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The electrifying match between Atlas and Pumas UNAM is a must-watch event for Mexican Liga MX enthusiasts. Currently, with both teams showing promising performance in the league, the anticipation for their clash at Jalisco Stadium on 14th February 2024 is sky-high. To watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM outside USA on Fox Sports, I recommend you ExpressVPN to bypass geo-blocks effectively.

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Watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM Outside USA on Fox Sports [Quick Steps]

Here are the quick steps to watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM outside USA on Fox Sports:

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Where to Watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM Outside USA?

The Mexican Liga MX match between Atlas and Pumas UNAM can be exclusively streamed on Fox Sports. As the official broadcaster, Fox Sports provides comprehensive coverage of the event, ensuring fans do not miss a moment of the action.

Fans located outside USA, eager to catch every play, should consider using ExpressVPN to overcome any geographical limitations. By connecting to a US server, viewers can access Fox Sports seamlessly, making it possible to watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM from anywhere. Check the Fox Sports Subscription Plan for more details on how to subscribe effectively.

While Fox Sports is the go-to channel for this match, it’s crucial to use ExpressVPN for fans outside USA. This ensures uninterrupted access to the game, alongside other Liga MX matches, enhancing your viewing experience. For information on managing your subscription or how to cancel your Fox Sports subscription if needed, be sure to read our detailed guide.

For fans considering the cost associated with accessing Fox Sports outside USA, it’s important to note the various Fox Sports cost options available. This will ensure you choose a plan that fits your viewing needs while keeping in mind the option for cancellation as outlined in our guides.

Why Do You Need A VPN to Watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM Outside USA on Fox Sports?

Geographical restrictions can often hinder access to specific content like the Mexican Liga MX matches on Fox Sports for viewers outside USA. A VPN, such as ExpressVPN, bypasses these restrictions, providing global access to the game.

ExpressVPN facilitates a seamless connection to servers in the USA, granting a US IP address that unlocks Fox Sports outside USA. This way, fans can enjoy Atlas vs Pumas UNAM without missing a beat, regardless of their location. For optimal performance and troubleshooting tips, see our guide on what to do if Fox Sports is not working with your VPN.

To ensure you have the best viewing experience, selecting the best VPN for Fox Sports is crucial. ExpressVPN stands out for its reliability and speed, ensuring you can watch 2024 Bluegreen Vacations Duel 2 outside USA on Fox Sports without interruptions.

What is Liga MX?

Liga MX, officially known as Liga BBVA MX for sponsorship reasons, is the top professional football division in Mexico. Established as the Primera División de México, it features 18 clubs competing in two main tournaments each year: the “Apertura” from July to December and the “Clausura” from January to May.

Champions of each tournament are determined through a playoff system known as “Liguilla.” Liga MX is notable for its significant attendance, ranking as the most attended football league in the Americas and the fourth worldwide, behind the Bundesliga, Premier League, and La Liga.

What is the Format of Mexican Liga MX?

The Mexican Liga MX operates on an Apertura and Clausura format, splitting the season into two parts. Each segment features its own set of matches and playoffs, culminating in a champion for each half.

This structure adds a unique and exciting twist to the league, making every match crucial for the teams involved.

Atlas vs Pumas UNAM: Date and Time

The Mexican Liga MX offers a packed schedule, with the Atlas vs Pumas UNAM match being a highlight. Scheduled for 14th February 2024 at 15:00:00 (UTC-5), this game is one of the season’s must-see events, promising intense competition and thrilling football moments:

Atlas vs Pumas UNAM: Venue

The fierce competition will unfold at Jalisco Stadium (Estadio Jalisco), one of Mexico’s most storied football venues. Located in the heart of Guadalajara, Jalisco Stadium is set to provide a vibrant backdrop for this Liga MX showdown.

Fans planning to catch the live broadcast on TV or other devices can do so on Fox Sports. For those outside USA, using ExpressVPN is a reliable way to watch the match live and online, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the action.

Atlas vs Pumas UNAM Predicted Lineups

Club Atlas (4-2-3-1 Formation)

Position Player Number
GK C. Vargas 12
DEF G. Aguirre 13
DEF A. Santamaria 5
DEF H. Nervo 2
DEF J. Lozano 17
MID A. Marquez 18
MID A. Rocha 26
MID A. Solari 22
MID M. Garcia 8
MID R. Fulgencio 7
FWD J. Caicedo 23

Pumas UNAM (4-2-3-1 Formation)

Position Player Number
GK J. Gonzalez 1
DEF J. Rivas 189
DEF Nathan 6
DEF L. Magallan 4
DEF P. Monroy 13
MID R. Lopez 7
MID J. Caicedo 18
MID Eduardo Salvio 10
MID P. Quispe 27
MID R. Ergas 22
FWD G. Martinez 9

Atlas vs Pumas UNAM Head-to-Head Stats

Statistic Atlas Pumas UNAM
Wins (Last 23 home matches) 5 7
Draws (Last 23 home matches) 11 11
Wins (Last 48 meetings) 9 20
Draws (Last 48 meetings) 19 19
Goals Scored (Last 48 meetings) 44 70
Last Home Win Against Pumas UNAM 2017
Current Unbeaten Home Streak 5 matches

Where to Watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM Live Streaming?

Atlas vs Pumas UNAM Live Streaming on Fox Sports. Atlas vs Pumas UNAM live streaming and the telecast is available on the Fox Sports website.

Can I Watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM for Free?

Yes, you can catch the excitement of the Atlas vs Pumas UNAM match on Fox Sports without spending a dime, thanks to trial periods provided by numerous streaming platforms. Services such as Hulu+Live TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, and DirecTV offer free trials that grant you access to Fox Sports, where this much-anticipated Mexican Liga MX game will be showcased.

This opportunity is perfect for fans looking to experience the match live as it unfolds without committing to a long-term subscription. To get started, explore the Fox Sports free trial options available through these services.

For a hassle-free cancellation process, follow our step-by-step guide on how to cancel your subscription. This ensures you can enjoy the game and explore the service without any post-trial obligations.

What is the Ticket Price of Atlas vs Pumas UNAM?

Here’s an estimate of the ticket prices for Atlas vs Pumas UNAM:

Ticket Type Estimated Price Range
General Admission $20 – $50
Mid-Tier Seating $50 – $100
Premium Seating $100 – $200
VIP Packages $200 – $500+

What are the Predictions of Atlas vs Pumas UNAM?

The upcoming match between Club Atlas and Pumas UNAM is anticipated to be a closely contested encounter, with betting odds slightly favoring Club Atlas. According to Oddspedia, the odds for Club Atlas to win are set at +138, indicating a slight edge over Pumas UNAM, whose win is valued at +188.

In terms of scoring, the odds for over 2.5 goals in the match are -110, while under 2.5 goals is set at -125, indicating expectations for a moderately high-scoring game. The market for both teams to score is leaning towards “Yes” at -138, compared to “No” at -100, suggesting that an exchange of goals between the two sides is likely.

Atlas vs Pumas UNAM Journey So Far

The historical matchups between Atlas and Pumas UNAM showcase a rivalry filled with closely fought battles, with Pumas UNAM having a slight edge in terms of wins and goals scored:

  • Overall Head-to-Head Record:
    • Total Matches: 46
    • Atlas Wins: 10
    • Pumas UNAM Wins: 17
    • Draws: 19
    • Total Score: Atlas 44 – 63 Pumas UNAM
  • Performance at Estadio Jalisco (Atlas Home Ground):
    • Matches: 23
    • Atlas Wins: 6
    • Draws: 6
    • Pumas UNAM Wins: 11
  • Performance at Estadio Olimpico Universitario (Pumas UNAM Home Ground):
    • Matches: 23
    • Atlas Wins: 4
    • Draws: 8
    • Pumas UNAM Wins: 11
  • Competition Breakdown:
    • Liga MX Matches: 42 (Atlas 8 Wins, Pumas UNAM 15 Wins, 19 Draws)
    • Copa MX Matches: 3 (Atlas 2 Wins, Pumas UNAM 1 Win)
  • Recent Encounters (Last 6 Matches):
    • Atlas Wins: 1
    • Draws: 3
    • Pumas UNAM Wins: 2
  • Notable Matches:
    • Biggest Aggregate: Pumas UNAM 4-3 Atlas (2004/12/03)
    • Biggest Atlas Score: Pumas UNAM 1-4 Atlas (2011/10/16)
    • Biggest Pumas UNAM Score: Pumas UNAM 5-1 Atlas (2019/10/30)

Who is the Best Team Among Atlas vs Pumas UNAM?

Based on historical stats and head-to-head records, Pumas UNAM emerges as the better team with more wins (17) against Atlas (10) in their encounters.

What is the Schedule of Liga MX 2024?

Here’s the combined Liga MX schedule for the specified dates, streamlined without the TV column:

Date Match Time Results
Fri, Feb 2 Querétaro vs Cruz Azul 6:00 AM
Puebla vs Mazatlán FC 8:00 AM
Sat, Feb 3 Toluca vs León 4:00 AM
FC Juarez vs Necaxa 4:06 AM
Pachuca vs Tijuana 6:00 AM
Tigres UANL vs Pumas UNAM 6:05 AM
América vs Monterrey 8:10 AM
Sun, Feb 4 Atlas vs Santos 5:00 AM
Atlético de San Luis vs Guadalajara 6:00 AM
Mon, Feb 5 No games scheduled
Tue, Feb 6 No games scheduled
Wed, Feb 7 Pachuca vs Club Leon 8:00 AM
Fri, Feb 9 Mazatlán FC vs Atlas 6:00 AM
Club Tijuana vs Querétaro 8:00 AM
Sat, Feb 10 Necaxa vs Toluca 4:00 AM
Guadalajara vs FC Juarez 4:05 AM
Cruz Azul vs Atlético de San Luis 6:00 AM
Leon vs Club America 6:00 AM
Sun, Feb 11 Pumas UNAM vs Puebla 11:00 PM
Wed, Feb 14 Atlas vs Pumas 8:00 AM
Fri, Feb 16 Querétaro vs Necaxa 6:00 AM
Mazatlán FC vs Guadalajara 8:00 AM
Sat, Feb 17 Atlético de San Luis vs Tijuana 4:00 AM
FC Juarez vs Puebla 4:06 AM
Pachuca vs América 6:00 AM
Cruz Azul vs Tigres 8:00 AM

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Watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM on Fox Sports 30-day money-back guarantee

Atlas vs Pumas UNAM
  • Date : 14/02/2024@15:00:00 (UTC-5)
  • Event Name : Atlas vs Pumas UNAM
  • Event Platform : Fox Sports

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM live outside USA on Fox Sports by using ExpressVPN to bypass geographical restrictions. This ensures seamless access to the game, allowing you to enjoy every moment from anywhere in the world.

Pumas UNAM has won the Liga MX title 7 times, showcasing their significant impact and success in Mexican football history.

The captain of Atlas FC is midfielder Aldo Rocha. He has demonstrated leadership on the field, notably scoring the winning goal in their group stage opener, and has netted two goals across all competitions this season.

Yes, using a VPN is legal in most countries. It’s a legitimate way to access content while protecting your online privacy.

Wrapping Up

The match between Atlas and Pumas UNAM on 14th February 2024 is a highlight of this season’s Mexican Liga MX, and with ExpressVPN, fans outside USA won’t have to miss a moment. Prepare for an unforgettable football experience by ensuring your access to Fox Sports to watch Atlas vs Pumas UNAM outside USA on Fox Sports.

ExpressVPN helps bypass all geo-restrictions so that you can access Fox Sports without any hassle. Gear up to support your favorite team in this thrilling encounter, and immerse yourself in the best of Mexican football without any hassle.