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The long lasting wait has been over! Netflix has officially announced its launch in 130 countries along with Malaysia at the CES event last week. The news of Netflix Malaysia has caused a stir among the viewers, fans and binge watchers residing in Malaysia.

You can snuggle in your couch and enjoy the on-demand entertainment experience on your Apple TV, Android, iPhone and many other devices. You can find countless block buster hits, best of the time movies and hundreds of top seasons on Netflix.

Fans all over the Malaysia showed great affection towards the news;

To enjoy the marvelous stuff at Netflix in Malaysia you just need to subscribe, Once you purchase the monthly subscription of MYR33 you get access to enjoy the on-demand entertainment.

Let’s turn the table! I will tell you how to save your hard earn money and enjoy the hilarious American Netflix content which is still inaccessible to you.

How to Get American Netflix in Malaysia

When it comes to watching the content, US Netflix is the biggest media library with the most fascinating and dazzling collection of top movies along with TV series.

The users in the United States enjoy the enormous content library of Netflix. In order to watch US Netflix content, you will need a VPN that unblocks Netflix or Malaysian VPN.

However, The launch of Netflix in Malaysia has driven the excitement among Malaysian fans. But unfortunately most of the content in US library is not available to any other country including Malaysia.

But, Sit back and Relax! Now you can kill two birds with one stone.

Once you purchase a VPN, you will be able to get Netflix at as low as MYR24.41 (I will tell you how). In addition to this you can explore the American library of Netflix with each and every movie along with the hilarious TV seasons that are inaccessible in your country.

When you access Netflix, your IP address is determined. The IP address holds important information including your country and current location. This is the point where the VPN comes into play. The VPN changes your IP address to US server.

In other words you get access to Netflix from USA. In addition to this you acquire access to Netflix US library. Sounds amazing?

netflix in malaysia

The use of VPN is increasing tremendously due to its unbeatable benefits

Use VPN to Watch US Netflix in Malaysia in just YMR24.41

Apart from adding the hilarious content to your library, you can get the Netflix subscription down from MYR33 to just MYR21.6 per month.

You heard it right! If you use a VPN, it can change your actual IP address to one in Mexico. Once you purchase a VPN you are able to change your location. In result you will get Netflix subscription from Mexico for just MYR24.41.

Thumbs Up! you just saved your MYR8.59 in this way. Along with that you get the entire collection of streaming media which is blocked in your Malaysian Netflix library.

You can select the VPN from following list. I have added some finest VPNs ever so you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment on Netflix US library.

  1. PureVPN ($3.33/mo)
  2. Surfshark ($2.49/mo)
  3. Ivacy ($1/mo)
  4. ExpressVPN ($6.67/mo)
  5. NordVPN ($3.71/mo)

Netflix on Apple TV

Netflix has been released for Apple TV along with mobile versions of the application for various platforms. Once you get the VPN and Netflix subscription you are all set to enjoy the on-demand entertainment on a range of platforms.

As soon as you connect to VPN, you can download the US Version of Netflix application and watch the media of US library.

You can watch the Netflix on your Android phone, I phone and windows as well by downloading the application from Google Play Store or Apple store.

netflix in malaysia

Preview of Netflix on windows platform

In A Nutshell

Although you can now enjoy Netflix in Malaysia. It is launched globally. The Huge On-Demand Entertainment Service is now officially available in each and every country except China.

netflix in malaysia

The area in red color are the regions where Netflix is officially accessible while the grey area is the region where Netflix is inaccessible

Yet the geo-restriction barrier upon enormous media library still exists. Viewers have to face the obstruction when it comes to access the movies and TV series of their choice.

However with the use of VPN you can thrill to bits and get rid of the obstruction on your favorite content. VPN provides you doorway to the on-demand entertainment.

After the purchase of your VPN you are just single step away to access the most fascinating and uproarious movies and seasons of all the time.

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