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Christmas is just around the corner and so is the best time of year to get cuddled up in your blankets and watch sweet romantic comedy movies. One such movie, A Show-Stopping Christmas, is releasing on CBC. So let’s figure out how to watch A Show-Stopping Christmas in USA.

CBC is a Canadian public broadcaster, meaning it is geo-restricted in USA due to content licensing policies. Luckily, you can still watch this Christmas title on CBC in USA. All you will need is a VPN service.

Connect to a VPN to alter your IP address to watch your movie A Show-Stopping Christmas in USA. Our recommendation would be ExpressVPN. Learn how to set up ExpressVPN below.

Watch A Show-Stopping Christmas in USA – [Quick Steps]

Here are the quick steps for you to set up your ExpressVPN. Follow these steps to watch A Show-Stopping Christmas in USA:

  1. Download the ExpressVPN app
  2. Create a Login ID
  3. Subscribe to its plan as per your wish
  4. Link to any Canada server
  5. Connect to CBC and search for A Show-Stopping Christmas and steam it anytime!

Where to Watch A Show-Stopping Christmas?

You can watch A Show-Stopping Christmas on HBO Max. It is the primary streaming platform that would be releasing this movie.

However, this movie will also be available on CBC. Just make sure to connect your ExpressVPN before streaming the movie to avoid any re-attempts due to geo-restriction.

What is the release date of A Show-Stopping Christmas?

The playful romance movie A Show Stopping Christmas release date has been announced. It is going to be released on the 20th of November, 2022, at sharp 8.00 PM EST. Mark your calendars now if you don’t want to miss this movie!

What is A Show-Stopping Christmas Plot?

Based in the lands of Western Massachusetts, A Show-Stopping Christmas is a fun, playful, light romantic movie perfect for Christmas time.

The main lead, Riley Burdett (played by Jamie Perez) is an artistic director of Onota Theatre. The theatre is owned by a parsimonious lady, Regina (played by Maureen Keiller). Out of nowhere, she announces the selling decision of the theatre, which puts Riley in a thigh spot.

Riley must change her mind before it’s too late.

On the other hand, a TV star, Sam Palmer (played by Thomas McDonnell) escaped crazy Hollywood drama by hiding in the quiet town of Massachusetts.

Riley starts a Christmas show with him to be played on Christmas Eve to save the theatre. Will this play be able to stop Regina from selling the theatre or will it steal her heart in this whole process? Find out more in A Show-Stopping Christmas trailer.

Who is in the cast of A Show-Stopping Christmas?

The main cast members of A Show-Stopping Christmas, along with their characters played, are given in the table below:

Cast Members Character Played
Jamie Perez (main lead)Riley Burdett
Thomas McDonnellSam Palmer
Maureen Keiller (main lead)Regina Caldwell
Caroline PortuBridget
Robert WalshArchie
Junior CiusBill
Paul MelendyElvin
James DickensTiny Tim
Dennis DanielGhost of Christmas Present
Mollie PedersenLittle Fan
Allison RothwellOutdoor Show Patron

What is the Duration of A Show-Stopping Christmas?

The movie, A Show-Stopping Christmas, lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. It will be a light movie of the genre of Holiday and Romance. So get ready to binge-watch this title this season!

A Show-Stopping Christmas base on a true story?

No, A Show-Stopping Christmas is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story written on the holiday theme by Joany Kane. 

The movie was directed by John Stimpson and Produced by Mark Donadio.

What is a rating of A Show-Stopping Christmas?

There are yet no A Show-Stopping Christmas IMDb ratings available. The movie has a comparatively lower viewer ratio than the other Christmas movie released. The apparent running time of the movie is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Is there any trailer for A Show-Stopping Christmas?

Yes, there is a Show-Stopping Christmas trailer. It is currently available on YouTube for you to watch. However, the trailer is also streaming on the CBC channel. Click here to watch the full trailer.

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Yes, it is a light, playful romantic movie that could be great to lighten up moods.

The director of A Show-Stopping Christmas is John Stimpson.

The producer of A Show-Stopping Christmas is Mark Donadio.


A Show-Stopping Christmas is a fun, playful romantic movie ideal to watch for Christmas. However, a VPN is necessary if you wish to watch A Show-Stopping Christmas in USA. ExpressVPN possesses all the features in premium quality for you to stream this movie in any part of the world without any effort. So get your VPN now and never miss out on your favorite movies!