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VPNs for Italy

The best Italy VPN services provide multi-country VPN server support. This means that they will have servers in a variety of countries including Italy, US and UK.

The combination of these 3 will allow you to unblock websites blocked in Italy by connecting to a VPN server in the US. It will also allow you to unblock websites blocked in the US by connecting to VPN servers in the UK and Italy.

On the other hand, there are a few VPN services that have managed to develop a worldwide server network that sets them apart. These VPN services provide Italy VPN as part of the standard all-in-one package.

All you have to do is to select the server and/or purpose of your choice from the software and you will be able to unblock websites and secure your online anonymity instantly.

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Italian VPN Encrypts Data Against Online Surveillance

Online surveillance is everywhere! If you are sending an email to a friend, you should know that it is being copied by a third-party and stored for later examination/evaluation.

Edward Snowden has proved that all the data (including your emails) going in to (and coming out of) the US and UK is recorded by government agencies. You will not be able to do anything about it if your data is not encrypted.

Online surveillance measures are implemented at the ISP level which means that your ISP cooperates with government agencies to provide the agencies your data. Since encryption is a standard part of data-tunneling, using an Italian VPN will encrypt your data with military grade encryption.

Nobody will be able to understand your data if it is encrypted because modern VPN services make your data indecipherable with military-grade encryption as part of their standard service package.


Protect Your Self from Cyber Criminals

Italy does not have a very stable working cyber-security strategy. There is a lot of paper work that seeks to provide guidelines and infrastructure but very little actual cyber-security.

According to a report published by the ‘Cyber Intelligence & Information Security Center’ at the ‘Spienza Universita Di Roma’, Italy ranks on top of the list of countries where personal computers are attacked by malware when browsing the internet.

VPNs for Italy

Percentage of personal computer attacked by malware while browsing the Internet

(Source: 2013 Italian Cyber Security Report – Critical Infrastructure and Other Sensitive Sectors Readiness)


This means that you are exposed to malware threats if you are browsing an Italian website or receiving an email from Italy. Using a VPN for Italy will allow you to shield yourself from these cyber threats.

Cybercriminals and malware cannot penetrate the sophisticated software and networking architecture of a VPN to compromise your online security. This is because an Italian VPN gives you your personal lane on the internet superhighway that is not only secure, but also allows you to surf the internet while staying invisible.


Go Invisible Online with Best VPN for Italy

A VPN makes you virtually invisible by cloaking your IP address with a secondary IP address. Your primary IP address (that is assigned to you by your ISP every time you connect to the internet) will get cloaked by the IP address of the VPN server you choose to connect with.

Connecting to a VPN server in Italy will give you an Italian IP address while connecting to a VPN server in the USA will give you an American IP address. Some of the best VPN for Italy have servers in hundreds of countries!


Stream Original Programs in Italian with Italian VPN

Italy has a rich television culture that only the Italians will ever truly be able to appreciate.

Italian television programs like Un Medico in Famiglia (A Doctor in the Family), Um Himmels Willen (For Heaven’s Sake), Una Grande Famiglia (A Big Family) and Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) have continued to capture the Italian audience’s attention for years now!

These television programs have been translated into different languages and shown in different countries around the world. But anybody who has seen any of these programs in their original Italian knows that nothing beats the real thing!

You can always watch these wonderful programs on the international movie and TV show streaming websites but the bad news is that they usually have versions dubbed in other languages these websites are built for an international audience and you won’t be able to experience the true feeling of the show.

The only way to do stream Italian TV shows is to use an Italian IP address to access Italian websites where the programs are present in their original versions. Connect to an Italian VPN server and surf the net to experience the true pleasure of Italian entertainment and enjoy the comfort of surfing your favorite websites in Italian.


Author’s Recommendations

The number of people using the best VPN for Italy is growing rapidly since there is no debate on the decisively positive uses of this internet tool. Today’s popular VPN services are built to be highly compatible while modern internet enabled devices are designed to ensure complete support for VPN.

Using a VPN for Italy, you can encrypt your data to stay secure; protect your online identity by staying anonymous and unblock local and international websites with ease!

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