9 Ways to Improve your Twitter Security

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Twitter is the world’s most active social media platform. It is the fastest way to reach millions within moments. For this reason, ensuring your Twitter account security is of critical importance. A Twitter account hack attack can have disastrous consequences.

We consulted internet security gurus to compile a list of the top techniques to ensure solid twitter security. These 9 steps are simple to implement and are recommended by Information Technology experts for social media security across the board.

Use this guide to unblock Twitter if it is geo-restricted in your region.

# 1. Third Party Apps – The Trouble Maker

Third party apps have become very handy these days due to their dedicated features. A large number of users enable these apps without the knowledge of threats that these apps posses.

The first time you allow the apps to access your account, Twitter remembers your choice and allow the apps to connect automatically in future. These apps will be able to send tweets and messages with your profile.

Block The Trouble Maker Third Party Apps to improve your Twitter security

To counter these threats go to “Settings”. On the “Apps” tab click on the “Revoke Access” button for the apps you don’t wish to allow access in future.

# 2. Know Who Is Accessing Your Account

Different applications and tools are designed specially to snoop our passwords without our knowledge. But don’t worry next time someone manages to log in to your account you will be notified. You just need to go to “Password” page and perform a check on “Send Login Verification Requests To My Phone”. Next, Click on “Okay, send message” and you’re done!

Know Who Is Accessing Your Account to improve your Twitter security

Now whenever you (or anybody else attempts to) log into your account, a login code will be sent to your phone in order to complete the process.

# 3. Protect Your Password

Different hackers and internet threats gain access to your account by requesting for new passwords. You can restrict their activity by setting your email id and phone number (both) for password reset request. Once added, you will be secure from the threat of malicious password reset requests.

Protect Your Password to Improve your Twitter Security

# 4. Block Your Online Twitter Stalkers

You might need one important step to ensure data protection on twitter. Go to “Security and Privacy” in your account and perform a check on “Protect my tweets”.

Block Your Online Twitter Stalkers to Improve your Twitter Security

Once this feature has been activated, Twitter users will need your permission to follow you.  And your activities and tweets will only be visible to people you allow. However, retweets of your tweets will not be allowed under this security measure.

# 5. Use VPN

A VPN is an all-purpose online security tool that helps you keep your data secure and your identity anonymous. This will not have a direct impact on your Twitter account, but will allow you to stay safe from hackers, crackers, phishers and malicious software that attempt to penetrate data streams to steal passwords and sensitive data.

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A VPN is specially recommended when you use your Twitter account while connected to public WiFi networks. As an umbrella solution, a VPN is recommended to use for all social media use cases including Twitter.

# 6. Hide Your Location

By default twitter turns on the “Add Location” feature. You can turn it off by going to “Privacy” section and uncheck the “Add a location to my tweets”. And the biggest mistake which leads to extortion, stalking and many severe crimes is that we leave ourselves vulnerable to stalking.

Hide Your Location to Improve your Twitter Security

All we need to do is to hide our location so that next time our tweet doesn’t contain any personal or traceable information.

# 7. Keep An Eye On Your Dashboard

Twitter comes with an outstanding feature called “The Data Dashboard”. It provides you valuable information about how many times your account is logged in by a certain device.

Keep An Eye On Dashboard to Improve Your Twitter Security

Go to “Settings” and click on “Your Twitter Data”. And you will find the data dashboard.

# 8. Spammy Photo Tagging

Different people in your social circle try to spam your profile with photos tagged to you. Get rid of such people by simply turning off the photo tagging option.

Avoid Spammy Photo Tagging to Improve Your Twitter Security

Go to the Twitter “Privacy” page. Click on “Photo Tagging” and check the option for “Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos”. It is a quick and easy way to say goodbye to spammy and unwanted tags.

# 9. Go Incognito

Twitter gives you the choice to go undiscoverable. Once this feature is activated, people won’t be able to search you with your email ID. Likewise, your employer will also be unable to discover you on twitter with your email ID.  Simply go to Privacy Settings and uncheck “Discoverability” and you are done.

Use Incognito to Improve Your Twitter Security

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