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Thailand is one of the top tourist spots in the world. It is known for its exotic beaches, islands and food. And yet, despite of all the attractions, the future of internet in the country looks a bit gloomy. Thailand has had its share of political and social turmoil in the past and it is a major reason because of which the freedom of speech on internet is not appreciated.

Cybercrimes in Thailand – The Need for Thailand VPN

According to a research by PWC, economic cybercrime has gone up to 37% in 2014. Thailand, the sweet spot for the tourists, has also witnessed a tremendous growth in cybercrime due to an increasing volume of fraudulent activities. As per the recent stats, half the cybercrime in Thailand comprises of either fraudulent activities or identity thefts. Similarly, you can protect yourself in neighboring Asian countries with best VPN for Korea, best VPN for Japan as well as VPN for China.

As a result, it has become absolutely vital to equip your devices with a Thailand VPN while surfing the internet. What’s more intriguing is the fact that Bangkok has more than 23,000 free public Wi-Fi hotspots for its users. The free Wi-Fi hotspots make your devices vulnerable because of the large amount of users connecting to it at the same time, exposing them to threats of hacking and phishing.

Best VPNs for Thailand

Increasing geo-restrictions and cybercrimes have made it necessary to keep the devices safe with either an anti-virus or a VPN in Thailand. A best VPN for Thailand keeps your online identity protected and makes sure nobody messes with your data or online accounts while you are enjoying your vacations or work in Thailand.

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While it is important to hide behind pseudo IP addresses before voicing opinions over internet freely, there are a few elements that a best VPN for Thailand offers that merit primary attention. Since internet censorship is pretty rock solid in Thailand, it is very important to focus on the protocols support and the encryption provided.

Similarly, you should also focus on the servers of the VPN providers, because the more servers you get, the more chances you have of accessing the blocked websites and online streaming channels.

Get Access to Online Streaming Channels with VPNs for Thailand

If you are on a business trip or enjoying your vacations in Thailand, you will not be able to access all the popular online streaming channels including Netflix, Hulu, Vudu or BBC iPlayer on your laptops and mobile devices. Either you visit Thailand, or a permanent resident of the country, you need a VPN service for Netflix USA in order to access its US content. And the same goes for others.

The restrictions are not enforced by the Thai government, but these channels restrict their programming to their own certain regions. To get your exclusive pass for accessing their programs, you will need to choose any one of the above mentioned Thailand VPN providers.

For instance, if you are looking to access Netflix, the VPN will assign you with a US IP address with which you will be able to unblock Netflix even in Thailand. Similarly for BBC iPlayer or 4oD, it will assign you a UK IP address.


Thailand’s Internet History

Given the popularity of Thailand, it is unforgivably cringe-worthy that the people in the region have to cope with all the restrictions and limitations on internet due to the political crises in the past. Thailand had blocked approximately 103,000 websites in year 2010 and remains listed in the “Under surveillance” category of Reporters without Borders till date.


Popular Websites Blocked in Thailand

Anything that discusses the Thai government openly and freely is blocked in Thailand. A few pages of BBC One, BBC Two, Yahoo and CNN News were blocked when they “allegedly” discussed Thai politics on their websites.

Similarly, The Daily Mail’s website was also blocked when it published a picture of the Crown Prince and his wife partying and questioned the activities of the Royal Thai family. Facebook was also blocked earlier this year in May 2014 by the ISPs in the region, although the initial reports suggested that it was a technical glitch but the authorities later revealed that it was done deliberately.


Author’s Recommendation

Thailand has been the center of attraction for tourists for all the good reasons. Yet, it falls short on providing the censorship-less internet to all its users. The websites are largely blocked and any opinions that question the actions and activities of the Royal Thai family are heavily censored.

The increasing rate of the cybercrimes puts the final nail in the coffin of Thailand’s internet. It has become nothing short of a need to equip your devices with technologies like anti-viruses and VPNs. Thailand VPNs do not only provide you a platform to voice your opinions freely, but they also protect your online identity.

The VPNs for Thailand also unblock all the geo-restricted websites and all the online streaming channels. So make sure you have a VPN in Thailand by your side because watching movies and TV shows after a long day at the beautiful beaches and islands of Thailand is guaranteed to make your vacations and business trips even better!

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