5 Best Russian VPNs that are Still Working *November 2017*

Russia to Ban VPN Services, But Is It Too Late?

Russia is on the verge of blocking all VPN services unless they comply with their internet censorship program. Vladimir Putin signed a new law that steps up censorship throughout Russia and as of November 1, 2017, authorities will be blocking several VPN providers.

Earlier last year, a new legislation was passed that required ISPs, VPNs, and other internet services operating in Russia to record metadata of users for up to one year. That was the start of an already restricted internet in Russia. On paper, Russian authorities don’t want citizens to access illegal content and blocking VPN services is to curb extremist content.

However, given the previous history of Russia’s media watchdogs Roskamnadzor and other agencies, blocking such tools is to monitor any hate speech against the President. And, if VPN providers don’t meet the censorship and metadata retention requirements by the Russian authorities, they will be blacklisted.

That said, is it too late to get hold of a VPN service in Russia? No really. There is still time to get hold of a VPN service before the government blocks it. It is the only way to prevent your identity and internet activities from falling into the wrong hands.

VPN Alternatives for Russia

A VPN for Russia is an optimal remedy in this regard. Despite the fact that you are in Russia or anywhere else in the world, VPN allows you to connect to distant servers hence allowing you to mask your original IP. When you connect to a US server from Russia via VPN, your IP will be masked with any random IP from the US. And you will be able to access streaming platform of your choice with an ease.

For all those who are new to this sophisticated technology called VPN, here are a few recommendations from VPNRanks. Below mentioned alternatives might also be considered by recurring VPN users that currently seek a VPN for Russia or wish to switch a VPN service provider. Based on the features, user acceptance and frequency of purchase, here are top 5 Russian VPNs.

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There are hundreds of VPN service providers trading in the industry. The package plans and features offered by these VPN service providers are usually alike so it may be hard for new users to choose a suitable alternative. The VPN services short-listed above have been specifically tested for their reliability, security and privacy offerings for Russian internet users.

Data Retention Law Passed in Russia

On July 7th 2016, Russian Government passed a new law that mandates all Russian based telecom companies, ISPs, and web-based services to store communication records, internet traffic, and metadata of their users. The only way out is to use a VPN for Russia. The legislation was pushed through the parliament to combat terrorism but it has severe implications on your online privacy and security.

According to the law, telecom companies are required to store information such as text messages, phone calls, images, emails, and videos of users for up to six months. They are also required to record metadata (time, location, the name of the sender and receiver) for up to three years. Similarly, internet companies need to store user’s web history and internet traffic data for up to six months and metadata up to one year.

That said, firms will also have to decode any message or data transmitted over the internet at the request of Russian Security Services. So how do you protect your online privacy and security from this new data retention law? The answer – use a VPN service.


Why Need Russian VPN

A VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network fulfills diverse needs especially the ones concerned with online privacy and security. Yes! A VPN is an ultimate tool that helps you cope with cybercrime and inclining frequency of unauthorized assaults.

A VPN helps you cope with censorship regulations in Russia. Though, Internet censorship in Russia is not critical as in other countries. But, you never know. It’s better to be prepared for the worst.

Have you ever come across a geo-restriction issue in Russia? Has your access ever been denied due to the location represented by your IP? Do you wish to access streaming sites whose access is confined to a few regions like the US such as Netflix, Hulu and Pandora etc?


Facts You Need to Know about Cybercrime in Russia

Those of you who are still wondering why they need a VPN for Russia, here are some facts that shall give you the best answer.

  • In Russia’s cybercrime market DDoS attacks cost $10 per hour
  • Spammers are highly active in Russia at the moment
  • Forums accounts, emails, social media accounts and other databases have become common targets for spammers
  • Frequency of hacks with respect to emails and social media accounts is outrageous in Russia


PureVPN is one of a few VPN service providers that lead the VPN industry. PureVPN offer wide range of package plans at market competitive pricing. PureVPN has an extensive server network for your restriction concerns. In addition, PureVPN supports sophisticated tunneling protocols to safeguard your privacy and security. Have a look at PureVPN’s salient features.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • More than 500 servers in 140+ countries
  • Wide range of packages at price as low as $4.16/month
  • Supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN tunneling protocols
  • Device compatibility
  • Gives you unrestricted access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4 and UK TV via Russian VPN
  • Split tunneling
  • Multi login feature
  • 24/7/365 live support
  • Free software
  • P2P supported
  • Payment diversity



If you are looking for a VPN that can give you the access to blocked content while protecting your online identity from the likes of cybercriminals, ExpressVPN is what you’re looking for. It gives you access to over 96 servers in 75+ countries in order to protect your real online identity. Have a look at some of the salient features of ExpressVPN:

  • Unlimited bandwidth for online streaming
  • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols support
  • It does not keep any logs
  • Provides 5 simultaneous connections on a single account
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Free VPN Clients for Windows, Android and iOS.

express VPN


Looking to surf the internet freely without being bothered about the spammers and hackers? If you said yes, you should sign up for HideMyAss that provides 831 servers in 172 countries. Works as the best tool to grant you the access to restricted content, HMA is the first choice of many users. Have a look at some of the top features of HMA:

  • 831 VPN servers across the world
  • Single account can be used on two devices simultaneously
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Customer Support that works 24/7
  • Prices as low as $6.55/month
  • Provides protocol support that includes L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN and SSTP
  • Diversity in payment methods



It has 180+ servers in 60+ countries and provides access to thousands and hundreds of IP addresses to stream the internet freely without worrying too much about online security. It is a good choice for those who are concerned about their security on the virtual world. Have a look at IPVanish VPN’s salient features:

  • IPVanish VPN software is free
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP
  • Provides 2 simultaneous connections, one for your laptop/computer and other for your device
  • Provides 24/7 customer support



If you are looking for a VPN that can give you the access to blocked content while protecting your online identity from the likes of cybercriminals, Ironsocket is what you’re looking for. It gives you access to over 50+ servers in 35+ locations in order to protect your real online identity. Have a look at some of the salient features of Ivacy VPN:

  • Unlimited bandwidth for online streaming
  • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols support
  • It does not keep any logs
  • Provides 5 simultaneous connections on a single account
  • Comes with a 7-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Free VPN Clients for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.


Russia and China Team Up; Serious Threats to Your Privacy

Russia and China have recently signed a pact with each other which is set to tremor the whole structure of the internet in both the countries. According to Mike Rogers, the former Intelligence Chief, this pact might be a bad thing for the internet users in Russia and China and for the economic prosperity.

Mike fears that the cyber adversaries of US will team up and work hard to bring down the network of the US. The pact also includes a deal that China and Russia will make sure that they won’t hack each other. While some of the internet security experts have ruled out the possibility of a negative impact of the newly signed pact, Mike believes that it will put an end forever to the freedom of speech in Russia.

China is already cautious about the usage of internet, the signing of the pact means that Russia will work in coordination with China to build a technology that would be used to restrict the access to global websites and to curtail the freedom of speech. The Chinese users, in general, are already facing way too many restrictions (thanks to the Great Firewall of China), it will be the Russian internet users this time who will have to pay the price.

The Russian internet users, who are not familiar with the censorship issues, due to comparatively relaxed internet policies, will certainly feel the heat when the system is implemented. It will only result in more and more restrictions, online surveillance and pro-active monitoring.

The users in Russia, however, can still escape the madness of online censorship and surveillance by using a VPN service that will not only protect them from the cybercriminals, unwanted surveillance and restrictions, but will also give them the freedom to post whatever they want.


Final Words

There’s more to add to the facts described above. This is just a glimpse to privacy and security victimization you witness today at individual level. Russian VPN not only saves you from unauthorized assaults but also gives you access to restricted content.

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