number.

Besides, Hong Kong users who are living overseas can enjoy free media streaming of TVB. Nevertheless, you will have to connect to a VPN service before accessing TVB online.

Where can I watch TVB dramas online?

The task of watching TVB dramas is straightaway. You can avail cord-cutting options like Sling TV. All you have to do is to pay $15 per month to watch Cantonese shows, movies, music, cultural shows and others stress-free.

Wrapping Up

TVB is the best solution to satisfy all your cravings for Cantonese TV shows. However, it does not work outside Hong Kong due to content license agreements.

To overcome this issue and watch TVB live outside Hong Kong, it is paramount that you use a VPN service. With its multiple servers located in Hong Kong and its ability to hide your original location, you can easily access TVB overseas.

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