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Watch Love Island Australia in USA

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Where to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA?

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Where can I Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 Online for Free?

You can watch Love Island Australia 2022 free on 9Now. This platform offers free access to all its content, including the latest season of Love Island Australia, with a simple login or sign-up process to create a complimentary account.

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What is Love Island Australia Season 4 Release Date?

Love Island Australia Season 4 premiered on October 31, 2022, exclusively on the streaming platform 9Now. This season, filled with enchanting date nights, daring challenges, and a rollercoaster of emotions, has kept viewers hooked.

For those wondering when does Love Island Australia starts, Season 1 premiered on May 27, 2018. This season’s debut marked another exciting chapter in the series, continuing to captivate audiences with its unique blend of romance and reality TV drama.

Who were the Love Island Australia Season 4 Contestants?

Love Island Australia Season 4 welcomed a vibrant mix of sizzling singles, including a surprise entrant from Married At First Sight. Below, we provide a sneak peek into their backgrounds and interests.

The “Islanders” of the 4th season of Love Island Australia are:

A Glance at Islanders – Love Island Australia
Participant Age Competing From Occupation Status
Andre Coutinho 24 Perth, Western Australia Mental Health Support Worker Eliminated
Jordan Dowsett 25 Gold Coast, Queensland FIFO Electrician Eliminated
Callum Hole 24 Brisbane, Queensland Personal Trainer Finalist
Stella Hutcheon 24 Brisbane, Queensland Radio Media Coordinator Dumped
Tak Chipangura 23 Brisbane, Queensland Security Guard Dumped
Austen Bugeja 22 Sydney, New South Wales Spray Painter Winner of the Show
Conor Howard 26 Sydney, New South Wales Real Estate Agent Dumped
Phoebe Spiller 22 Sydney, New South Wales Fashion Student Finalist
Holly Oakes Ferguson 25 Brisbane, Queensland Customer Service Representative Dumped
Claudia Bonifazio 23 Adelaide, South Australia Medical Secretary Winner of the Show
Mitchell Eliot 25 Sydney, New South Wales Personal Trainer Finalist
Jessica Losurdo 26 Sydney, New South Wales Risk Analyst Dumped
Layla John 20 Melbourne, Victoria Student Eliminated
Maddy 26 Perth HR Advisor Dumped

How much do Contestants of Love Island Australia Season 4 Get Paid?

Contestants of Love Island Australia Season 4 receive a daily fee of around $150 for their expenses during the show. Additionally, for every post they make during filming, contestants are compensated with $1,000.

This payment structure supports their daily needs and incentivizes active participation and engagement on social media, enhancing the show’s visibility and appeal. Brand-affiliated posts further boost contestants’ earnings, offering them a bonus amount.

Who is the Host of Love Island Australia Season 4?

Sophie Monk hosted Love Island Australia Season 4, bringing her unique charm and wit to the villa. She has hosted three seasons of the Love Island Australia series. Prepare for another season of her unforgettable hosting that keeps us all entertained.

Where was Love Island Australia Season 4 filmed?

Love Island Australia Season 4 was filmed in Mallorca, Spain. This location returns to the show’s original filming site, as the first season was shot in Spain.

The following two seasons were filmed in Fiji and Byron Bay, answering the frequently asked question, Where is Love Island Australia filmed? The choice of Mallorca as the filming location contributed significantly to the visual appeal and overall ambiance of Love Island Australia Season 4.

How many Episodes does Love Island Australia Season 4 Have?

Love Island Australia Season 4 consists of a total of 29 thrilling episodes. This top-notch season debuted on the Nine Network on October 31, 2022, and kept viewers captivated for an entire month until its grand finale aired on December 20, 2022.

With each episode filled with drama, romance, and unexpected twists that will keep you hooked from start to finish – this is undoubtedly a must-watch series for reality TV fans!

Love Island Australia Season 4: Episode Breakdown

Love Island Australia Season 4 – Full Weekly Breakdown
Breakdown Weekly Wrap Up
Grand Finale of Love Island Australia Season 4
(Episode 28)
  • It was a big day for Mitchell & Phoebe, Maddy & Callum, and Austen and Claudia. They are the finalists of Love Island Australia Season 4.
  • Host Sophie Monk appeared in a full, gleaming mood, and we all now know it’s the day we’re waiting for 8 weeks.
  • Australian fans voted for one couple they loved the most and want them to be together forever.
  • Here you go! Sophie announced, “The winners of Love Island Australia 2022 are……. none other than Claudia and Austen.
  • They both have to pick one egg from the basket. Austen picked the one with $0, and Claudia spotted the one with $50,000.
  • So, now Claudia has to answer Sophie’s question, “Love or Money?” And guess what? Claudia answered without hesitating that he wanted Austen and not the money.
Week 7
(Episode 25-27)
  • Tina and Mitch are our first official Love Island Season 4 couple. Austen and Claudia’s romance deepens in the meanwhile.
  • After sharing an intensely passionate kiss, Jessica and Al will enjoy a romantic shoe.
  • Every eye cried soon after the announcement of Jordan leaving for home.
  • The romantic confession of Austen and Claudia about their feelings toward each other is magical.
  • New Islander is going home after the superfans pick up Al, Tina, and Phoebe to choose the least possible couple, Hugh & Stella.
Week 6
(Episode 21-24)
  • Tak and Stella are unsure what they’re doing with each other, whereas we can see how happy Jess and Al are with their hideaway chance.
  • Jordan publicly said things about Phoebe H that are not less than hurting her.
  • This episode will also bring the reunion of former Love Islanders “Tina and Mitch and two new bombshells at the Love Island Australia Season 4 set. (Guess what? They both are siblings).
Week 5
(Episode 17-20)
  • Jessica received a text message that said, “Let’s go on a date,” and she eagerly left for this date. Claudia had no clue Jess had met her ex-boyfriend Jason on a date.
  • Callum was irritated by Jason’s presence in the villa and questioned Claudia about her previous connection with Jason.
  • Another thing that happened due to Jason’s entry was the chaos between other Islanders, and they discussed what they would do if their exes arrived at the villa.
  • The Islanders are taken aback when Mitch and Tina enter the villa.
Week 4

(Episode 13-16)

  • Jordan sparked a more substantial interest in Phoebe, and we can see their closeness during the episode.
  • Ben (the new bombshell) arrives at the villa, and Tak feels concerned about the elimination round. Well, Tak is not the one for today’s elimination. It’s the newcomer, Ben and Stella.
  • Stella is separating her paths with Ben, and thus, Ben has to leave the villa alone.
  • Viewers will watch another interesting recoupling event at the villa.
Week 3
(Episode 9-12)
  • Connor started engaging with Holly and kissed her. But, unfortunately, they both have to face elimination in this episode.
  • Here comes the announcement from superfans: they chose Claudia and Austen, Stella and Jordan as new couples.
  • Claudia and Austen enjoyed their private time in a hideaway chance.
  • Following a challenge, Maddie ditched Tak due to not-so-valid reasons.
Week 2
(Episodes 5-8)
  • Sophie Monk is on the set of Love Island to announce the first recoupling ceremony, and the ceremony ends with Andre leaving the villa as he was the last single guy left.
  • A surprising first bombshell arrival happened, and she introduced herself as Maddy.
  • New things are happening in the villa, including a sad breakup between Conner and Jessica.
  • Phoebe cried out after listening to what Mitchell thought about her and that he was open to new bombshells.
Week 1

(Episode 1-4)

  • The game began with the presentation of guys in front of six girls.
  • The girls selected their mates, while Jessica did not choose one.
  • Claudia has chosen Jordan, but after a while, Jordan dumps her.
  • Conner and Jess talked a little and found themselves interested in each other.

When did Love Island Australia Season 4 Finale Happen?

Love Island Australia 2022 concluded with its grand finale on December 20th, 2022, captivating audiences nationwide for an exhilarating 30 days. Viewers were eagerly glued to their screens as they followed the journey of passionate individuals searching for love and companionship on a picturesque island paradise.

Whether it was the intense romantic connections or surprises that unfolded along the way, this edition of Love Island Australia undoubtedly left a lasting impression on contestants and viewers alike.

Now, spectators are already excited about what lies ahead in next year’s chapter and awaiting impatiently when does Love Island Australia 2024 starts.

Who Won Love Island Australia Season 4?

Austen and Claudia emerged as the triumphant couple, seizing first place in Love Island Season 4 Australia. In recognition of their victory, they were granted a generous sum of $50,000 to be divided equally.

Following closely behind Austen and Claudia were Mitchell and Phoebe, alongside Callum and Madeline, who secured second-place rankings in this sensational reality TV competition.

How Much Prize Money Winner of Love Island Australia Season 4 Get?

The grand prize for the Love Island Australia Season 4 winner was an impressive 50,000 Australian dollars. The vibrant and engaged Australian audience plays a crucial role by casting their votes for their favorite couple on Love Island Australia.

After diligently scrutinizing each pair’s journey and connection within this reality TV series, they ultimately decide who should receive this hefty cash reward as a token of admiration from viewers across Australia.

Is there a Love Island Australia Season 4 Trailer?

Yes! Love Island Australia Season 4 Trailer is available on the 9Now website and Love Island Australia’s official YouTube page. Get a glimpse of the drama, romance, and sun-kissed moments awaiting in Season 5 with the Love Island Australia 2024 trailer.

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How Does Love Island Australia Work?

In Love Island Australia, the participants passionately strive to form connections with various fellow contestants to secure their place within the opulent villa. As each week progresses, when a contestant faces elimination and is subsequently expelled from the premises, a fresh face eagerly replaces them.

Eventually, when it comes down to the show’s finale, viewers across Australia can vote for their most beloved couple among all others. On this premise, we announce and crown The winning duo of Love Island Australia.”

Who won the first three seasons of Love Island Australia?

The winner of the first season of Love Island Australia was Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir. But after two weeks of the finale, they broke up. A winning couple of the Season 2 were Josh Packham and Anna McEvoy. They also broke up after almost one year of the finale.

And the recent winners of the Season 3 were Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis. They had a good relationship after the finale, but in February 2022, they also parted ways.

Is anyone from Love Island Australia still together?

Yes, several couples from Love Island Australia have managed to maintain their relationship beyond the show’s conclusion. For instance, Josh and Amelia from Season 1 are still going strong, while Taku and Michela from Season 3 have also found love that has endured outside the villa.

Additionally, Zoe and Chris, contestants in Season 3, are one of those success stories. It is worth mentioning that Mitch and Tina were a couple for quite some time after their appearance on the show; they even reached milestones such as introducing each other to their families. However, unfortunately, they announced their split at the beginning of this year.

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Love Island Australia Season 4 is available to stream on 9Now. Besides 9Now, you can watch Love Island Australia 2024 on Disney+ and Hulu.

Yes, you can watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA on 9Now using a VPN. A reliable VPN allows you to bypass geographical restrictions, enabling you to enjoy the series from the US.

Follow these steps to watch Love Island Season 4 in US:

  • Subscribe to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  • Download the VPN onto your device.
  • Connect to a server in Australia.
  • Navigate to the 9Now website and watch Love Island Australia in the US!

According to Emily’s (contestant) friend, Love Island Australia is not scripted, but the show’s producers highly influence it to make it more interesting.

Stephen Mullan takes the mic as the narrator of Love Island Australia Season 4. He fills the shoes of Eoghan McDermott with his brand of humor and insightful commentary.

Casting producers select the contestants for Love Island Australia from their swimwear photo shoot and complete background check of the short-listed candidates.

There are currently four seasons of Love Island Australia. The first season premiered in 2018, the second in 2019, the third in 2021, and the fourth season was released in 2022. As more seasons are expected to come, stay tuned to our website for more updates on Love Island!

You can watch the new Love Island season and all previous seasons on the 9now app.

Besides 9Now, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ are the streaming services to watch Love Island Australia 2024. However, they all are subscription-based platforms, so 9Now is the best choice to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA for free.


That’s all! We’ve explained everything related to how to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA on 9Now. As you may already know, this show is only available in Australia due to licensing and geo-restrictions. That’s where a VPN comes into play.

ExpressVPN is highly recommended, providing excellent speed performance and robust security measures. With ExpressVPN’s assistance, you can navigate the geographic restrictions and watch your favorite show.