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my mum your dad in usa

My Mum, Your Dad is a reality dating series produced by ITV Studios Australia. Thanks to 9Now, the series is available to watch and stream online. However, if you want to watch My Mum, Your Dad in USA, 9Now’s licensing restrictions prohibit you from streaming this content.

The show is available to watch on 9Now only in Australia. But if you want to stream My Mum, Your Dad from any other location, then a fastest VPN is your only solution. It will bypass every restriction, and you can access 9now in USA from anywhere with ease.

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Watch My Mum, Your Dad in USA- Easy Steps

To watch My Mum Your Dad in USA with the help of a VPN, here are a few easy steps to be followed.

  1. Download and install a VPN app. ExpressVPN is the best in this regard.
  2. Sign up and select a plan.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia.
  4. Fire up your 9Now app and watch the show.

Where to watch My Mum, Your Dad?

While you can watch My Mum, Your Dad on 9Now, you can also watch it from different streaming platforms like Sling, FuboTV, DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV, and Philo. The problem occurs when you try to watch My Mum, Your Dad in USA.

The content is restricted from streaming in USA and only a top notch VPN can make this content available to you. It can also unblock other online content for you. So, try using ExpressVPN.

When is My Mum, Your Dad released on 9Now?

My Mum, Your Dad was premiered on 9Now on Monday the 7th of November at exactly 7:30 pm.

This brought home the Australians a candid and heart-warming new series that explores the modern-day family dynamics.

The series will follow the lives of several families as they navigate the delicate balance of work, life, and family. From the perspective of both the parents and the children, we will see how these families interact and what goes on behind closed doors.

My Mum, Your Dad is a timely and relatable new series that will have viewers hooked from the first episode. So make sure to watch this exciting show on 9Now this November.

What is My Mum, Your Dad reality show about?

My Mum, Your Dad reality show is a dating series whereby kids set up their parents. It entails a group of single moms who moved into one luxurious house called the Second Chance Retreat. They are all looking for love and fresh starts in life.

The series chronicles their journey as they go on various dates with eligible bachelors, the main aim being to find the man of their dreams. However, they are unaware that their kids always spy on them from a vantage-positioned kid bunker.

With the help of hidden cameras, the children can see and hear everything that goes on between their parents and their potential suitors. They even put some pranks on the dates, which makes the show all the more hilarious. The moms are also unaware that their kids are always lurking and often give them some very honest feedback about the dates.

There are also a lot of twists, challenges along the way, and the elimination of some of the suitors, which makes for great drama and entertainment. The show aims to see if the parents can find love again and have a second chance at happiness. It is a funny, heartwarming, and often emotional series that will have you hooked from the first episode.

Who are the host and contestants of My Mum, Your Dad?

The host of My Mum, Your Dad is Kate Langbroek. Besides the host, the show features contestants that perform different duties. These contestants are:

Pricilla and Carole: Hairdresser
Tim and James: Mental Health Facilitator
Heath and Haydn: Firefighter
Neil and Dylan: National Sales Manager in Sports Construction
Roe and Sachem: Basketball shooting skills Coach
Shane and Kayla: Construction Business Owner
Milli and Kristy: salon owner and hairdresser
Mel and Sam: Boutique store workers
Michelle and Chloe: Flight attendance
Petula and Drhys: Psychic Medium
Charlie and Eliza: Wine & Liquor Maker
Darren and Tess: Luxury Travel Company Owner

Is there a trailer of My Mum, Your Dad?

Yes, there is a trailer of My Mum, Your Dad on YouTube. It was released on the 7th of January, 2022. The trailer shows the children’s view on their parents’ dating life and how they feel about it, and expect them to be on the show.

What Else You Can Watch on 9Now?

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch My Mum, Your Dad in USA?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for 9Now to watch My Mum, Your Dad in USA. From its numerous servers, you can choose the one that’s closest to your real location for the best speeds.

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ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to watch My Mum, Your Dad in USA

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If your device cannot support ExpressVPN directly, you can use MediaStreamer DNS service, a tool from ExpressVPN that will enable you to stream geo-restricted TV shows and movies on your device, like My Mum, Your Dad, and Love Island Australia 2023.

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It is too early to say because the show has started this November 7..

Yes, this show is a dating reality show whereby contestants who are single middle-aged parents date following their children’s advice.

Jimmy went to the retreat house.


My Mum, Your Dad is a great show available in USA. The show is a great way to stay connected with family and friends while also getting some good laugh.

The show is now available on 9Now, so no need to worry about missing out on any new episodes.

With the help of ExpressVPN, you can easily watch My Mum Your Dad in USA. All you need to do is connect to a server in the US, and you will be able to stream the show without any issues.