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BT Sport is a British-specific sports streaming service owned by British Telecom. The channel is geo-restricted to the UK, meaning only residents of the UK can view the wonderful and exclusive sporting events offered on the channel. However, there is a way to watch BT Sport in Germany with VPN.

The only thing required to Watch BT Sport in Germany is a subscription to a premium Virtual Private Network. A quality high-speed VPN  masks your original IP address whenever you connect to a UK server.  In this way, you can easily circumvent BT Sport geo-blocking.

How to Watch BT Sport in Germany [Easy Steps]

It is quite easy to enjoy BT Sport in Germany. The reward is definitely worth the little effort outlined in this guide. After all, you can stream many sporting events like Football, Golf, Rugby, Basketball, Moto GP, Boxing, Baseball, WWE, Volleyball  Cricket, Netball, etc, on this channel.

Although this streaming service is UK-specific, many people in Germany are interested in accessing the channel. As mentioned above, the first thing to do so you can join many people using this platform in your country is to get a premium VPN for yourself.

  1. Subscribe to and download ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a UK server.
  3. Visit the BT Sport website
  4. Log in to your account 
  5. Enjoy your favorite sports teams from around the world.

Why A VPN Is Needed to Watch BT Sport In Germany? 

You need a VPN to watch BT Sport in Germany because BT Sport is geo-restricted to the UK. If you’re a tech guru, there may be other ways to bypass this restriction. However, the most popular method is by using a Virtual Private Network.

Many companies restrict their content to different regions for business reasons. By licensing their services to specific regions, they increase market share, tailor their offers to target customers, and stay competitive.

Without a VPN, BT Sport can discover your non-UK IP address and deny you access. Each device has its unique IP which is almost as accurate as a GPS in revealing your location. While that may help you explore the closest restaurants around you, it will hinder your ability to watch BT Sport if you do not live in the UK.

There are many premium VPNs out there. However, we recommend 3: ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN. We tested various VPNs using the BT Sport software and picked these.  They not only encrypt your location data but also secure your device as you browse the web.

Whenever you connect to any of the UK servers provided by these VPNs, the geo-restriction disappears. Even while staying in Germany, you will have unrestricted access to this exclusive sports hub.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch BT Sport in Germany?

I am not surprised that you may ask if a free VPN can do the job as well. It definitely can, but using a free VPN always poses different kinds of risks. It is always advisable to invest in premium VPN software. Premium VPNs ensure that your connections are secure.  

When it comes to speed, a free VPN cannot match a premium VPN. Speed is one of the decisive factors in choosing one of our 3 recommended VPNs. They provide an unmatched experience without the annoying buffering common in free VPNs.

Another issue is privacy. Just like you are warned to be careful while using a free public WIFI, a free VPN could easily be hacked, endangering your private information. Always consider the security of your device whenever you log in online.  

Most free VPNs expose you to data breaches. It does not mean that there are no secure free Virtual Private Networks, but you may have to perform your research and make sure the feedback from other users is encouraging before you attempt.

Free VPN companies may sell your data to third parties to cover maintenance costs and possibly turn over profits. Many users don’t read policies and even when you do, it doesn’t stop some developers from collecting and misusing your information. On the surface, the VPN may be free, but at the backend, you’re indirectly paying to use the service.

Spending some amount of money for a superior VPN  like ExpressVPN, Surfshark and NordVPN is the better choice. With any of them, you can easily watch BT Sport in Germany and securely browse other sites. Apart from speed and privacy, some free VPNs place limits on your usage. 

You may not access all the sites you want using some of the VPNs out there while risking exposure to devastating malware. In some cases, you will not have the freedom to choose your desired country or server. The risks associated with using free VPNs outweigh the benefits. 

How to Get A Subscription For BT Sport in Germany

BT Sport is exclusive to UK residents. After obtaining a premium VPN, there is still another little hurdle before you can watch BT Sport in Germany. The channel accepts only UK credit cards

This is another piece of evidence that proves users reside in the UK. With increased globalization, many companies accept credit cards from different countries and even cryptocurrencies so shopping online with your credit card may have become routine for you, but for a BT Sport subscription, you need a UK credit card.

The good news is that you can obtain a credit card from someone living in the UK or have them purchase it for you. Depending, you can offer to repay them with your credit card or cryptocurrency. Once you have overcome this last hurdle, you can comfortably watch BT Sport in Germany.

The steps below will help you enjoy your favorite sports contents from BT Sport no matter your location.

  1. Download a  premium VPN preferably ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to any UK server.
  3. Navigate to the BT Sport Website
  4. Click on “Buy Monthly Pass”.
  5. Next, click “New to Monthly Pass”.
  6. Create your account with an email address and choose a password.
  7. Input a billing address with a UK postal code.
  8. Enter UK card details.
  9. Subscribe.

Once you purchase a package, you gain access within 15 mins to enjoy BT Sport in Germany. 

How Much Does BT Sport Cost Per Month?

You can choose from the £16, £25, and £41 price tiers. They are bundled with desirable features including  BT broadband, 600 hours of recording space, pause and rewind Live TV, the ability to simultaneously connect multiple devices, and other add-ons like Netflix.

Some of the packages can be swapped monthly. BT Sport offers the flexibility of watching two different sports events with two different devices all at once. Access is provided within 15 minutes of subscribing.

BT Big Sport (£41)

The highest tier of BT Sport offerings comes with TV and broadband packages. Choosing this package means you can connect to another TV and watch a different sport entirely. Gone are the days when everyone has to watch the same program at the same time. With BT Big Sport, you choose what you want, whenever you want to. 

Features include:

  • Full BT Sport package.
  • 11 Sky Sports channels through the NOW app.
  • Eurosport 1 and 2.

Monthly Pass (App only, £25)

With this package you enjoy;

  • One-month pass on the BT Sport app or web player.
  • Every BT Sport channel.
  • No BT broadband is needed here.
  • Cancel any time.

Sport (£16)

Cheaper than the first two packages, the BT Sport package offers exciting features.

  • All BT Sport channels plus Boxnation.
  • BT Sport App.
  • Recordable TV Box.
  • Package swapping.
  • Broadband price not included.

Is Your Device Compatible with BT Sport?

BT Sport by British Telecom is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux devices. You can also watch BT Sport in Germany through other streaming devices like PlayStation, Xbox, Android TVs like Samsung, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, NOW, Roku, and Chromecast Ultra.

What are the Best VPNs To Watch BT Sport In Germany

This content isn’t available in your area”  pops up whenever you try to watch BT Sport in Germany. To watch BT Sport in Germany, you need a VPN. Earlier, I pointed out the benefits of using paid VPN software. Stay away from free ones if possible. 

Below are the features of our 3 best recommended Virtual Private Networks.

ExpressVPN – $6.67 – (Overall Best VPN To Watch BT Sport in Germany)

ExpressVPN offers the speediest connection among other VPNs tested. It has 3000 servers in over 105 countries. With ExpressVPN, accessing BT Sport in Germany is as easy as clicking a few buttons. 

ExpressVPN’s Docklands and London servers are the fastest UK servers to access BT Sport in Germany. An average download speed of 92.26 Mbps and an upload speed of 89.26 Mbps guarantee fast rendering.

Other than Germany, you can also access BT Sport in France or from any other country like Greece, Italy, America, and more.

Equipped with Smart DNS, ExpressVPN helps you sidestep other services with more limitations, especially those that do not allow traditional VPNs. It also boasts other high-end security protocols like Private DNS leak protection, AES-256-bit encryption, ISP throttling, and SmartPlay — outstanding technologies missing in some free VPNs.

What’s more, ExpressVPN supports every device that’s compatible with BT Sport. No hang-ups at all, just plain fun. The$6.67 monthly subscription fee comes with a 49% discount for a 12-month plan which also includes extra 3 months for free.

  • 30 days refund guarantee
  • Accepts 5 simultaneous connections
  • No Logs Policy

  • Slightly expensive

Get ExpressVPN in just $6.67/mo (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan)

Surfshark $2.49 – (Best Affordable VPN To Watch BT Sport in Germany)

Surfshark offers a mouth-watering 81% off on a 2-year plan. It is less expensive than ExpressVPN but is among the best VPNs.  With over 3200 servers in 100+ countries, you can quickly watch BT Sport in Germany. We recommend London and Manchester servers, they have proved to be the fastest with an average download speed of 88.14 Mbps and an upload speed of 83.72 Mbps. 

Surfshark Alert, Surfshark Antivirus, Surfshark Search, Incogni, and other fast tunneling protocols are top security provisions that secure your device when you pick this VPN.

  • 30 days refund warranty.
  • 7 days free trial.
  • An unlimited number of simultaneous connections.
  • No-logs policy.

  • Improved log policies are required.


NordVPN – Starting from $3.09 (Recommended for Largest Servers)

NordVPN is one of the most popular Virtual Private Networks and for good reasons. It offers 5500 reliable servers in over 60 countries. As such, you can watch BT Sport in Germany using NordVPN. We found out the Edinburgh server is better than the Manchester server. 

The London server is the best to connect to with an average download speed of 86.49 Mbps and an upload speed of 79.42 Mbps. Some of their smart features include Nordpass, Nordlayer, Nordsecurity, Nordlocker, Double VPN, AES-256-Bit encryption, Cyberseek, etc. NordVPN scans your downloads and files for spyware. Threat Protection safeguards your passwords and devices from cyber attacks.

Just like BT Sport, NordVPN offers a 3-tier pricing system for $5.29/month, $3.99, and $3.09.  A whopping 68% discount is yours on a 2-year plan with an additional 3 months free. Apart from streaming BT Sport in Germany, this VPN will adequately serve other purposes and help you access other restricted services. 

  • 30 days refund guarantee.
  • 7 days free trial.
  • 6 simultaneous connections

  • Slow occasionally, almost negligible.

All the 3 VPNs listed above accept payments from major credit cards, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. You can subscribe any time and any day. 


BT Sport is only available in the UK. However, with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN, you can watch BT Sport in Germany. Virtual Private Networks mask your IP address so the channel does not dictate that your location is outside the UK.

Yes, you can watch Netflix through your BT TV bundle. Netflix is one of the add-ons you enjoy when you subscribe to BT Big Sport. Also, you can use the NOW app which provides you access to Sky Sports channels. Through your BT TV account, you can select other programs like Amazon Prime Video and AMC. 

Technically, yes you can. However, we advise against using a free VPN to mask your IP address. A free VPN may expose you to data breaches and other malware. Premium VPNs like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN are the best options. Apart from connecting to a UK server to watch BT Sport in Germany, you enjoy speedier connections and other security features not provided by free VPNs.

Using premium Virtual Private Networks subscriptions is legal.

Wrapping It Up

BT Sport is an exclusive sports streaming platform owned by British Telecom. It offers live coverage of spectacular events including the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and other major football leagues to UK residents. Basketball, Cricket, WWE, Racing, Badminton, and lots of other sports are available to BT Sport members.

Apart from sports, you can also access amazing streaming platforms from all over the world like HBO Max in Germany, Hulu in Germany, BBC iPlayer in Germany.

All you need to watch BT Sport in Germany is to download a premium VPN like ExpressVPN which is recommended for its fast servers. Surfshark is relatively affordable while NordVPN has over 5500 servers and a large user base. With any of this software, you can circumvent the UK geo-blocking implemented by BT Sport and enjoy your favorite live sporting events.

Watch BT Sport in Germany by subscribing to any of the available 3-tier payment plans: BT Big Sport, Monthly Pass, and Sport. In addition to BT channels, you can access various add-ons including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and NOW. BT Sport is accessible on major operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, NOW, Roku, and other Smart TVs.