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Netflix in New Zealand works just as well as in any other region. The problem is, the content catalog is considerably smaller than what you can get in the US.

The good news is you can get American Netflix in New Zealand using Surfshark, a VPN that helps unlock all streaming content by changing your IP address to that of a different region, such as the US.

I’m going to explain in this article why US Netflix is worth it? And how can you use Surfshark to bypass Netflix restriction and stream TV shows and movies in New Zealand?

How to Get American Netflix in New Zealand with VPN?


Surfshark is one of the most affordable VPN services you can get your hands on for Netflix unblocking for any region of the world.

You’ll mostly want to connect to a US server using Surfshark in order to watch American Netflix. That’s because almost all of the shows and movies worth watching are available if you connect to Netflix with a US IP.

Surfshark makes this easy with its instant one-click connectivity and servers that can bypass Netflix’s VPN detection technology with no trouble whatsoever.

In addition, the 1000+ sever count in 100+ countries, and a wide range of security features make this VPN a high-value solution, considering the price tag to  $2.49/mo to boot.

So, if you’re a New Zealander Netflix subscriber and can’t find some show or movie that your US pals are enjoying on the streaming platform, Surfshark is your best bet to join in with them and gain complete access.

5 Steps to Watch US Netflix in New Zealand (With Video Tutorial)

Step 1: Visit the official Surfshark website and subscribe to a plan

Step 2: Download and install Surfshark VPN

Step 3: Launch the VPN

Step 4: Connect to a US server

Step 5: Now open Netflix via website or app and watch your favorite shows on the streaming site

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Netflix US vs Netflix NZ

The main reason why people look for a way to get American Netflix in New Zealand is the unavailability of a good number of shows and movies that are only watchable for US audiences.

Here’s how great the difference between US and New Zealand Netflix is in numbers:

US Netflix content library

New Zealand Netflix content

Source: Finder (updated June 2018)

This amounts to 87.67% more content in US Netflix as compared to New Zealand. If that’s not reason enough to try and bypass the regional discrimination in the content on Netflix, I don’t know what is.

Fortunately, VPNs make it so simple to change your IP address at a click and make it seem as if you belong to a different country than where you are located.

Why Netflix Titles Vary by Regions?

It is no secret that Netflix does not offer the same titles across all countries. Some movies and shows are only exclusively available in the US, while other regions might receive some releases sooner in time than elsewhere.

But why does it have to be this way?

Netflix, like any video-on-demand service, has to comply with licensing agreements with content producers. These agreements almost always restrict the regional availability of content, which ultimately leads to differences in the catalog of shows in Netflix when accessed from different parts of the world.

Since your IP address can be easily used to determine the country you are located in, Netflix uses this information to display only the content it is legally permitted to show in your location.

What about the Netflix VPN ban?

The use of VPNs for American Netflix outside the country is nothing new. People have been doing this as soon as Netflix became available globally.

However, things took a turn in January 2016, when Netflix started a crackdown against VPN services, banning many of them in the process.

A lot of the VPNs succumbed to the ban, but the better ones survived and continue to work with Netflix to this day. The users with VPNs whose IPs were banned by Netflix started receiving this depressing error screen unless they accessed the service directly:

Netflix VPN ban

Surfshark is among the VPNs that still work with Netflix, and remains one of the cheapest such solutions available in the market.

So, you should choose a VPN only after researching its ability to bypass Netflix. You don’t want to invest in a service that is filed in Netflix’s blacklist.

Wrapping Up

As you must have noticed in this article, it’s pretty simple to get American Netflix in New Zealand. Just use Surfshark with their US servers and that’s all that’s really needed to unlock the complete content catalog on Netflix in NZ and enjoy your favorite shows.

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