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Even though 92 percent of Germans have access to the web, they still can’t stream the American content library of Netflix. This leaves around 60.04 million Germans unable to Watch American Netflix in their own country, which has all the popular Netflix movies and TV shows that are only available in the US library.

So what are you missing?

Well, if you don’t know, the US library of Netflix is the most popular. It roughly has around 1150+ TV shows and 4590+ movies. In comparison, the German library of Netflix only has around 28.35% TV shows and 31.35% of movies.


This is Not Fair with Germans, right?

However, there are VPN software that can help you to get American Netflix content in Germany. A VPN comes with ‘US servers’ that are fully optimized for streaming the Netflix content in Germany or anywhere in the world.

How VPN Helps To Get American Netflix in Germany?


If you are don’t know about VPN, it’s a software that encrypts your internet traffic and authorizes you to access geo-restricted content Netflix in Germany.

Since VPNs have their speed optimized servers all over the world, you need to connect a ‘USA Server’ location and virtually appear to be there.

For instance, if you are in Germany and want to stream the America Netflix content, then you need to connect to a USA server to obtain a US IP address.

It means you are tricking Netflix into thinking that you are living in the United States, but actually you are in Germany. This way, you can unblock any show that is exclusively available only in the US library.

Steps To Watch American Netflix in Germany with a VPN

The following are the steps to watch American Netflix content in Germany by avoiding the geo-graphical with the help of a VPN.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider that offers US servers’.
  2. ‘Download’ and ‘Install’ the VPN app on to your device.
  3. Enter your Username’ and Password’ to log in.
  4. Now, connect to the US Server’.
  5. Finally, search for the US Netflix show’ and start streaming without restrictions.

6 Best VPNs To Get American Netflix from Germany

It’s not simple to find VPNs that offer ‘US servers’ for American Netflix in countries like Germany. At the time of compiling the list of VPNs, I came across a ton of VPNs that didn’t work for Netflix. So after a lot of filtering, here is the list of reliable VPNs that can help you in accessing the Netflix in Germany:

1. PureVPN


First up, we have PureVPN. It is one of the best VPN you can use in Germany for American Netflix. After all, it offers 2,000+ servers in 140+ locations, out of which 25+ servers are available just in the US.

Another thing that is impressive about PureVPN is the built-in mode for US Netflix as it allows the users to watch Netflix shows in HD quality with zero issues.

And thanks to the leak protection and streaming optimized protocolsI was able to unblock the US Netflix library in Germany without getting detected.

Best of all, PureVPN offers the most bang for your buck. It costs only  $1.32/mo , supports 10 multi logins and comes backed a 31-day money-back guarantee.

  • Streaming Mode For HD Quality
  • 25+ Optimized USA Servers
  • 31-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • 5-Simultaneous Connections
  • Fast Speed

2. Surfshark


Next up, we have Surfshark, another outstanding VPN to evade geo-restrictions of US Netflix. Despite being the most affordable VPN, it still managed to get American Netflix in a single try without prompting me to the proxy error.

I also quite like the apps of Surfshark. I love that it’s available on almost every device and is quite lightweight. When streaming Netflix library of USA, Surfshark managed to provide super-fast speed with HD-quality. As for the server Network, Surfshark offers around 1,040+ servers in 61+ countries.

If we talk about pricing, Surfshark only costs $2.21/mo . Best of all, Surfshark offers unlimited multi logins and with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • 20+ Reliable USA Servers
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Small List of Server Compared to other VPNs

3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN might be the most expensive VPN on this list, however, its performance is unlike any other VPN I’ve tested so far. In my testing, ExpressVPN worked exceptionally well.

I was able to unblock US Netflix in Germany with zero issues at all. Part of the reason behind its exceptional performance is its 3000+ server network and 20+ US servers.

Needless to say, If you need a super-fast VPN that can help you access anything and everything, then you just can’t avoid ExpressVPN. That being said, ExpressVPN is not the kind of VPN that everyone can afford.

In fact, even its cheapest plan costs $6.67/mo . But on the plus side, ExpressVPN does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and 5 multi logins.

  • 20+ Ultra-Fast Servers of USA
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • No Logging Policy
  • It is Expensive than other VPNs

4. NordVPN


No kidding, NordVPN is perhaps the most popular VPN in the market for Netflix. Not only does it offer a 5500+ server network, but it also offers excellent unblocking capabilities. I managed to access Netflix with zero effort.

Thanks to its massive server network equipped with obfuscation technology, you should be able to stream American Netflix in any part of the world. Despite coming pre-equipped with features like Double VPN and CyberSec.

The cheapest plan of NordVPN costs only $3.71/mo  and offers perks like 30-days money-back guarantee and 6 multi logins.

  • 20+ USA Servers
  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Logging Policy
  • CyberSec
  • Double VPN Tends To Slow Down Speeds

5. CyberGhost


Last but not least, we have CyberGhost on this list. Similar to all the other VPNs listed above, CyberGhost also works exceptionally well with Netflix.

Thanks to its 6000+ servers including 1140+ US servers, I managed to unblock American Netflix with no issues what so ever.

I also love the fact that CyberGhost offers AES 256-bit encryption and a ton of popular security protocols. Similar to PureVPN, CyberGhost also offers a ‘streaming mode’ that is perfect for binge-watching Netflix.

As for pricing, Cyberghost costs $2.25/mo , offers 7 multi logins and 45-day refund policy.

  • 1140+ USA Servers
  • Dedicated Streaming Mode
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 7 simultaneous Connections
  • Server Count Fluctuates Quite A Lot

Are you still getting the Netflix proxy error?


You are connected to a ‘US VPN’ server and still getting the dreaded proxy error?

Then, you should check your address, whether your IP is leaking or not? Here’s what you can do to get rid of this annoyance:

  1. First, turn to incognito mode.
  2. Check for your IP address without connected to a VPN.
  3. Note down your IP address.
  4. Now connect your ‘VPN app’ with a US server.
  5. Next, go ahead and recheck your IP address.
  6. If you’re still seeing your original IP instead of a US IP, then switch to another US servers.

Note: If this doesn’t work, you might want to clear your browsing history and contact your VPN provider.

Why Can’t I watch Netflix US from Germany?

‘Always remember, your enemy’s enemy is your friend.’

Netflix must respect content agreements with copyright holders to stream shows and movies in specific regions. It enforces those agreements by checking each user’s IP address each time they watch a video.

An IP address is an identifier made up of numbers and decimals. It may be utilized to estimate the location of a device and permit/forbid access to a video, as per the geo-restrictions of the particular regions.

To Evade Netflix: Use a VPN

A VPN covers your real IP address with that of a VPN server, making it appear as if you are in another state, for example, the USA. When you connect with a ‘US VPN server,’ you access the American Netflix library of shows and films.

Get American Netflix on Devices in Germany

Unless you are living under a rock, you must be aware that Netflix offers dedicated apps for various devices and operating systems. But if you are a newbie, I am going to show you how you can quickly watch US Netflix in Germany using your smartphones or smart TVs.

For Android and iOS

  1. First, Go to the App Store or Play store.
  2. Next, download and install the VPN app of your choice.
  3. Now, Enter your login credentials.
  4. Next, connect to a USA server
  5. Finally, launch the Netflix app and streaming your favorite US-content on your smartphone

For Smart and Apple TV

To watch American Netflix on Smart TVs, you’ll need to give a bit of an extra effort. Smart TVs require routers to be able to connect to a VPN connection. 

You will need to configure it first to be able to stream US Netflix. You can check out this setup for Samsung Smart TVs, and for Apple TVs, you can check out this guide on Setting up a VPN on Apple TV.

American Netflix without a VPN in Germany

For Germans, I would recommend using a VPN to access American Netflix; there are other methods as well. I am talking about Proxies and Smart DNS services. Both of these services work; however, I don’t advise using them because of the lack of encryption.

But if you’re not concerned about your privacy, then use Smart DNS services like Unlocator that works with US Netflix. However, I am not a fan of its perfrmance. Overall, while Smart DNS is an effective alternative, I still recommend using VPNs because of its consistent performance and encryption.

Reddit Opinion about American Netflix in Germany

So even though the above-listed VPNs are quite capable of unblocking US Netflix in Germany, I still wanted to cover what VPNs the Reddit community has recommended.

Surprisingly enough, the two Reddit comments I came across, both suggested using NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Reddit-comment-about NordVPN-working-with-US-Netflix-in-germany

Although you can do your research and use any VPN provider you like, however, I would suggest only using the VPNs listed earlier on in this article.



US Netflix is, without a doubt, the most desirable library to watch. There is an ocean of shows and movies in the American library that you don’t want to miss.

However, due to content licensing restrictions, the only route at the moment is to use a VPN with US servers. So what are you waiting for? Grab a VPN today and get American Netflix in Germany or anywhere else in the world.

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