15 Best Torrentz Alternatives

Torrentz.eu, one of the most popular torrent meta-search engine bids farewell as it has been shut down. The actual reason for the shutdown is still unknown and has come as a surprise to all torrent lovers.
Now, before panic sets in, we took the liberty of compiling the 15 best Torrentz alternatives for you. Each of these alternatives will satisfy your cravings of P2P file sharing. And, if you’re concerned about your online privacy, then be sure to use the best vpn for torrenting. In addition, if you’re looking for the best NYAA alternatives, then we an exclusive guide for you
Torrentz has disabled it’s search functionality and is referring itself in past tense as: ‘Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines’.

7 alternative torrentz

When we tried to search any torrent on Torrentz, we were redirected to their home page and the following message started displaying: ‘Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.’

7 alternative torrentz

Torrentz had millions of visitors per day and with this shutdown, the 13 year long service has come to an end. The website (and its mirrors) are still up and running but the no one can access its database and search any torrent file on Torrentz.

This is the second incident that we have witnessed where a famous torrent website has been taken down. Earlier it was Kickass Torrents that was shut down following the arrest of its owner, Artem Vaulin. Now, it seems like Torrentz has faced a similar fate and has been taken down as well.

Warning! You are being watched!

That’s right, your IP address and private data is being recorded by your ISP and governmental agencies while downloading torrents. You might a victim to copyright infringements, DMCA notices, and lawsuits
Torrenting VPN

15 Best Torrentz Alternatives

For torrent fanatics that have been using Torrentz for a long time, there is still hope. These best alternatives for Torrentz will allow you to keep enjoying torrents:

Use Torrentz Clones As Alternatives

In addition to the above mentioned Torrentz alternatives, you can also give some Torrentz clones are try. These websites sprung up soon after the demise of Torrentz and are gaining popularity. Here are the two best Torrentz clones you can use today:

Torrentz2.eu is an exact replica of the original website and indexes over 55 million torrent files. It provides the exact same experience as Torrentz but does not allow bookmarks, comments, or votes to users as yet. Torrentz2.eu tops the list of clone websites and is the busiest torrent indexers currently operating. You can use these clone websites as an alternative to Torrentz.

How to Stay Safe While Using Torrents?

In light of this takedown, torrent user’s privacy is at great risk. Copyright sharks and ISPs track all torrent downloaders IP address and then dish out DMCAs, hefty fines, and could even summon lawsuits. One way of protecting yourself is through a torrent VPN. A VPN hides your real IP address while you download torrents and makes you anonymous to your ISP and copyright trolls.

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A Closer Look at Torrentz Alternatives

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the biggest torrent website (now that KAT & Torrentz are down) that you can use today. Its colossal torrent library of different categories will allow you to enjoy any torrent of any movie or TV show. Over the past few years, The Pirate Bay has also had its share of seizures, takedowns, and investigation by the authorities. But the popular torrent indexing website keeps bouncing back up again and again, it is the best Torrentz alternatives you can choose from. You can also use Pirate Bay VPN for anonymity and security.


isoHunt is another popular torrent indexing website that provides multitude of torrents from various categories. On isoHunt, you can easily lookup torrents, browse through different sections, download and upload torrents of your choice. In 2013, isoHunt lost a long lasting legal battle with MPAA and agreed to pay $110 million as settlement. That said, isoHunt is back up and running under a different domain name and you can use it as Torrentz alternatives.


LimeTorrents offer hundreds and thousands of torrents to download and upload. It contains an impressive database and also offers magnet links that you can use to get your favorite torrent. LimeTorrents doesn’t host any torrent files and acts more like a search engine or directory, just like Torrentz.


ExtraTorrent is a well accepted torrent website and has cultivated its own fan following over the years. You can use ExtraTorrent to find all your favorite torrents and is a worthy alternate to Torrentz.


RARBG is amongst oldest torrent indexers that you can use today. It hosts numerous torrents from all genres and provides penalty of comments for you to check out before downloading a torrent. It’s because of the huge user base that RARBG makes it to our Torrentz alternatives list.


YourBittorrent was founded in the same year as Torrentz (in 2003) but was under the name, myBittorrent. After the split from ownership, YourBittorrent was formed in 2009. YourBittorrent is one of the top Torrentz alternatives and offers you torrents for movies, shows, games, software, e-books, and much more.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a different type of service but is a commendable alternative to Torrentz. You cannot actually download torrents on Popcorn Time but instead directly stream your favorite shows or movies. Popcorn Time works on BitTorrent protocol and breaks down the large streaming files into smaller sections, just like a torrent file. This way you can enjoy fast streaming, minimal buffering, and watch in HD quality. Do note, you might need a Popcorn Time VPN as the streaming service might be blocked in certain countries.


Mininova was founded in 2005 is a worthy alternative to Torrentz. It offers numerous torrents and can be used a search engine and also as a torrent directory. You can get torrents for movies, software, music, TV shows, games, books, and much more. Mininova strives to keep the website clean and family-safe, and does not permit any submission involving adult content.


Demoniod hosts an illustrious list of torrents from various genres. You can use Demoniod as Torrentz alternative to look for torrent files of movies, shows, music albums, comics, audio books, pictures and much more. One of the distinct features of Demoniod is it’s feature to upload torrent files. However, you need to register to the website before uploading and registrations only open for short period of time.


RuTracker is a Russian torrent website and has been a fan favorite among file sharing community. The website is blocked in Russia but you can still access it using a VPN service. For those of you who do not reside in Russia can use RuTracker as a Torrentz alternative and get all your favorite torrents (do remember to translate the website).


Once a small torrent website, now one of the most popular torrent directories, Seedpeer offers multitude torrents from different categories. It is a laudable alternative to Torrentz and can be used to lookup latest torrents, and upload and download torrent files.


When it comes finding torrentz alternatives, 1337x offers various torrents of your choice. It also offers magnet links of torrents and you can use them to directly add the .torrent file to your torrent clients.


BitSnoop is also a Russian based torrent website and has many similarities to The Pirate Bay. It also offers torrents from various categories and you can add torrents to your torrent clients using the magnet links.


If you are looking for a slick and easy to use torrent website, then give Zooqle a try. It is one the best Torrentz alternatives we have tried so far and offers an illustrious torrent library. You can find torrents of all the latest TV shows and movies on Zooqle.


Toorgle is just like Torrentz as it acts a torrent search engine and does not host any torrents itself. You can lookup torrents of your choice on Toorgle and it will retrieve results of other torrent directories.

Why should you use Kodi than Torrents?

Through Kodi, you can watch TV shows, movies, documentaries, cartoons and even games from anywhere. Moreover, you do not need to download enormous files before watching like torrenting. You just need to download the relevant repository to start watching your favorite content straightway. However, you need a Kodi VPN setup to overcome the issue of geo-restriction and watch your favorite channel.

Final Words

Who ever thought that lightening couldn’t strike twice, would have guessed wrong. After the demise of Kickass Torrents, no one would had thought that Torrentz.eu would also shutdown. Torrentz is one the oldest and longest standing torrent websites. It initially hosted different torrent websites but later rediscovered itself as the largest torrent search engine.

Now that the popular search engine is down, you can still use the above mentioned Torrentz alternatives. These torrent websites host torrent files from different categories. You can use them to download your favorite torrents from anywhere.

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