5 Reasons Why Fear the Walking Dead will be better than TWD!

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Hey there TWD fans, hope you are enjoying the much deserved break from the usual whining of Rick and company. We are going to burst this little bubble of yours that states that The Walking Dead is the best zombie show ever. Sit tight because we are going to list down all five reasons which have compelled us to claim that the prequel will actually be better than the original show!

(1) No Cringing – No Whining

The producers have already hinted towards the fact that FTWD will be fast-paced unlike TWD. Oh and we would love to quote one of the dialogues from Fear the Walking Dead here:

“When civilization ends; its ends fast”

Yeah bro, it does.

(2) No fight over food for a change

Unlike The Walking Dead, food will be last thing on the minds of main characters in Fear The Walking Dead. Hey Rick, you heard that? No more fights over eating canned food!



(3) How the Apocalypse Started? FTWD 1 – TWD 0

I remember when I started watching The Walking Dead for the first time I looked for answers on the internet as to how this whole thing started. I am not saying that I did not like the way the things progressed, but I would have definitely preferred a little backstory over the hindsight we were served with.

I do understand that Fear The Walking Dead is a prequel, but it fills up my needs and therefore wins my vote. Rick honey, you can cry a thousand rivers; won’t make much of a difference now.

(4) There is more to Facial Expressions than Anger!

Hey Ricky boy, you know what? You have my sympathies but for God’s sake learn how to smile or not to question everyone’s integrity for a change! Having watched the trailer of Fear The Walking Dead, it can be argued that Cliff Curtis has more facial expressions than the whole cast of The Walking Dead.

Okay maybe that’s a stretch, but you don’t have to be angry all the times! Wait, may be you do have to be because you are THE RICK GRIMES!

(5) No More Thangs… No More Stwuff…

I don’t think anyone is going to miss the Thangs Stwuff element in Fear The Walking Dead. I would like to make a confession here, every time Rick said Thangs and Stwuff, my ears bled. Yes they did. I’d love to watch every episode twice or may be thrice if someone doesn’t end up blabbering about how he has nothing to eat but thangs and stwuff.

Rick, do us a favor and stop saying those annoying words.

If you can think of a better reason, please let us know in the comments section!

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