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Have you heard the term VOIP before? Well, it refers to Voice-over-internet-protocol. With a VOIP, you can voice chat and video chat with anyone for free (depending upon the VOIP provider you are using). There are many VOIP providers that are now available to the people for free.

But, in some parts of the world, many of the VOIP providers are banned including Skype and Viber. A VPN for VOIP not only unblocks the VOIP providers but it also makes sure your communication is safe and secure from the clutches of governmental surveillance agencies and hackers.

Everything related to the cyber world has grown by leaps and bounds since the start of 21st century. Be it the communication technology or any other for that matter, the ways of communicating with each other have become relatively easier with the time.

The concept of VOIP over VPN isn’t relatively new, and those who are familiar with VPNs for VOIP know this for a fact that they provide a way for secure and cheap online communication. For a generalized and better knowledge of using VPNs, see the list of best VPN for calling in 2018.


Accessing the VOIP Services with VOIP VPN

A VPN for VOIP always helps you access your desired VOIP service. It bypasses the geo-restrictions and makes you eligible for exclusive access of VOIP services. With a VOIP VPN, you can not only communicate with your loved ones for free but you can do it without getting the attention of cybercriminals and spy agencies.

A VOIP VPN also helps the people to make international calls at cheaper rates. It allows the users to escape the restrictions and limitations and also helps to resolve all the issues that work as a blockade and are related to the Firewall.

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Popular VOIP Providers

Many of the popular VOIP providers have been banned in certain regions due to different reasons that vary from political to economical.

The fact that the VOIP providers have made communication easy and free makes many countries believe that they possess serious threats to the local means of communication.

We are going to discuss some of the popular VOIP providers that are known for their effective results.

(1) Skype

Skype is by far the most popular VOIP provider in the world right now. It is available in 38 languages and is made compatible with almost every other device. It allows free text chat, voice chat, file sharing and video chat with people all around the world. It also provides you with an option to call on mobile and landline numbers at low costs.


Using a VOIP over VPN is found to be a good idea for those who run mid-sized and small-sized companies. It allows them to connect to the server of different countries in order to reduce the cost of international calls on mobile phones and landline numbers.

(2) Viber

Viber started its services back in 2010 and has gained a huge number of users all around the world. It can be said that it is the second best VOIP service available for communication after Skype. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry OS and available in 30 different languages and locales.


It also allows free text chat, voice chat, file sharing and video messaging with people irrespective of their geographical location. It has introduced a new feature Viber Out that allows you to call on mobile numbers and landline numbers. Using a VOIP VPN makes it easy for the users to access Viber easily as it has also been banned in the past in some countries.


(3) Google Hangouts

As the name suggests itself, Google Hangouts is directly associated with Google. It is an instant messaging service and allows voice communication as well. It offers many of the features that are provided by Skype and Viber and allows you to invite up to 10 friends for a video call. The calls to other countries have low rates but you can always use a VOIP VPN to make the calls even at lower costs (depending upon the server you opt for).

Google Hangout

Google Hangouts works on your computers, laptops and Apple and Android devices.

(4) Facetime

Facetime is a VOIP that works on the Apple devices only. It has replaced the iMessage service and is made available on every Apple device that has iOS 7 or above. It is a video-telephony service and does not allow you to call on mobile phones and landline numbers. Setting up a VPN for VOIP on your iPhone or iPad will make your communication even secure and will stop the snoopers from listening in to your conversations.



(5) Line

This VOIP made its entry in 2011 and has been one of the popular choices since then. It is compatible with Android, Apple, Windows phone, Nokia Asha series, Firefox OS, BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows. It has 560 million users worldwide and provides the same features as Skype and Viber.


China is the chart-topper for blocking VOIP services and Line was also blocked over there. You can always use a VOIP VPN to access it from anywhere in the world.


Secure Your Communication with VPNs for VOIP

Ever since Edward Snowden talked about the online surveillance by NSA and GCHQ, it has become increasingly important for the internet users to use VOIP VPNs for safe communication. The VPNs with their strong encryptions make sure your communication is safe and secure. They also ensure you are free from the spying eyes of cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies.

If you are not concerned about your privacy, then you can always think about the money you can save by using a VPN for VOIP. It will connect you to any server of the world, making the local and international mobile phones and landline numbers calls fairly cheap!


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