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Panama is considered as one of the most internet friendly countries. The users enjoy much internet freedom in Panama, making it one of the favorite server locations of Panama VPN services. The government does not restrict your access to certain websites and the users can choose to surf and browse whatever they want.

That being said, there is one downside to using the internet service in Panama. The government may not seek your data but they do keep a check on the emails you exchange with your friends, family, colleagues and business partners. In fact, some arrests have also been made after the government kept a check on the online activities of the suspects.

Top 5 Panama VPN Services

The VPN Panama can be used to keep your browsing activities hidden and the downloaded files safe from the hackers and online tracking agencies. In addition to keeping you safe, they can also assist you with unblocking the region based video and music streaming services and websites. Check out the list of top 5 VPN services that can help you with unblocking all the websites!

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Ensure Safe Online Banking with VPN Panama

The hackers are on the loose and terrorist agencies like ISIS have announced that they would engage everyone soon in a cyberwar. Whilst the threats are still to be dealt with, it is important to take some preventive measures to ensure you don’t fall prey to the trap of hackers, terrorist agencies and online surveillance agencies.

According to a report by McAfee, due to the cyberattacks the annual losses account to billions of dollars. While the stats are alarming, they also indicate how necessary it has become to equip your devices with safety tools. The Panama VPN services can help you with conducting safe online transactions; keeping your money and transaction safe.

Say Goodbye to Copyrights Violation with Panama VPN

The copyrights act Bill 510 was passed in 2012 after the US had pressurized Panama to do so. A majority of the expatriates were illegally using the video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Many of the users were also found downloading the torrent files of the copyrighted movies, shows and software.

Panama, itself, had no problem with the copyrights violation but after a tremendous pressure from the US government, they came up with Bill 510. It has been labeled as the worst copyrights bill of all. The perpetrators can be fined up to $100,000 and can even possible serve jail time, should the perpetrators are charged with second degree offence.

Panama VPN Helps You Unblock Netflix & Hulu

The popular US video streaming services Netflix and Hulu are unavailable in Panama due to the restrictions that apply on them. Netflix, though, can be found in some European and South American countries; Hulu is highly US restricted video streaming service. To be eligible to browse through their contents, one must use a US IP address.

The Panama VPN services offer you a US IP address by simply connecting you through a US server. A connection through US server assigns you with a local IP address and allows you to unblock, browse through and watch Netflix and Hulu from anywhere in the world.

Panama VPN – Lag Killer

According to the stats, 48% population of Panama is accustomed with the internet and its services. The stats further reveal that the users can get a decent download speed of up to 15Mb/sec. The online gamers, though, need a bit more speed with a low ping to ensure their games remain lag-free. The VPN Panama can help you kill your lag by connecting you to the nearest fastest VPN server.

How does that work, you may ask? Well connect to the nearest virtually located VPN server and connect to your gaming server. For example, if you are playing on a server in US, it is recommended to you to connect to any US server from your original location in this case, Panama; you will see a tremendous drop in your Ping and your lag will be killed. The Panama VPN service is a great tool for online gamers, especially if you are located in Panama.


The surveillance and online censorship are not much of a concern for the Netizens of Panama. But there have been instances where the suspicions led to online snooping and later arrests by the online surveillance agencies. To avoid such mishaps, always use a protected internet connection to ensure you remain free and safe.

The VPN Panama can also help you with online music and video streaming, unblocking websites, downloading torrent files with ease, conducting safe online transactions and online gaming. Make sure you have one before you connect to the internet to make the most of high speed and protected internet connections.

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