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I understand how passionate sports fans in Colombia are about accessing ESPN Plus in Colombia. The service’s geo-restrictions can be quite a challenge, but I’m here to provide a solution. Using a top-tier VPN like ExpressVPN, you can seamlessly stream all the live sports and exclusive content available on ESPN+ without any hassle.

The importance of a reliable VPN can’t be overstated, as it’s essential for bypassing the geo-blocks that prevent access to ESPN+ Colombia. I’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite sports, whether football, baseball, or the latest documentaries, easily on your preferred devices. Plus, I’ll shed light on pricing and subscription methods, ensuring you’re well-informed at every step.

How to Watch ESPN Plus in Colombia [Quick Guide]

Here is how, with the right VPN, you can watch ESPN Plus in Colombia:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN, as it’s recommended for use in Colombia.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Connect to a US server recommended for Colombia. Recommended: USA – New York server.
  4. Visit ESPN+, log in, or sign up.
  5. Enjoy sports live on ESPN Plus Colombia!

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Watch ESPN+ in Colombia with ExpressVPN 30-day money-back guarantee

Is ESPN Plus Available in Colombia?

No, ESPN+ is not currently available in Colombia. However, to access it or other geo-restricted content in the region, you may need to use a VPN.

ExpressVPN is a recommended choice due to its reliability and the range of features it offers, including servers that are optimal for streaming services like ESPN+. Using a VPN can help you bypass regional restrictions and enjoy a broader range of sports and entertainment content.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch ESPN Plus in Colombia?

You need a VPN to watch ESPN Plus in Colombia due to the geo-restrictions imposed by the platform. Therefore, you’ll encounter an error message if you attempt to watch ESPN+ Colombia. A VPN, like ExpressVPN, becomes indispensable by enabling users to alter their IP address to a US one. This tricks the ESPN server into believing they are American users.

“We’re sorry, an unexpected error occurred.”


You’ll face a geo-restriction error if you access ESPN+ in Colombia.

By using a premium VPN service with strong unblocking capabilities, you get to watch ESPN with Disney Plus and other sports content and benefit from enhanced security and privacy while online. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, safeguarding your data from potential eavesdroppers. It also prevents bandwidth throttling by ISPs, ensuring a smooth ESPN Plus live stream free of buffering.

Best VPNs to Watch ESPN Plus in Colombia [Quick Overview]

Discover the top VPNs offering seamless access to watch ESPN+ in Colombia, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the action.

VPNs expressvpn-logo Surfshark-logo NordVPN-logo
Ranking for ESPN Plus 1 2 3
US servers 24 US server locations 600+ US servers 1970+ US servers
Speed (On 100 MBps) 89+ Mbps 81+ Mbps 83+ Mbps
Compatible Devices iOS, Roku, Android, FireStick, Kodi, Windows, macOS, PS4, etc. Android, Kodi, Windows, iOS, Roku, macOS, FireStick, PS4, etc. Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, FireStick, Roku, Kodi, PS4, etc.
Simultaneous Connections 8 Unlimited 6
Unblocks Streaming Platforms ESPN+, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and More ESPN+ Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and More ESPN+ Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and More
Split tunnelling Yes Yes Yes
Torrenting Yes Yes Yes
IP Addresses Dynamic IPs Dynamic & static Dynamic, shared, & dedicated
Pricing $6.67/mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free $2.49/mo - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee $3.99/mo - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free
Reviews ExpressVPN review Surfshark review NordVPN review

Best VPNs to Watch ESPN Plus in Colombia [In-Depth Analysis]

If you’re situated in Colombia and looking to access ESPN+, using a premium VPN is essential to circumvent geo-restrictions. Here are my best VPNs for ESPN Plus in Colombia for an efficient experience:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch ESPN Plus in Colombia


ExpressVPN stands out as the premier VPN service to watch ESPN+ in Colombia, offering unmatched speed, robust unblocking features, and superior security protocols.

With its expansive network of over 3000 servers in 105 countries, including 24 server locations in the US, ExpressVPN guarantees an optimal streaming experience.

The vast selection of US-based servers ensures that your ESPN+ live stream in Colombia will be smooth and uninterrupted. For live services, the server in New York comes highly recommended.


Unblock ESPN+ content instantly using ExpressVPN’s New York server.

For those eager to enjoy ESPN+ in Colombia, along with other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max, ExpressVPN stands out as an exceptional choice. Optimized specifically for streaming, ExpressVPN provides servers designed to facilitate smooth viewing experiences.

On a 100 Mbps connection, performance tests of ExpressVPN highlighted its efficiency, with results showing download speeds of 87.78 Mbps and upload speeds of 42.22 Mbps, underscoring its capability to support high-quality streaming without disruptions.


ExpressVPN offers the fastest speeds for streaming.

ExpressVPN is compatible with all major operating systems, including iOS, Windows, and Android, and supports connecting up to eight devices at the same time.

ExpressVPN uses robust AES 256-bit encryption to ensure your online activities remain private. Its commitment to your security is reinforced through features such as a No-Logs Policy, an Automatic Kill Switch, and DNS leak protection, all designed to allow for anonymous streaming and browsing.

The service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind, alongside 24/7 customer support for any inquiries or assistance. Additionally, new users can explore ExpressVPN’s services with a free 7-day trial available on mobile devices upon signing up.

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VPNRanks readers can enjoy ExpressVPN for $6.67/mo - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free! A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all plans.

Watch ESPN+ in Colombia with ExpressVPN 30-day money-back guarantee

Surfshark: Most Affordable VPN to Stream ESPN Plus in Colombia


Surfshark emerges as the most budget-friendly VPN service available at an affordable rate. Opting for Surfshark to unlock ESPN+ in the US while in Colombia is an excellent strategy, offering a compelling mix of cost-effectiveness and rich features.

Surfshark’s expansive network comprises over 3200 servers in 100 countries, including more than 600 servers strategically located in the US to facilitate uninterrupted access to ESPN+.


Easily unblock ESPN+ using Surfshark’s Charlotte servert.

This extensive server availability, including those in key locations like Los Angeles, ensures that streaming live sports events or catching up on ESPN+ offerings is seamless and efficient.

Surfshark’s testing demonstrated impressive performance on a 100 Mbps connection, achieving download speeds of 81.32 Mbps and upload speeds of 76.12 Mbps. This level of performance ensures that ESPN+ content will stream seamlessly in high definition.


Surfshark provides stable and fast speeds for streaming ESPN Plus Colombia.

Unlimited simultaneous connections are possible with Surfshark, and it works with a lot of different devices.

The VPN offers compatibility with a wide range of devices, incorporating a Kill Switch function, a strict No-Logs Policy, and AES-256 encryption for enhanced security and privacy. It also includes CleanWeb technology to improve your ESPN+ viewing by eliminating ads, trackers, and malware.

Surfshark allows you to evaluate its services risk-free with a 7-day trial and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, customer support is readily available around the clock to assist with any inquiries or issues.

Exclusive Deal:

VPNRanks readers can enjoy Surfshark for $2.49/mo - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee! A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all plans.

Watch ESPN+ in Colombia with Surfshark 30-day money-back guarantee

NordVPN: Largest Server Network VPN to Unblock ESPN Plus in Colombia


The vast network of servers maintained by NordVPN makes it possible to access US ESPN+ from Colombia. This VPN is ideal if you like streaming media and want to see sporting events online while on the go.

With over 6000 servers in 61 countries, including several in the US inside major cities like DC, LA, and Dallas, it offers a wide range of services.

Obtaining access to ESPN+ material in Colombia is as easy as connecting to one of the US servers.


Quickly unblock ESPN+ content using NordVPN’s US servers

No matter where you are in the globe, NordVPN can unblock your favorite streaming services like HBO, Netflix, and Hulu. Its servers provide dependable and fast connectivity, so streaming is a breeze.

On a 100 Mbps connection, my NordVPN speed tests revealed a blazingly fast download of 93.42 Mbps and an upload of 87.68 Mbps.


NordVPN delivers fast-speed results for streaming.

When it comes to platforms and operating systems, NordVPN has you covered. It works with Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and iOS, and it supports a plethora of streaming devices and routers.

NordVPN utilizes advanced security measures like server obfuscation and a double VPN system to ensure the safety of your data on its servers. It also incorporates the NordLynx Protocol, mechanisms to prevent DNS and IP leaks, and employs AES 256-bit encryption of military standards.

Exclusive Deal:

VPNRanks readers can enjoy NordVPN for $2.49/mo - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee! A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all plans.

Watch ESPN+ in Colombia with NordVPN 30-day money-back guarantee

VPNs I Don’t Recommend For ESPN Plus Streaming in Colombia:

While evaluating VPNs for ESPN+ streaming in Colombia, I discovered several VPNs that failed to deliver smooth and secure streaming experiences. Here are the VPNs I do not recommend for ESPN+ streaming in Colombia.

PureVPN: ExpressVPN outperforms PureVPN with faster streaming speeds and consistent performance, making it the superior choice for accessing ESPN+ in Colombia.
TunnelBear: In contrast, TunnelBear’s inconsistent connections and sluggish servers often disrupt streaming, highlighting the superior reliability and speed of ExpressVPN.
PIA: This macOS VPN isn’t stream-compatible and logs your online activity.

How to Watch ESPN+ Without Cable in Colombia?

With ESPN+, a cable subscription isn’t necessary; rather, a standard subscription can be created directly on their website. However, access to ESPN+ is limited outside the US. To sign up for ESPN+ and stream from abroad, you’ll need to utilize ExpressVPN.

  • Hulu + Live TV: A cable-free way to watch ESPN Plus and other channels is via Hulu + Live TV. Users can get live TV, on-demand programming, and only available Hulu Originals with a single subscription.
  • DirecTV Stream: It is an internet-based streaming service that provides live access to ESPN Plus. The additional channels, along with ESPN+, are available to users via a reasonable package.
  • Fubo TV: It is a fantastic option for fans of ESPN because of its reputation for producing content that is centered around sports. Customers get access to a variety of entertainment channels in addition to live sports, such as ESPN.

Can I Watch ESPN+ in Colombia Using a Free VPN?

Yes, you can watch ESPN+ in Colombia using a free VPN but it isn’t a good idea. Free VPN services often have limited server options and bandwidth, which can lead to poor video quality and frequent buffering. They also lack the robust security features of premium VPNs, leaving your personal data vulnerable.

In addition, many free VPNs have been known to track user data and browsing habits to sell to third parties. For a secure and uninterrupted viewing experience, investing in the best VPN for ESPN+ in Colombia is recommended. A premium VPN like ExpressVPN offers powerful security protocols and an obfuscated server network to stream without any hiccups.

How Much is ESPN Plus in Colombia?

ESPN Plus offers various ESPN Plus Colombia subscription plans for sports enthusiasts in Colombia looking to access an array of live sports events. Understanding how much does ESPN Plus cost in Colombia is crucial for planning your subscription. Here are the current prices:

Types of ESPN Subscription in Colombia Price Colombian Price
Monthly Subscription US$ 10.99 /mo Col$42767.04/mo
Annual Subscription US$ 109.99 /yr Col$428020.59/yr
Disney Bundle Duo Basic Disney+ (With Ads) and Hulu (With Ads) US$ 9.99 /mo Col$38875.59/mo
Disney Bundle Trio Basic Disney+ (With Ads), Hulu (With Ads), and ESPN+ (With Ads) US$ 14.99 /mo Col$58332.84/mo
Disney Bundle Trio Premium Disney+ (No Ads), Hulu (No Ads), and ESPN+ (With Ads) US$ 24.99 /mo Col$97247.34/mo
UFC Pay-Per-View Per Event US$ 79.99 /mo Col$311277.09/mo
UFC Pay-Per-View Annually US$ 134.98 /yr Col$525267.92/yr

How to Pay for ESPN+ in Colombia?

An ESPN+ subscription in Colombia can be bought via the ESPN+ website or app. There are two distinct ways to become a member of ESPN+:

Sign Up to ESPN+ Via US Credit Card

Follow the steps below to subscribe to ESPN+ via US Credit Card:

  • Get a premium VPN subscription: ExpressVPN is highly suggested.
  • Connect to a US server: Download the VPN app and connect to a US server.
  • Go to ESPN+ site: Access the ESPN+ website .
  • Sign Up: Click on the “Sign-up”, enter the required details.
  • Select a subscription plan: Choose your preferred subscription plan.
  • Enter payment details: Provide your US credit card information to complete the subscription process.
  • Enjoy ESPN+ in Colombia: Once your subscription is active, you can watch ESPN+ in Colombia.

Sign Up to ESPN+ Via Virtual Prepaid Card or a Gift Card

Follow the steps below to subscribe to ESPN+ via Gift Card:

  • Connect VPN to USA server: Launch ExpressVPN and connect to a US server.
  • Sign up: Visit a service like StatesCard and click on “SIGN UP NOW.”
  • Verify your account: Account verification might take up to 24 hours.
  • Load credit to your card: Select “Load Credit,” pick payment: US credit card or PayPal.
  • Subscribe to ESPN+: Use your loaded virtual card to access ESPN+ subscription page.
  • Start: Enjoy accessing ESPN+ content in Colombia!

How to Pay for ESPN+ in Colombia with Google Gift Cards

Paying for ESPN+ in Colombia is straightforward using Google Gift Cards by following these highlighted steps:

  • Obtain ExpressVPN Subscription: Ensure you have ExpressVPN in bypassing geo-restrictions.
  • Connect to a US Server: Use ExpressVPN to connect to a server in the United States.
  • Set Up a New Gmail Account: Create a new Gmail account, and set the USA as your region.
  • Add Funds with a Google Gift Card: Purchase a Google Gift Card and add the funds to your Google account.
  • Download and Subscribe on the ESPN+ App: Get ESPN+ from Google Play, choose a subscription, and pay with Google Gift Card

How to Sign Up to ESPN+ in Colombia with Apple Gift Cards

Signing up to ESPN+ in Colombia using Apple Gift Cards involves these clear steps:

  • ExpressVPN Subscription Required: First, get ExpressVPN, praised for its streaming optimization.
  • Connect to a US Server: Connect your device to a US server via ExpressVPN.
  • Change Your Apple ID Region: Change device region to USA in Settings > Profile > Media and Purchases.
  • Purchase an Apple Gift Card: Buy an Apple Gift Card from Amazon, ensuring it covers the subscription cost.
  • Redeem and Subscribe: Top up with Apple Gift Card, subscribe to ESPN+ app, pay with Apple balance.

The Difference between ESPN+, ESPN App, and ESPN?

Understanding the differences between ESPN+, the ESPN App, and ESPN is crucial for sports enthusiasts seeking to tailor their viewing experience. Let’s break down the distinct characteristics of each service to help you decide which option best suits your needs.


ESPN, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a household name in sports broadcasting. This network provides a diverse range of live sports telecasts, including American football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, and more.


The ESPN App, formerly known as WatchESPN, offers a platform where you can enjoy live streaming of thousands of sports events and shows right at your fingertips. The app serves as a free portal to watch short videos and highlights.


ESPN+ is an affordable subscription service that complements the ESPN App by providing access to exclusive live sports events, original content, and full replays that aren’t available through standard ESPN channels.

Comparing ESPN Plus with Other Streaming Services in Colombia

Find below the comparison of ESPN Plus with different streaming services:

Service Name ESPN Plus Paramount+ Eurosport
Availability in Colombia Yes (with a VPN) Yes (with a VPN) Yes (with a VPN)
Monthly Cost + Yearly Cost Col$42882.98/mo, Col$429180.98/yr Col$38980.98/mo, Col$390160.98/yr Col$29251.46/mo, Col$167348.49/yr
Sports Content MLB, NHL, NBA, College Sports, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, MMA, and more Soccer (including UEFA), NFL on CBS, Golf, NCAA Olympics, Cycling, Motorsports, Snooker, Winter Sports, and more
Device Compatibility Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, PCs, game consoles Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, PCs, game consoles Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, PCs
Language Support English, Spanish English, Spanish Multiple languages
Free Trial No 7 days No
Multi-Stream Yes Yes Yes
Colombian Subtitles No No No
HD Streaming Yes Yes Yes

Can I Cancel My ESPN Plus Subscription from Colombia?

If you’re billed directly by ESPN Plus and would like to cancel your subscription, then follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the US server of ExpressVPN.
  2. Access your ESPN+ account using a computer or mobile browser.
  3. Move your cursor over or tap your Profile picture in the top-right corner.
  4. Choose “ESPN+ Subscriptions” from the “Manage my” section.
  5. Click or tap on “Manage Subscription.”
  6. Click “Cancel Subscription.”
  7. Finally, click “Cancel Now” to confirm the cancellation.

Which Devices Support ESPN Plus in Colombia?

A wide range of devices supports streaming ESPN+ in Colombia, ensuring that viewers can enjoy their favorite sports content across different platforms. Here are the devices compatible with ESPN Plus:

ESPN Plus Supported Devices in Colombia
Android smartphones and tablets Apple TV
Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick Chromecast
iOS devices including iPhones and iPads Gaming consoles like PS4 and PS5
PCs Roku streaming devices
Smart TVs

How to Watch ESPN Plus in Colombia on Android?

To stream ESPN Plus on your Android device in Colombia, follow these concise steps for a hassle-free setup:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and install the app on your Android device.
  2. Connect to a server in the US, such as the New York server.
  3. Download the ESPN Plus app from the Google Play Store or visit the ESPN Plus website.
  4. Sign in or subscribe to ESPN Plus and start streaming your favorite sports events.

How to Watch ESPN Plus in Colombia on iPhone/iOS?

Get ESPN Plus in Colombia on your iPhone or iPad with these steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and download the app on your iPhone/iOS device.
  2. Connect to a US-based server, recommending the New York server for optimal performance.
  3. Download the ESPN Plus app from the App Store or access ESPN Plus website.
  4. Log in or subscribe to ESPN Plus to begin streaming sports events and shows.

How Can You Get ESPN Plus in Colombia on Smart TV?

Learn how to get ESPN Plus on Samsung Smart TV in Colombia, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go for a VPN subscription. ExpressVPN is recommended.
  2. Download the Samsung Smart TV app if you own it. If not, set up your router to use our VPN service.
  3. Connect to a US-based server.
  4. Launch ESPN and log in.
  5. Start watching ESPN+ in Colombia!
Watch ESPN+ in Colombia on Smart TV 30-day money-back guarantee

How Can You Use ESPN+ in Colombia on Roku?

Learn how to get ESPN Plus on Roku in Colombia, follow these steps:

  1. Get a VPN subscription, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Set up your router to use our VPN service.
  3. Pick a US-based server.
  4. Link your Roku device to your wireless network.
  5. Get the ESPN app from the Roku Channel Store.
  6. Start ESPN Plus streaming in Colombia!
Watch ESPN+ in Colombia on Roku 30-day money-back guarantee

How Do I Get ESPN+ in Colombia on FireStick?

The steps to stream ESPN Plus on Fire Stick in Colombia are as follows:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Go to the Amazon App Store and get Fire Stick app.
  3. Make a connection to a US server.
  4. Launch ESPN+, then log in.
  5. Start and watch your favorite shows on ESPN Plus in Colombia!
Watch ESPN+ in Colombia on Fire Stick 30-day money-back guarantee

Why is My ESPN Plus Not Working in Colombia?

Mentioned below are some of the reasons that could help you understand why your ESPN+ not working in Colombia:

  • Geo-Restrictions: ESPN+ is a US-based site, so check if you are connected to a US server.
  • Updated App: Ensure your VPN app is up-to-date.
  • Browser Cache: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Device Compatibility: Check ESPN+’s website for a list of compatible devices.
  • Network Congestion: Choose a less busy VPN server for smoother streaming.
  • Subscription Problems: Check your account’s subscription status and payment details.
  • App Glitches: If ESPN+ app acts up, restart or reinstall for fixes.
  • Use a reliable VPN: Use ExpressVPN US server for ESPN Plus streaming in Colombia.

What Sporting Events Can You Watch on ESPN+ in May 2024?

Below is a glimpse of all the amazing content you can watch on ESPN+:

2024 Cognizant Founders Cup 2024 APP Tour Cincinnati 2024 PGA Championship
2024 Big Sky Softball Championship Lewis vs Nascimento UFC Fight Night Womens FA Cup Final
2024 AAC Softball Championship Cobras Brasil Rugby vs American Raptors 7 Innings Live Selection Special
2024 A LEAGUE MEN games Naoya Inoue vs Luis Nery NCAA Softball Selection Show
2024 Ohio Valley Softball Championship Finland vs Czechia Manchester United vs Tottenham Womens Final
2024 SoCon Softball Championship Phillips 66 Big 12 Softball Championship lomachenko vs kambosos
A10 Softball Championship Charlotte Independence vs Forward Madison 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix F1 Race
Cavaliers vs Celtics Game 2 NBA Semifinals Germany vs Slovakia Towson vs Syracuse First Round

List of Other Countries Where You Can Stream ESPN+

Below is a table displaying the accessibility of ESPN+ in several regions using a VPN:


To access ESPN+ in Colombia, follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Install the VPN.
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Subscribe to ESPN+.
  • Enjoy ESPN+.

Officially, ESPN+ is not available in Colombia due to licensing and broadcast restrictions. However, Colombian residents can access ESPN+ by using a VPN to connect to a US server, effectively bypassing geographical limitations.

Yes, with ESPN+, you can enjoy streaming on multiple devices simultaneously. However, the number of devices may depend on your subscription plan. To maximize this feature, ensure you have a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN that can support several connections at once.

While ESPN+ itself is not available on Amazon Prime, Prime members can add ESPN content to their account. Keep in mind that you’ll still need access to a VPN to bypass any regional restrictions on ESPN+ content in Colombia.

Currently, ESPN+ does not offer a free trial. However, their subscription plans offer great value for sports enthusiasts looking to access a wide range of content.

No, it is not possible to watch ESPN+ in Colombia without using a VPN. ESPN+ employs geo-blocking technology to restrict access to its content outside USA. A VPN helps mask your IP address, making it appear as though you are accessing from within the US, thus enabling you to bypass these restrictions.

Yes, ESPN Plus offers Spanish language options for its content. This is particularly useful for viewers in Colombia and other Spanish-speaking regions, as it allows them to enjoy a wide range of sports content in their preferred language.

Wrapping Up

To watch ESPN Plus in Colombia effortlessly and navigate around geo-restrictions, the key strategy involves leveraging a VPN. This method unlocks access to an extensive selection of sports broadcasts without encountering any geographical limitations.

ExpressVPN stands out as the preferred option for this purpose, boasting powerful servers that proficiently bypass restrictions on sports streaming platforms.

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