5 Best VPNs for Sweden

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A Swedish VPN helps you bypass the geo-restricted content on Internet and access the websites that are not available in your region. And as they say you win some, you lose some. Some of the VPNs are a win-win situation for customers while others are not.

Sweden gives its internet users the margin to surf whatever they want and whatever they like. But even with the freedom that is on offer in Sweden, there are still some websites that are restricted over there from viewing, citing different reasons. To provide you with the list of best VPNs for Sweden, we have worked and researched on different VPNs that best work there.

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Unblock Hulu & Other Streaming Websites in Sweden

Watching Hulu (or other popular online streaming websites) in Sweden seems impossible when you are surfing through your normal IP. But once a dedicated IP is assigned to you by a US VPN, it becomes rather easy for you to access all the content that is accessible to the US citizens. It lets you browse privately and more securely. Same is the case with a UK VPN.

One must take into account certain elements like the download speed; upload speed, ping and the security that the Swedish VPNs give you when you avail their services. The VPNs we have listed here are industry leaders and allow users to access all the content that is available only in the UK.


Access Torrents through Sweden VPN

Torrent websites like The Pirate Bay (TPB) are used to download torrent files and are blocked in many countries including US and UK. TPB is a Swedish website and has been under strong scrutiny by several countries due to the copyrights infringement issues.

To access TPB in UK and US, one will need to have a Swedish VPN. Although we do not recommend accessing this website in UK and US as the scrutiny of internet is much worse than it seems.


Unblock Streaming in Sweden

Netflix has added Sweden to its server, but the TV programmes and movies are very different from those offered to Netflix US users.

You can view Netflix US content from Sweden by connecting to a US based VPN server from your Sweden VPN.

Since Netflix Sweden has different options from the ones that are available in the US server, the user might find it frustrating to not to be able to stream the movies and videos that are available in Netflix US. He will opt for the best VPN for Sweden and will access the contents of Netflix US with the help of Swedish VPN.


Why is it necessary to have a VPN in Sweden?

According to the Internet Crime Report of 2013, Sweden registered 49 complaints with the court reporting about damage due to cybercrime.

Recently a 24 years old Swede was arrested for hacking into people’s laptops and computers and extracting out all the confidential information using the malware BlackShades. According to Preet Bharara, an attorney in New York, the hackers have used BlackShades from Bank frauds to extortion.


Unblock & Access Exclusive Swedish Content

We talked above about the best VPNs for Sweden to access the content that is not accessible over there due to several reasons. Now, we will talk about the Swedish VPNs that help the residents of other countries to access the content that is exclusively available in Sweden only.

If you are a Swede expat, you can access to SVT play using Swedish VPNs.  Same strategy was applied before categorizing the Swedish VPNs. Their download and upload speeds, pings and latency issues were considered.

The VPNs we have shortlisted are trusted by countless users. Explore them to learn more about how you can get more from your internet connection with a Swedish VPN.

Author’s Recommendation

A country as lenient as Sweden with its approach towards Internet censorship has also set some restrictions on its users due to the threats that the virtual world possesses to the masses in real life. However, to tackle these unsettling issues, there are certain VPNs that can be used to access the content, if any, is blocked in Sweden.

A Swedish VPN lets you access all the content and information that is available to that particular region only. If you are a resident of UK or US and you need to access something that is not available in your region, then a Swedish VPN answers your questions.

Similarly, if you are not able to access the information or content shared through a different server then there are VPNs for Sweden that give the people the access to the content or information.

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